Title: True Sight
Author: Princess Destiny
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Couple: Usagi And Mamoru
Rating: M 15+
Summary: 'One Hour Challenges' #60, 64 and 82 combined: Response Fanfic. Everything seemed pretty normal to Mamoru until one day Usagi imitated Sailor Moon as a dare. To top it off, he begins to notice all these little things that she does, that remind him of Sailor Moon! But that was impossible-right? How could the girl he loathed possibly be the girl he rescued as Tuxedo Kamen-and had fallen in love with?
Chapters: 7/7
Status: Completed
Year Completed: 2002

Comments: Hi everyone! As mentioned in Chapter One, there is some Mamoru bashing, and there is some Usagi bashing in this Fanfic. Yes, Mamoru is an arrogant SOB, but I just decided to make him even more of one in this Fanfic, since my other Fanfics, such as 'The Games We Play' usually have Usagi end up the victor and poor Mamoru put through hell. Oh yes, and there's a scene in this Chapter that surprised some of my readers on the List, so I'll mention it now in the form of a warning. I don't want to see any reviews saying 'Oh, they'd never do that!'. They both have volatile tempers, so who can say what they'll do when irritated.

Warning: Be prepared for the following...Usagi gets spanked in this, and Mamoru gets punched. Several times. It's all in fun, so don't take it too seriously. I think I was addicted to caffine at the time of the writing... LOL.

Review Response: To answer a question asked about the 'Nabiki' reference in Chapter Six. It's referring to Nabiki Tendo from the Anime 'Ranma'. She's a money hungry girl, which is why Tuxedo Kamen said Mars was like her when she mentioned about 'suitable payment'.

Review Response 2: I think that 90 Kph translates to 55 Mph. There-abouts. The idea was to make a ridiculous speed.

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Princess Destiny


By Princess Destiny

Chapter Seven

Sailor Moon was as red as a tomato and her mouth was gaping. "You're supposed to be on my side!" she wailed at Mars.

"Not this time." The Senshi of fire grinned at her.

"Well?" Tuxedo Kamen murmured, giving Sailor Moon a heated look.

She flushed even brighter, if that were possible. "Will you...gooutwithme?" Sailor Moon said in a big rush, fidgeting.

Tuxedo Kamen grinned at her nervousness and then shrugged off Jupiter's arm from his neck. "What was that?" he said mockingly, stepping up to her so that their chests brushed.

Why that arrogant jerk! Sailor Moon's blue eyes narrowed. "Will you go out with me?" she spat out.

"Oh, definitely." Tuxedo Kamen drawled, reaching for her.

Sailor Moon suddenly bolted.

The Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen stared after her in shock.

"She's fast, I'll give her that!" Jupiter said admirably.

Tuxedo Kamen abruptly bolted after her.

"And so is he." Mars said grinning.

They watched until the two had vanished, then looked around to find that the whole Business District had been watching with avid attention. People were leaning from windows, cars and even in the streets.

"Oh no," Mercury muttered nervously. They hadn't said any names, had they? No, they hadn't. She breathed in a sigh of relief, then motioned the other two. "I think we should go supervise Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon."

"Yeah," Mars backed off slightly, eyeing the eager crowd, who were starting to close in on them.

The three Senshi bolted after Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon, leaving behind a very disappointed crowd.

Tuxedo Kamen followed Sailor Moon all through town and she predicably headed for the Park. He caught up with her as she was running through the trees trying to loose him. She glanced behind her but wasn't stopping, so he had to stop her by making her angry!

"Hey Sailor Moon, I heard Jupiter's question in the Arcade about you being in love...is it true?" Tuxedo Kamen asked called out mockingly. He made sure not to use her real name, as he's passes several people already and he didn't need them to find out the Senshi's real identities.

Sailor Moon skidded to a halt and whirled to face him, eyes flashing fire. "You're an awful person to ask a girl that straight-out!" Sailor Moon retorted, avoiding the question.

"You're in denial." he said lazily, sauntering up to her. He stopped right in front of her and crossed his arms in a purely arrogant way, very sure that she was in fact in love with him. Just as she was with him.

