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Mei traveled for three days to get to Konoha for the chunin exams. She was exhausted by the time she got there. The newest eligible ninja were to be evaluated. Since she was a political advisor, she had been invited to observe and report back to her superiors who should be recommended to defend the different villages in the future.

It had been a long time since she was at the training academy, almost six years. She wondered, how many old faces will I see? How many new? I know Gai will be there. Or should I say Gai Sensei. Gai was a few years older than her and a teacher at the academy. He had arranged to meet her and take her to dinner after the preliminary battles were complete. She was quite amazed when Gai had told her that this year they had more genin than ever complete the initial trials. They were required to have preliminary battles to pare down the numbers. Mei was looking forward to watching the battles, but something bothered her.

As she made her way inside the training academy, she brushed the bothersome thought aside when she began to see familiar faces. Old friends brightened her heart and her mood, but all too soon, her troublesome though resurfaced. She wondered, he's probably long gone from here now. He was brilliant when I trained here so long ago. He was a true elite genius. He's probably a well decorate ninja off defending some foreign land, or stealing important documents. No time to think about that now. I'm late and the exams have already started.

When she walked through the doors to the exam arena, she marveled at how familiar everything felt. There were so many more faces she recognized! She thought, it almost feels like I'm coming home again. The battle room hadn't changed; only the people who were fighting had. The candidates were lined up along the balcony with their sensei. She walked to the rail to check things out. That's when she realized two things were absolutely certain. One, the battle going on below was indeed vicious, and two, he was there and he had seen her as soon as she walked through the doors. She decided to let him come to her, and almost immediately, he started to. She pretended she hadn't noticed him, and tried to keep her eyes away from him as he approached her. But it was almost unbearable soon. She physically felt him coming closer to her. Her heart felt like it was going to explode. Then as he stopped next to her, she almost died when he said her name,


She turned to him, "Kakashi. What a wonderful surprise. Pardon my manners, Kakashi Sensei. It's wonderful to see you!" She bowed and took his hand so formally.

He said to her, "I didn't know you were coming to watch the exams. You've missed some good ones."

"I hope I didn't miss too many. So tell me Kakashi, which students are yours?"

"I have a motley bunch to say the least. Very unlikely candidates on the surface, but underneath, I believe some of the best this academy's ever seen."

"You mean, they're like you?"

"And you." She blushed slightly. "Do you still practice? Are your jutsu still as sharp and deadly as before?"

"My skills are honed by daily practice. I've picked up a few since I've seen you. I'm sure you'll find me down there tomorrow morning practicing." She hoped he picked up on her subtle invitation.

"I'd love to see your new techniques. As for my students, I have an Uchiha, but Orochimaru has cursed him. I've sealed the curse, and he continues to fight it. Amazing candidate, top in his class. I also have a young girl, brilliant on paper and the best chakra control I've ever seen at the genin level. And of the three of them, she's grown the most here at the exams."


"And then there's Naruto. My hyperactive knuckleheaded Ninja. You've gotta love him. He can take a beating, and do amazing things."

"I hear he's the nine-tailed fox."

"He is."

"Does he control it?"

"Surprisingly well. He has an enormous amount of stamina and chakra, due to the fox inhabiting his body. He can heal his body in a single night's sleep, while I take days or a week. My genin, they're all different, but I guess they're mine. I recommended them for the exams each for his or her own reason and they haven't disappointed me yet."

"Sounds like you've got your hands full," and that's when she noticed that he still held hers. They looked at their hands, laughed nervously and let each other go. Mei fixed her hair, Kakashi stretched a bit. Then he said,

"These exams may take some time tonight. When they're done, would you like to,"

A booming voice bellowed at them, "There she is! The lady I've been expecting." Gai pushed between them, "Excuse me Kakashi, Mei! Glad to see you made it here in one piece. You haven't missed much, come with me so I can introduce you to the group I've got this year." Gai grabbed her arm and began pulling her away from Kakashi.

Mei looked over her shoulder at Kakashi, shrugged and said, "I'll catch up with you tomorrow."

He said, "Are you doing anything later tonight?"

Gai stopped and practically shouted, "Yes Kakashi, she is. She's spending the evening with me. I'm sure you can talk to her tomorrow. Come on Mei, we have lots to talk about." He pulled her away by the arm, and she turned to watch Kakashi as she was dragged away. She saw that he had the same look on his face that he did six years ago when she left for her training; slightly angry, slightly hurt. She wished he wouldn't look at her like that, or make her feel the way he does. But even after all this time, he still affected her, and it still hurt to leave him.


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