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Chapter one is like a Prologue, because it's from Kitty and Nathaniel's points of view. I listed it as Kitty though, because most of the thoughts are Kitty's.

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Chapter 1: A Midnight Vision


Kitty Jones was lying in bed, quite tired. She started to drift off to sleep, and then it came. The Dream, as she later referred to it. It claimed her consciousness, and she drifted off into the blackness.

Kitty woke with a start. She quickly sat up and observed her surroundings. It was dark out, with the light from the streetlamp shining on the wet sidewalk. She recognized the area. She was in the park, a place she had been many times.

She heard soft footsteps on the pavement and whipped around, startled. She gasped when she saw who stood before her. It was Nathaniel. She couldn't contain her stunned look. A slight smile appeared on his face.

Kitty was too stunned to speak. "Nathaniel," she managed to whisper.

"Kitty," he said, and taking her hand in his, they walked slowly down the sidewalk. "I have brought you here to talk with you."

Kitty had regained her tongue, and her thoughts all came rushing out at once. "I'm sorry, and I needed to say something to you, but I never-"she broke off, and started again, speaking in a calm way. "I'm sorry," she said again. "You may talk."

Nathaniel laughed softly. "If you understand what I tell you tonight, we will have all of the time in the world to talk."

Kitty looked slightly confused, so he continued.

"I have brought you here to tell you something," he said quietly. "You may not believe me. First, I have to know one thing. Do you trust me?"

Kitty nodded. "With my life."

Nathaniel was slightly stunned. He never realized that she trusted him so much. He felt surprised that he had gained all of her trust, and this gave him confidence.

"Kitty, there is something you should know. I am asking you to go retrieve something for me. It is very important."

"What?" asked Kitty, curious. Anything, she thought, anything for you, Nathaniel.

"I need you to retrieve my body."

"What are you talking about?" Kitty asked, bewildered.

"They never found it, did you know that? I know that it's only been 2 days since the incident with Nouda, but they haven't found it. They won't bother to look, either. Right now I'm the least of their worries."

Kitty was still a bit confused. "But why? What for?" she asked.

"Because, Kitty," he whispered, looking into her eyes, "I am still alive."

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