"Don't make me use this tiara on you!" She threatened, blushing.

"You'd moon-dust your true-love?" The hero taunted. 'Can she moon-dust humans?' he sure didn't want to find out!

"I'm not kidding!" Sailor Moon glared at him heatedly, fingers itching to smack that confident smile from his face. The problem was that he was right. She was in love with him...well, half of him. His Tuxedo Kamen half. "We're still enemies." she added.

"Worst enemies and soon-to-be-intimate-in-the-kissing-department daters." he added devilishly.

"I'm not dating you!" she shouted in fury. How dare he still think she would after him embarrassing her in front of the Senshi like that?!

"You have to. You asked me out and I accepted. You can't back out now; that's the way it's done." Tuxedo Kamen said knowledgeably, nodding.

Sailor Moon stared almost thoughtfully at his smug expression for a long moment and then her fist shot out and she slugged him repeatedly.

"This is for tricking me into telling you I was Sailor Moon!"


"This is for humiliating me!"


"This is for being an arrogant jerk!"


"This is for making me go out with you and getting your way!"


"And that's for making me fall in love with you, you bastard!"

Tuxedo Kamen took it all, complete with smug grin intact. But as soon as she'd finished, his face became expressionless. "You're in love with me?" he said, picking out the most important part of her rant.

Sailor Moon grimaced at him, both from his question and the fact that his face looked red and bruised and he'd probably have a black eye. His half-mask had fallen off too, revealing his deep blue eyes filled with emotion. He was angry with her, but she also saw love and that familiar arrogance that made up Chiba Mamoru.

"Yeah, I am," she said finally, looking away. "I was in love with Tuxedo Kamen for a long time, after my crush developed into more and now I know that he's you, everything sort of fell into place. I still dislike Mamoru a lot, though." she added the last part angrily.

"I feel the same way basically." Tuxedo Kamen said thoughtfully, bending over to pick up his half-mask. He put it back on just in case anyone passed by and saw his real identity. The Senshi were bound to turn up soon too. He stepped closer to Sailor Moon and looked down into her expressive eyes. She was furious at him for his actions, but he also saw love and uncertainty. "I dislike Usagi too, but I love Sailor Moon with all my heart. As for my arrogance, lets just say that it stemmed from a lousy childhood and leave it at that. Maybe I'll tell you about it one day."

One day when they were married, because he loved this girl deeply and he wanted her to be his wife sometime in the future.

The he took her gently into his arms and kissed her, lips barely touching. There was no arrogance in it, just sweet love and tenderness. She melted into it and let his emotions wash over her.

Then of course, he had to ruin it! He was Chiba Mamoru after all!

Sailor Moon was startled when Tuxedo Kamen pulled back and looked down at her with a mocking expression. "Okay, now that we have that out of the way-and by the way I still love you, but you deserve this."

Tuxedo Kamen sat down on the ground and yanked her down with him by the arm. As she landed in the grass beside him, he pulled her over his lap and spanked her. Not hard, but firm.



"That's for punching me! I'm going to have a black eye you know."



"That's for not wanting to go out with me even though you love me!"



"And that's for making me love you, since you punched me for the same reason." he finished smugly, letting her go.

Sailor Moon crawled off his lap and gave him a dirty look before jumping to he feet and rubbing at her rear. "You conceited jerk! How could you spank me in the middle of the bloody park! What if there'd been camera's or reporters?!" she shouted in anger. "I have half a mind not to date you now!"

Tuxedo Kamen shrugged and gave her a lazy grin. "But you will, right?"

"Creep!" The blonde growled at him then turned and ran off.

Tuxedo Kamen shook his head, then got up and followed. Where-ever Sailor Moon led, he'd always follow! He found her just crossing the bridge of a little stream.

Sailor Moon heard him close behind and stopped on the other side, giving him a wary look. "Why are you following me?" she demanded crossly. 'What does he want now? He's already spanked me and kissed me several times!'

