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Chapter One: The End Has Only Begun

I loved him. He was amazing, every single thing about him. His hair, his eyes, his face... his body. It was all so beautiful. Even his voice seemed better than most people's. I know it was foolish of me to think so much of him, he was the most sought after bachelor in all of Chicago. Every woman wanted him, and I was no different. Who was I to think I was so special to him? Who was I to believe that someday we could live happily together?

Still... it was nice to believe.

It was always the little things he did. The way he'd smile at me when I entered a room. How he'd come to talk to me and no one else at many of the social events. He'd sometimes ignore people completely just to talk to me at a party. He'd stay by my side, even dance with me once in a while.

When I would come to his house for dinner parties he'd bring me into the sitting room and begin to play the piano. His interest would soon change when the other young ladies who were invited would fawn all over him. He'd look at me apologetically.

I remembered that look. He gave it to me often. When he had to leave to be with his friends, or when other girls pulled him away. Mostly when his parents brought him away to meet other girls. It made me feel like he really cared. Like, he actually wanted to be near me. It made butterflies twirl in my stomach. It was probably wishful thinking on my part. Everyone wanted him, I was no exception.

Edward Mason...

Even his name made me smile, let alone his face! His green eyes were too too beautiful, and his hair was an unusual shade, somewhere in between blonde and brown.

But all my daydreaming would soon go to waste. When his mother was diagnosed with the Influenza I knew that Edward wouldn't escape it so easily. His father had already died and very quickly his mother followed. I once went to see Edward in the hospital.

I wasn't sure if it was right for me to be there, if he should even have any visitors. But I was in love with him, no matter what he thought of me. I hesitantly made my way up to his door and looked through the small window. He was lying in the bed and staring at the ceiling. I could very plainly see the sweat on his skin. I opened the door and it creaked, warning him to my presence.

"Isabella!" he said when he saw me. He sat up quickly and looked at me warmly through his sick green eyes. I rushed over to his side and sat down again. He held onto one of my arms but began coughing very badly. I rubbed his back. My hand must be like fire against his cold skin.

"It's alright Edward, take it easy. You should focus on your health." I smiled at him, hopefully warmly. Seeing him here like this was making me want to cry.

"You know," he began. "You're the only person who's come to see me here."

"I think everyone might be worried about the influenza,' I said. He nodded. "I'm not afraid though. I just wanted to come see you."

"I'm glad," he said with a smile. His voice was softer. Talking any louder would be too hard for him. "I wouldn't want anyone else to come and see me." I blushed and turned away, becoming suddenly fascinated with a chair leg. Edward chuckled and rached up to brush my cheek. I turned back to him and smiled.

"Isabella, if it's alright for me to say... I love you." My heart was beating erratcially in my chest. " I know this is kind of late now, to say it, and it may seem to you like I'm weak. But, I can't help it. I mean it, and I want you to know." The tears in my eyes began spilling over.

"Oh Edward... I love you too, and I have for a long time." I was trying to keep my voice from turning into a shriek. He placed a hand under my chin to make me face him.

"Isabella... I'd like to kiss you... but I don't want to make you sick..." my breath came in short. I smiled weakly.

"I don't mind Edward. You won't get me sick." He sat up straighter and leaned in to press his lips softly to mine.

When he recovered I couldn't find him anywhere and he never came to find me. Everywhere I looked he was gone, and no one could tell me where he was. He had inherited his parents' house and fortune and everything was looking good for him. Except, I wanted to see him so badly.

Then I heard the news. He had to be readmitted into the hospital, but this time he didn't make it. He was dead, at seventeen years old, and left me behind with an aching heart. I cried for him for days and eventually began to block out the painful memory of him. I was good at that, permanently forgetting things. It wouldn't be until I ever heard his name or saw a picture again that I would remember.

It was walking home through the dark streets when I began thinking of him again. The way his voice sounded in a laugh, the way his fingers ran over the piano keys. It made me cry and I collapsed into the damp street, sobbing into my hands. I knew my crying was getting louder and louder, and I was glad no one lived nearby. The pain I was going through was too much.

