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It was time for Mei to get back to her own fantasy, her own object of desire. Kakashi was waiting for her. She popped up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Hi," she said casually, "mission accomplished."

"I'd like to hear the details," he spun and took both her hands in his as he looked at her and said, "later." That's when Mei knew, it was time to go. Immediately.

Kakashi picked her up, she smiled into his face. He walked her out of what remained of the reception down the hall and to her quarters. They were to move into a married couple's residence later that week, but for now, her quarters were fine. Mei had never even seen Kakashi's quarters. She'd make sure he let her before they moved. As he entered the door to her room, he hung a Do Not Disturb sign on the door and said, "Now I have you all to myself."

Mei asked, "Can you wait a moment longer?"

"Why Mei?"

"I told you before; I have a special garment I want to wear for you. I know I won't be wearing it long, but men are very visual. I want to give you a vision you'll never forget; one that you'll be able to conjure up in your mind when you're away from me."

"That good huh?"

"Oh yeah."

"I'll be waiting right here."

She dashed to the restroom where she had her gown hanging. It had spaghetti straps – which men cannot resist. It was sheer, so it wouldn't hide much at all. It was luxuriously silken and iridescent so it shimmered slightly and picked up any light in the room. She quickly took off her wedding gear, stripped down to nothing, put on the gown and let the rest of her hair down. She brushed it out loose and flowing. She was ready to go to her brand new husband. She'd never forget the look on his face when he first saw her.

She walked out of the restroom – backlit. Kakashi was still clothed, relaxing on the bed waiting for her. He turned on a bedside lamp, it was very dim, it was made for reading, but it was enough to show him the front of her. She could tell he could see right through the front of her gown and that he liked what he saw. Good, she thought. He stood up and took off his wedding gear while she watched. She loved to watch him undress. It was like he was shedding the hardened sensei warrior and becoming a normal yet powerful man. Her man. He was behind her in a flash. She never saw him move, but then, who sees a jonin move?

She felt his hands on her shoulders. He picked up her hair and moved it aside. She tilted her head, exposing her neck to him. She'd reapplied a touch of jasmine and lotus before she came out. He ran his finger down the length of her neckline – from hairline to her spaghetti strap. "Very nice, so beautiful." She felt his entire body pressed against her back, his nose in her hair. Then his nose traced a path from her hairline to her ear. "I love the way you smell. You smell that way just for me don't you?"

"I do. Just for you."

"I love your gown."

"I thought you would, yet another thing I do just for you."

He picked up one strap slightly and said, "Do you mind if I take it off you?"

"I don't mind, I expect you to."

"Good." Down went one strap, down went the other. The gown tumbled to the floor and she stood there in all her naked glory. A quick hand sign and she was gone. She reappeared behind him. She pushed her body against his, breasts first. He liked it and said, "Ooh, surprise the sensei."

Mei whispered very delicately in his ear, "You're going to like this," she dragged her breasts slowly down the length of his back as she crouched down, and crossed both arms around the front of both of his legs. Then standing slowly, she drew her fingers up the front of his legs, un-crossing them at his thighs, grazing his penis, then driving them up his chest. She pressed herself against his back then, her right arm going across his chest, her left hand tracing down toward his penis. His breathing was increasing quickly. Then she was gone again. He stood still, waiting for her to move. She reappeared crouched at his feet looking up at him. She dropped to her knees while he watched.

He said almost pleadingly, "You wouldn't."

She stated, "I will." She kneeled up and began kissing his stomach. She scratched him lightly across his back and then laced her fingers together behind him, holding him in place. She pulled him forward to her and squeezed his penis between her breasts. He exhaled, trying to control himself. She thought to herself, he's such an elite warrior, but I know his weakness now. Me. I'm it. I'm really going to test his ability to control himself now.

She worked her way down until her face was even with his penis. She looked up at him; saw his chest heaving, penis bobbing next to her face. He looked slightly concerned. She just smirked at him, opened her mouth and devoured him. He bent at the waist slightly and let out an audible gasp. Mei knew he wouldn't last but a moment or so, so that's all the attention she paid to him, then she was gone. She waited in the shadows until he stood up straight again, then she walked out to him. Kakashi grabbed for her, and spun her around. He put her hands against the wall, and kicked her legs apart. She thought he was going to pat her down, but instead, it was her turn.