"More kisses of course, Sweetheart," he drawled, leaning against the railing on his side of the bridge. He gave her a penetrating look, eyes becoming concerned. "Are you alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Sailor Moon seriously considered saying yes, but it would have been a lie and what sort of a way would that be to start a relationship? "No," she called back, biting her bottom lip. "But you could have kissed me instead you know!" she blushed as she said it.

"But spanking is more fun!" he grinned wickedly at her red face and gaping mouth.

"Yeah, well-I don't know whether to hit you or kiss you!" Sailor Moon groused, staring across the bridge at Tuxedo Kamen. His kisses were just magical and her bones seemed to melt under his touch. Why had she never tried to kiss him before?

"Would you like to come over and find out?" he responded wickedly, daring her to cross the bridge and take that final step in their awakening relationship. If she was too chicken then he'd do the crossing!

"Lets compromise, since this the beginning of a 'relationship'." Sailor Moon countered, heading his way.

Tuxedo Kamen's grin widened in delight. Well, at least she wasn't fighting him, but she was sure as hell treating him as Mamoru for the most part. Which was okay, because he'd treat her like Usagi too. "We're going to fight like cats and dogs you know." he said conversationally, walking towards her.

"I know-and we're probably going to break up several times," she murmured, meeting him in the middle of the bridge. She looked up into his face with a shy half-smile.

Tuxedo Kamen reached out and brushed the bangs from her eyes tenderly. "We can make this work. We both love each other and no relationship is perfect."

"I know. We can...try it out?" she said tentatively, stepping closer and placing her hands on his chest. "Okay, I'll date you." she decided.

Tuxedo Kamen smiled at her and then drew her into his arms. He turned her so that her back was to the railing and then leaned into her so that she was pinned against him. Then he lowered his head and kissed her.

Meanwhile, the Senshi had tracked them down after running all over Juuban randomly. Then Mercury had brought out her Computer and found them in the Park.

"This way," The blue-haired Senshi yelled, staring down at her Computer. "They're just ahead!"

The Senshi ran over a grassy hill and immediately spotted the two-locked in an embrace in the middle of a bridge over a small stream.

"Don't those two ever stop?" Mars groaned, running down towards Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

"I think it's romantic." Jupiter sighed dreamily, smirking.

Mercury put away her Computer and sighed. "Yes, but will the relationship work? Don't forget we have no idea who he is."

"That's right!" Mars said, eyes narrowing. "Until he tells us, we can't let her get too intimate with him."

"So, just ask him. They look pretty damn intimate already," Jupiter snickered in amusement as they reached the bridge and began to sneak up behind the passionate couple. Sailor Moon's arms were locked about Tuxedo Kamen's neck and his arms were locked around her waist and back, while pinning her bodily to the bridge railing.

"Sailor Moon!" The three Senshi suddenly bellowed from behind them, hoping to startle the couple. The two had been so involved in their kissing that they hadn't head three Senshi creeping up behind them!.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen broke apart as if they'd been shot.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Sailor Moon yelled in panic, shoving Tuxedo Kamen off of her body and straightening. She was blushing brightly.

"It looked like Tuxedo Kamen crushing you underneath his gorgeous bod on the middle of a bridge and kissing you like there was no tomorrow." Mars said dryly, crossing her arms.

"Hehehe, okay, so maybe it is what it looked like." The blonde muttered sheepishly, casting a sideways look at her new love.

"We were celebrating our new relationship," Tuxedo Kamen said calmly, grinning as the Senshi stared at him and Sailor Moon in shock. "She's agreed to date me."

"You guys can't date even if she asked you out!" Mercury blurted. 'Not till we know who he is and have interrogated him thoroughly.' she added mentally.

"Why?" Tuxedo Kamen teased, knowing full-well what they were thinking.

"Because we don't know you really are. You could be anyone," Jupiter pointed out, playing with her ponytail. "It would never work."

"Sure it would," Tuxedo Kamen said easily, grabbing Sailor Moon about the waist again and pulling her into his arms. He grinned at her still-flushed face in amusement. "Sure, she's a klutz and an airhead-"

"And he's a jerk and an ego-maniac." Sailor Moon added, grinning back.

