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Summary: "Is it okay to fall for the man who is not your husband?" A married woman found herself falling in love again with her first love and a cold-hearted man falling for her back. SasuSaku

Lost Love

Chapter 1: Undecided






Do you love me?


The same way as I always love you?




You're annoying…


Get lost.


Are you sure you want to do this, Sakura?


Yes, Tsunade-shishou.


Very well, we are gathered here today to witness Hyuuga Neji and Haruno Sakura on their matrimony…




Hyuuga Neji…Do you take Haruno Sakura to be you lawfully wedded wife for richer and for poor, Sickness and in health?

I do.


Haruno Sakura… Do you take Hyuuga Neji to be you lawfully wedded husband for richer and for poor, Sickness and in health?

'Sasuke-kun, I'll never forget you.'


Sakura, once I get back….


I do…


I'll return it…only for you and you alone…


You may now kiss the bride.


I promise… '


One year later…



Blood spread freely on the dead body in front of him. He looked at his kunai and wiped the blood that was dripping on it. He sighed and put it back on his pouch. 'How pathetic.' He thought. He was out here doing his A-rank mission while his pink-haired woman is waiting for him to come back.

"Oi Sasuke!"

Sasuke turned around to see his grinning friend. "Let's go back to Konoha, I'm sure someone's waiting for out return!' Naruto said while jumping to a tree branch above him pointing towards the road to Konoha.

'Sakura. I'm going back.'


"Good job, everyone. I suppose this one year of mission leads you two to the ANBU exams." Tsunade said while smirking at the reaction seeing from Naruto.

"Really?! Yosh! I'll be the Hokage in no time!"

"Who says you're going to be one?" Sasuke cut while leaning on the door frame brooding. Naruto glared at him and made a face that was caught be Sasuke which he returned a punch in the face.

"Teme! I'll get you for that!"


Sasuke walked out of the room and closed the door with a bang. Naruto rolled his eyes in what his friend did and followed suit.


"Oi teme."


"Can you accompany me to Hinata-chan's? I want to surprise her." Naruto said while blushing and grinning at him. Sasuke sighed and looked at the sky and smirked. "Fine, I had nothing to do anyway."

"Yosh! Off to Hinata-chan's!"


Hyuuga Household…


Naruto shouted while running to Hinata who was training with her cousin, Neji. Hinata looked over to him and smiled. "Welcome back N-Naruto-kun!" She greeted as she smiled at him.

Sasuke walked calmly inside the household and sighed. 'I didn't know that Hyuuga lives the other side of Konoha.' He thought while looking over to Naruto hugging a blushing Hinata. He smirked at this. He always knew that Hinata has feelings for this dobe and gladly the dobe returned it without hesitation.

Unlike him.

Then, out of nowhere, his mind travelled to a pink-haired woman, smiling at him as he walked towards her. He already missed her presence after the incident a year ago.

Sasuke-kun…do you love me?

He snapped back to reality as he heard his chestnut rival calling him from where he's standing. He looked at him who's now currently smirking at him. He greeted him with a nod and returned with a nod also.

"Long time no see, Uchiha."

"As to you, Hyuuga."

He greeted while glaring at him. Neji smirked and called Hinata to prepare some tea for them. Hinata nodded and went with Naruto to the kitchen.

Silence occurred between the prodigies. Neither one of them want to start a conversation. Heck, they're the silent-type people so no harm done with it. Sasuke sighed and massaged his arm by rotating it and looked at Neji who is watching him intently.


"You don't wanna know what happened in you one-year absence?" Neji asked while smirking at him. He didn't like that Hyuuga smirking at him. He glared at him and asked.

"You married?"

"What made you asked that?" Neji retorted while smirking at him. Sasuke smirked in return. "How's Tenten?" He asked. Neji then frowned at his question and tried not to answer it. Seeing the Hyuuga's reaction made his thought to wonder what happened.

"None of my business."

'What the hell?' Sasuke thought. Wait-None of the Hyuuga's business? Neji and Tenten had been going out since he returned from the Sound. At least he had heard from Sakura. Did they break up?


"So now Uchiha is curious?"

"You started this..."

"Let's just say I and she…moved on and I had a happy life with my wife." Neji said while walking inside the house, leaving Sasuke outside curious.


"Tsunade-shishou, I'm here for my report on this mission." The pink-haired ANBU said while looking at her sensei who is currently reading a report given to her. Tsunade smiled and gestured Sakura to give her the report and wait for awhile.

Sakura nodded and took off her cat-mask and hang it loosely at the back of her head. She looked over the window and smiled at the children below, playing. Tsunade coughed to earn her attention. Sakura look at her teacher and smiled.

"Nice job. I'm proud."

She smiled at this.



"Do you know who came back from a mission?"

Sakura jerked up and looked at Tsunade who had a serious face on her. 'Did he came back?' She thought. She felt her heart beat fast. She sighed and smiled.




"Sasuke…he came back from his one year mission on Grass Country." Tsunade finished while placing her report on the table. "Really?" Sakura asked as if she's playing with her. Tsunade sense this and nodded.

"He did it perfectly as I've planned it too."


"And I expected him to take this ANBU lessons with Naruto." Sakura smiled sadly and looked at her. "They deserved it anyway." She said. "I know. That's why I recommend Kakashi to give this to them." Tsunade said while waving two forms in her hand back and forth.

"They'll be glad." Sakura said and was about to walked out of the room when Tsunade cut her off.

"The ANBU exams are coming next month. I hope you will-no MUST participate on this."