I was knocked to the ground hard by someone freezing cold and then there was an unbreable feeling at my neck. I moaned and flailed, trying to break away until I realised that someone had bitten into my neck, and was sucking out my blood. When I begged for them to stop, they suddenly broke away, breathing in heavily. I couldn't see their face in the blinding light fromthe street lamp, only the dark hair and blood red eyes. They ran away quickly, as soon as a fiery pain spread throughout my body.

Living alone for nearly a hundred years is nothing good for a vampire. I was lying awake screaming for three days inthe middle of the woods where my murderer had left me. I was alone when I woke up and realised what I was, waking up to a terrible thirst. I could smell blood mies away, but I knew I shouldn't drink it. It belonged to humans. When I smelt some animal running away nearby, thr thirsting pain in me took over and I ran after them as fast as I could, satisfying my thirst.

It's been so long after, now. I've been running towards a small, rainy town in Canada, somewhere in British Columbia, I think. It was time for me to start another new, lonely life.

I went into my new apartment, looking around quickly before changing into a blue sweater and jeans. I was running through the woods, my favourite past time in my damned life. It was the only thing that gave me any peace. the woods were peaceful, constant. The trees were always green when you expected them to be, the moisture was relaxing to me.

I managed to find a trail leading to a waterfall, untouched by any humans. The place had a loud sound to it, one that felt like having your ears covered. There was beautiful foliage all around, and a perfect clear spot under the waterfall. One that I could clearly see the stars.

Tomorrow I'd have to begin facing another awful school year. Something that I had done by myself time after time. I lay down on a rock near the small river and stared up at the clouds, playing with them and creating new shapes.

I lay there, dazing back and forth from reality to dreams. The sky began darkening and I watched it all. I watched the gentle change of blue to orange to purple to a beautiful black. The stars popped out all over, little white and orange spots of a place farther away than was imaginable. I got up when I glanced at my watch, figuring it was late enough to try and struggle my way home.

Running through the woods in the dark was something I enjoyed a little less. Since I had been changed I never trusted anything in the dark. All the memories of my human life had left me, but I knew that bad things could happen in the dark.

The welcoming, orange glow of a street lamp was what lead me back to roads of civilization. I could see a chain fence and easily jumped over it after climbing it a short ways. I landed smoothly on the pavement and pushed any dirt or leaves away from my clothes. When I looked up I saw someone. A man.

He was standing underneath the streetlamp, his features hidden to me. Small, almost unnoticable snowflakes were falling all around us, lit up in the light here and there. I could feel it then. He was a vampire. I wasn't sure what to do. My own kind still frightened me. I never trusted any of the ones I met, especially with red eyes. I couldn't see what colour his were, but as soon as I saw him running towards me I climbed back over the fence and ran away through the trees again.

I could hear him behind me, close behind me. He was fast. He was calling out to me to stop, over and over again. I didn't listen. I kept running full tilt towards the way I had come earlier that afternoon. I broke into the small clearing with the water fall, the cool mist from the splashing shocking me as I began to pick my way across the rocks. Then I felt his coll hand grab me and yank me backwards. He caught me easily in his arms. My hair fell all in front of my face and I shot my head up to look at him.

In the moonlight his bronze hair and gorgeous golden eyes looked far more beautiful than they should of. His pale skin had an eery marble glow to it, making him look like a statue.

"Do I know you?" He asked. My heart would have gone mad if it were still alive. His voice was melodic and smooth, beautiful. His expression was shocked and confused as he looked at me. I realized then that we were both cluthcing each others' arms, to keep me from falling into the river.

"No," I said simply, stunned by his good looks. "We haven't met before."

He straightened me up and pushed my hair from my eyes, staring at me with a warm smile. "I'm Edward Cullen." He put out a hand for me to shake.

I smiled at him, I knew it looked shy. "I'm Isabella Swan, Bella."

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