"-She's rotten at School and is always late-" he went on smoothly, ignoring the incredulous gapes breaking across the Senshi's faces as they started to get a clue.

"-he's smug and arrogant and is rich as sin-"

"That's a minus?" Tuxedo Kamen's eyebrows rose.

"It could be, given your arrogance. I'm sure you'll rub it in my face some day," Sailor Moon grinned mischievously. "We'll see how you do on Valentines Day...and Easter...and Christmas...and my Birthday."

"Deal." he purred into her ear, nibbling on it lightly.

"Mamoru?! You're Mamoru?!" Mercury blurted, connecting all the points of their conversation first. Well, that explained a great deal!

Jupiter and Mars' head whipped around so fast they almost got whip-lash. They stared at her and then at Tuxedo Kamen. "Mamoru?!" They chorused incredulously.

"Yes?" Tuxedo Kamen inquired slyly, lifting his head from Usagi's delectable skin.

"Mamoru?!" Mars almost screamed. "My Mamoru?!"

"My Mamoru." Sailor Moon short back, almost growling.

"Thank you, darling." Tuxedo Kamen murmured, pleased. She was possessive of him already! Just as he was with her.

"But Usagi, you knew I was interested in him!" Mars yelled, then clamped her hands over her mouth guiltily. She blushed as Tuxedo Kamen stared at her, eyebrows raised.

"You were that interested?" Tuxedo Kamen queried in amazement. "I thought it was just a crush."

"It is-was," she muttered, removing her hands. "You just never noticed me-and now I know why." the look she threw Sailor Moon was mixed with anger and resignation. She was happy for her friend, but damn! Now that she knew he was Tuxedo Kamen, she knew she had no chance. The guy was obviously in love with Sailor Moon. And Usagi too.

"Well, damn," Jupiter said finally, gaping. "When did this happen?"

"Yeah, we know you said that you overheard Usagi saying a lot about Tuxedo Kamen and connected it, but somehow that just doesn't tip the scales." Sailor Mars said angrily.

Tuxedo Kamen grinned. "You're right. I actually started to realise that Usagi was Sailor Moon the day she did that Sailor Moon pose in the arcade to perfection."

"Arrggggh!" Mars rounded on the blonde, who looked extremely guilty and burrowed under Tuxedo Kamen's arm protectively. "I knew you messed up that day!"

"Was that all that clued you in?" Mercury asked curiously, doubting it.

"Well, no." Tuxedo Kamen looked uneasy.

"It wasn't?" Sailor Moon said ominously. 'He knew before I said all that stuff about Tuxedo Kamen?!' her eyes narrowed on his face.

"Usagi! You should be more careful!" Mars growled at her in outrage. "Who knows who else might have figured it out?"

"Er...Motoki?" Tuxedo Kamen said tentatively. Sure, he was the guy's best buddy, but if he was going to be murdered by four beautiful Superhero's in short skirts, what sort of a friend was he to let Motoki miss out? His grin was malicious. 'No friend at all.'

"That's a very scary grin." Jupiter muttered to Mars and Mercury, wondering what was going on in Tuxedo Kamen's mind right now.

"What else clued you in?" Mercury demanded, crossing her arms.

"Well..." Tuxedo Kamen licked his lips and took a firmer hold on his new girlfriend, so that she couldn't beat him senseless when she found out what he'd been up to for the last few days. "That was the deciding factor of course, with the Star Locket-but the others factors were...her leaping up onto Ami's balcony-"

"Arrgghh! Usagi. I knew someone saw you!" The blue-haired Senshi growled out.

"What?!" Mars and Jupiter growled. This was news to them!

"Her fighting with Makoto was a big give-away. The way she caught Makoto's fist, when it looked like it could have smashed in a table. Oh and the way she jumped over Makoto too." Tuxedo Kamen went on.

"I knew it!" Mars yelled, crossing her arms too. "You blonde airhead."

"Hey!" Sailor Moon protested, eyes narrowing.