Mei faced the wall and waited. She felt his hands on her waist, up her ribs, on her breasts, his face on her back, leaving little kisses here and there. He molded his entire body over hers. Then he backed away, squatted down and licked his fingers. She almost lost her mind when he began touching her intimately. She threw her head back, slapping her hair against her back, as he touched her lightly. He began tracing up her ridge, and down the other side, then he teased her opening. He did this over and over until she was ready to beg him to stop or give her some release. Then he was gone. But Mei heard him this time. He was in the shadow breathing, almost heaving. She stood up and looked at him urgently. He stepped out, mirroring her same urgent look. They ran to each other and locked in a fiery kiss, tongues sparring, chakras twisting. She felt his arms around her back and waist, and then her feet were off the floor and her legs were around his waist. There was no more waiting. He would not be denied one more second. He put her on the bed, and she fell back on the pillows. Before she was even settled, he was inside her. This is exactly what she wanted, no more waiting, no more wanting, just intense heated consummating.

He urgently humped her, she scratched at him as she threw her head around. She tried to find his mouth but it was hard to with him moving so much. It didn't matter, what she was feeling was so incredible, that it was more than enough. He drove himself into her faster and harder than ever before. In minutes, Mei orgasmed loudly before he did. When she could focus again, she noticed him watching her face as her breath came out in stutters. When he saw he had her attention, he stopped his thrusting, backed up and pushed into her hard, once, sending a shiver through her again. He smiled, and did it again. It worked again. She breathlessly asked him, "What is that you're doing? It's incredible!"

Kakashi said, "I've found a new way to focus and release my chakra. You're getting little blasts of chakra with every push. You're not the only one who knows a few tricks. Are you ready for me to finish?"

"Yes. Do it now Kakashi."

He got very serious looking, closed his eyes and let her have it. His thrusting was furious, fast, and extremely exciting. She could feel her energy building as she strained to achieve a second orgasm that was approaching. He quickly built up chakra to fuel his impending release. Her second orgasm started and she pulled him into her desperately, feeling him growing inside her. He let his stored chakra go, releasing a blast of energy along with his semen. He pumped it into her, gasping, groaning, and grimacing.

Mei kissed his face a thousand times and finally found his mouth. She kissed him so hard he could barely breathe. When she let him breathe again, he rolled off her, taking his penis with him, and turned to look at her. He started laughing, and Mei couldn't help but giggle. It had been so hot and playful, and it was only going to get better.

He said, "If that's what I had to look forward to, I could wait a thousand years."

"I'd never make you wait that long. In fact,"

He got up on his elbow and looked at her, "Yes?"

"Let's go again right now."


"Yes, right now."

"Ok, but give me a minute. You're amazing."

"I know. Come here." She pulled him on top of her and after some light kissing they were off and running again. All night long they kept pestering each other. At one time, she fed him strawberries and grapes while she rode him. A man's two favorite things – sex and food – all at once. He loved it of course.

By about 5AM, both were spent, and completely exhausted. They left the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and slept until noon. Hunger finally made them get up, but it didn't stop them from pestering each other one more time in the shower while they were cleaning up. Kakashi wouldn't keep his hands off her, even when they went to the dining hall for lunch. Mei ate like she was ravenous; removing his hands from various places he kept touching, so as not to be embarrassed by what people might see. She didn't know how Kakashi ate, but he managed it some how with his mask on his face, and his grabbing hands.

Hokage approached them a few minutes later, "Kakashi! Mei! I didn't expect to see you two for a couple of days!"

Mei giggled, but Kakashi said, "If I had a refrigerator full of food in her room, you probably wouldn't have."

"You guys have the week off – no training, no teaching, just moving."

Mei said, "That's right Kakashi, I need to see your bachelor pad."

"No problem, I'll take you there now, excuse us Hokage," POOF they were there. Mei flipped on the light and in the room was a lamp, a table under it, a medium sized bed and a dresser with two pictures on it and his Icha Icha collection, that was it. She asked him, "This is it? You've lived here like this for how long now?"

"I don't need much, and I've been in this room eight years."

"Honey, I need to teach you how to decorate."

"You can do all that – you have free reign in the new place."

"Good, can we go there? I do believe we have to christen each room." He smiled, swept her up and poofed her there.

Their lives were filled with bliss, and training, and moving and sex. Mei couldn't have asked for a better husband, partner, protector, and lover. Kakashi was the total package. They grew closer every day, always looking forward to every brand new day together.


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