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Chapter Fourteen: To The End.

This was a little detour, a small sight to see on the way to our honeymoon. We were in Chicago. I looked around, taking in all the sights and sounds. It was so different now. I had only been back once, after my death. I watched what happened to my family after I never came home.

Edward held my hand and pulled me close to him as we walked through the streets, the muted daylight barely shining down on us. It had been a perfect, cloudy day. I was still wearing my veil, a trinket that made Edward grin everytime he looked up and saw it. We were wearing casual clothes as we moved through the street. However, our faces and the veil attracted a bit of attention. People took pictures, amazingly enough, because they thought it was cute. They also stopped us to talk, and congratulate us on being married. I smiled everytime, glancing down at the two rings on my finger.

Edward turned me down a street. I saw imaged flashing in my mind, changing the street in front of me back and forth between the present day and 1918. For some reason, my original time period was in sepia, like a cheesy dream sequence in a movie, and I was still dressed in my present day clothes. I could recognize this place now, with the help of these pictures.

I had often walked these streets before, all in search of him. My one true love, Edward Cullen. Or, Mason, as I knew him then. We approached the stone steps of an old, victorian home and I couldn't help but smile. This was his house, where I had been so many times before, where I had first fallen in love with him. When I looked up to him his eyes were directed down at me, looking at me with all the love and warmth in the world.

"This is your house," I said quietly and he nodded at me. "Why are we here?"

Edward shrugged and looked back up to the doors. "I've kept it, since I inherited it back when my parents died." He moved forward and opened the doors, letting me walk ahead of him.

Everything was still there, the rugs, the furniture, the piano. It was all covered in white sheets, which in turn were covered in a layer of dust. I looked around and assumed he hadn't been there in a long time.

"I haven't had a reason to come back," Edward murmured. "I've stayed with Carlisle until now." I nodded and kept looking around. It looked a little bit painful for Edward to be here. I had a feeling that it wasn't just because he missed his family. It might have been because he had changed me. I walked up to him closely and held his hand close to mine.

"Come on," I said. "Let's go." I led him to the door. With a smile he locked it and followed me down the steps.

I clutched onto the arms of the chair as the plane landed. I was never one for flying. I had hardly been on a plane before. Edward grinned at me and tried not to laugh as I squeezed my eyes shut. He had very politely given me the window seat, but I had been too terrified to look out. I got off as quickly as I could and when Edward finally showed up next to me, he couldn't help but laugh. I was still wearing the veil and received friendly looks from all the employees.

We were in London, the start of our honeymoon throughout Europe. Edward was going to show me places I had never been or imagined before. The idea was thrilling, though the thought of being with Edward the entire time made it even better.

When we left the terminal Edward immediately began to hail a cab. I grabbed his arm when he reached out and he looked at me curiously. "Let's just walk," I said, hoping he'd agree. "It would be so much more fun, and our hotel's not that far away." He grinned and held onto my hand as we moved down the street. It was the same as in Chicago. We were congratulated over and over again, all because of the veil. If I tried to take it off, Edward would stop me, saying it looked cute. To that it was impossible to disagree.

Standing in front of the hotel sent butterflies through my stomach. I looked up at the gorgeous man next to me and he sent me a gorgeous smile. I was married, finally Mrs. Edward Cullen. The thought made me smile even more. I bit my lip as I stared at him and grabbed his hand, hurrying us into the hotel. I ran up the stairs in excitement ahead of Edward who easily caught me by the waist.

We went into the gorgeous hotel room. I took in the beautiful design and the luxurious covers on the bed. Edward hung up his jacket and laid the keys on a table. I ran and jumped onto the bed, sinking into the softness of it. I sat up at looked at Edward. He was staring at me with a look in his eye that I couldn't discern. I flung off my veil and sat there, watching as his lips curled into a beautifully crooked smile.

As he walked over to me, I looked into his beautiful ochre eyes and saw everything I would ever need for the rest of eternity. I wondered, as his legs pressed against mine, why I was ever so worried about what had happend. His hands slipped over mine and I shook all my worries away. What had happened was such a transient part of my life. Changing me into what I was now was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. If it wasn't for that, I could never have gotten this amazing conclusion to a long life. I would have lived and died, never knowing what true love was.

I smiled against Edwards lips when he pressed them down to mine, and felt him smile back. I pulled him down with me on the bed, never wanting to let him go. I couldn't trade anything in the world for what I was feeling right now. Everything else was too insignificant next to him. I knew he must have felt the same, to some extent.Smiling was an immediate reaction when he whispered into my ear how much he loved me.

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