"She uh-" Tuxedo Kamen broke off nervously, eyeing the girl in his arms like she was a poisonous scorpion. "Runs as fast as a car." he finished in a mumble.

"What?!" The girls all yelled, having heard him clearly.

"I timed her with my stop-watch. She does 90 kmph."

"What?!" was screamed again by all the Senshi.

"Mamoru!" Sailor Moon shouted, struggling to get out of his tight embrace. "Were you stalking me like some pervert?! I knew I should have punched you more!"

"You punched him?" The Senshi chorused, looking astonished.

"Usagi can run that fast?" Mercury was looking all glazed-eyed, as if someone had knocked her silly. "That fast? Un-transformed?" she muttered to herself, taking out her Mini-Computer from her Sub-Space Pocket and typing on it rapidly.

Tuxedo Kamen was silent for a long moment, trying to think of a way out of admission. He groaned finally, slumping. "Well...yeah?" he prudently kept a tight hold on her heroine, knowing that she was going to kill him the moment she got loose.

"What did you see?!" she shrieked, ready to thump him the minute he let her go. Tuxedo Kamen was a dead man!

"Nothing perverted," Tuxedo Kamen said swiftly. "Just you and Luna practicing with your Tiara at the Cherry Hill Temple."

"What?" Mars screeched at Sailor Moon. "You told me you weren't stupid enough to transform in front of him!"

"No! No. I transformed at home. Ask Luna." Sailor Moon said frantically.

"I didn't see her transform," Tuxedo Kamen admitted, letting Sailor Moon stew under the Senshi of fire's anger for a minute. He shrugged. "But I did connect your cat, Luna."

"Huh?" The blonde said intelligently.

"Oh, great. I knew that would happen sometime," Mercury groaned, slapping her forehead. "I kept telling Luna that there was only one cat in Juuban with a golden crescent moon on her forehead!"

"Yeah, well. It almost convinced me right there that Usagi was Sailor Moon. I've rescued Luna from being run over, remember? I remembered quite clearly that she had a crescent moon on her forehead," he smirked. "Of course, I wasn't sure if Usagi wasn't a Sailor Moon fanatic and stuck a sticker on her poor cat to imitate Sailor Moon."

"What was the deciding factor?" Mercury asked. "I know all of these points were damaging, but like you said, Usagi could have been a fanatic. Everyone knows she's nuts over Sailor V."

"True...but did you know about the Star Locket?" he asked her. He didn't think they did.

Mars, Jupiter and Mercury shook their heads.

"Not till we grilled Usagi over her blundering in the arcade yesterday. Telling her worst enemy the information she'd learnt as Sailor Moon was just stupid!" Mars threw a glare at their Leader.

"Can we see it?" Jupiter asked curiously.

"Sure," Sailor Moon said, reaching into her Sub-Space pocket. They all watched as she took out the small golden Locket.

"So the deciding factor was the Star Locket? Because only you and Sailor Moon knew about it."


"Idiot!" Mars smacked Sailor Moon over the head.

"I hate to interrupt the interrogation, but your gorgeous Leader and I have a previous engagement." Tuxedo Kamen drawled. He strode over to Sailor Moon and then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder easily.

Sailor Moon shrieked at him. "Let me down," she shouted in outrage. 'We might be in love, but he can't keep acting like an arrogant pig all the time!'

"Not a chance, sweetheart," he retorted cheerfully, saluting the gaping Senshi with one hand and holding Sailor Moon's legs with the other. "We'll see you later!"

"We're are you going?" Mars asked curiously, not sure whether she should let Tuxedo Kamen walk off with her friend like that. What was he? A caveman?! And why was she suddenly so jealous?

"Our date, of course." he said, as if it were obvious.

"Now?!" Sailor Moon shouted incredulously, struggling and kicking her legs.

Tuxedo Kamen grinned at the Senshi and then slapped Sailor Moon on the bottom soundly. Then he turned and walked away, whistling a jaunty tone.

"I sure don't envy him when Usagi gets loose," Mercury noted with a slight smile. "She's going to kill him when he puts her down!"

The End

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