"Oh, and tell your husband to come to the meeting tomorrow." Tsunade said while piling her paper work in her table. "Yes, I'll tell him right away." Sakura said while bowing at the Godaime. "…Sakura?" Sakura looked up.

"Do you still love him?"

Sakura's eyes went wide at this question. Her heart then beats faster then ever. She hesitate thinking of ways to let this issue go. She wanted to say 'no' but the half of her wanted to say 'yes'. Did she still love him? Heck- She IS married to a well-known Hyuuga Prodigy.

"…I don't know."


"What's this?"

"It's an application form…where all qualified jounins are to take the ANBU exams." Kakashi explained while looking at the two teens infront of him. "It's optional anyway; it doesn't need a three-man-team just to take this exam." He added.

"Are you joining?" Kakashi asked. Sasuke and Naruto exchanged looks. Sasuke then smirked and nodded as well as Naruto. Kakashi smiled underneath his mask. "Well, good luck to you two!" Kakashi said and left with a 'POOF!', leaving the two teens behind.

"Yosh! The lessons will start tomorrow! Don't be late, teme!" Naruto said while running off the clearing, leaving the Uchiha prodigy. Sasuke smirked at this. He then looked at the form and read it.

Uchiha Sasuke


You are one of the chosen ninjas to take this year's ANBU exams!

Please go to Room 301 at the Ninja Academy for exam briefing.


His lips formed into a tiny smile. Thinking that this year is going to be a thrill for him. 'So, an ANBU eh?' He thought while pocketing the paper and walked calmly towards the streets of Konoha.


"I'm home!"

Sakura greeted while putting her sandals in the rack. She was greeted by Hinata who helped her in her coat. "U-Uchiha-sama and Naruto-kun came today." Hinata said while folding Sakura's coat. Sakura turned to her right, facing Hinata.


"Yes, they pay a visit. Uchiha-sama and Neji-san had a talked but I didn't know what it is." Hinata explained. "They're just like the same." Sakura said while walking with Hinata towards the kitchen. Sakura went to the rack and get her pink apron and tied it around her waist. She looked at Hinata, who was cooking, and went to Hinata in her cooking.

Then, they heard the wooden door slid and footsteps followed. Sakura sighed and walked out of the room to greet her husband who walked calmly to her. "Ohayo Neji-kun." Sakura greeted while give Neji a peck in the cheek. Neji gave her a small smile and went to the kitchen.

"So, Neji-kun, what happened at your mission?" Sakura started while preparing the plates. Neji sighed. "Nothing much. Get the scroll, kill the nins, do ninjutsu, finished the mission." Neji stated while tapping his fingers. Sakura rolled her eyes. "Of course." She said.

"Have you sold your old apartment?" Neji asked while eating a riceball. Sakura looked and glared. Hinata sighed ' Here we go again.' She thought. It's been like this fighting over Sakura's old apartment.


"I told you to sell it. You're really are stubborn, Sakura." Neji said while clasping his hands with each other and glared at his wife. Sakura returned the glared and reasoned out. "Well, it was my parent's house! It brings the memories back!" 'That's a lame excuse' she thought. "First of all, they're dead so they entrusted you to me. Lastly, we're married so you MUST stay here not in your apartment." He said while taking another sip from his drink.

"Neji, I practically lived here now! So please just leave my apartment be!" Sakura pleaded. Neji scoffed while getting up from his seat. He took his drink. "I'm going out." He took a last glance on his wife and left.

"I don't even know how I can stand a person like him."



"Guess, I'm late." Sasuke said as he walked in the Ninja Academy. As he entered to building, memories flooded in his mind. He looked around to see the other ninjas practicing with their weapons, talking to their team mates. He smirked and resumed his walking. He then stopped over to a room that says 301 and smirked.

I have business on the third floor…

and drop the genjutsu you've created, while you're at it…

He walked and touched the door knob and turned it slowly.

It was easy right, Sakura?

You probably notice it first…after all; you're the best genjutsu analyst in our cell…

He frowned.

Thank you…

"Are you just a slowpoke or what, teme?" Sasuke jerked up and looked over his shoulders to see a grinning Naruto.

"Shut up."

"Heh, Let's go in…I heard our sensei is a legendary beauty." Naruto said as he opened the door for them and took a seat on the back of the class. Sasuke sighed and entered the room.

As he entered the room, he felt all eyes were on him. He looked up to see everyone had their expressions on him. People were gossiping and other glaring at him. He sighed at this and took a seat next to Naruto.

Minutes passed and some ninjas were already irritated the lateness of their sensei. Others were starting to yawn like there's no end. Others were practically sleeping and some were just practically theirselves.

"Have you heard that our ANBU instructor is girl?" Sasuke's ears perked up as he listened to the two men talking about their sensei.

'So the ANBU is a girl.'

"Really? I can't believe this."

"But this girl is different from the other ANBU girls."

"Why is that?"

"And she has the humongous strength that can give a big crater on a town."

'So annoying.'

Then, a loud bang was here through the doors and everyone inside snapped up and looked at the person who caused a ruckus. Then an ANBU stood there wearing its cat mask on its face as it walked up toward the aisle.

"A girl." Sasuke whispered as he looked closely on the ANBU who is now walking quietly towards in front.

"Good morning my fellow ninjas, sorry I'm late. I had a mission to take care of." She said as she looked around. She then takes off her mask which made her students gasp on her beauty.

"Oh my…it's…"

Sasuke's eye widened at the woman in front of him is no other than…


"I'm your instructor, Hyuuga Sakura."


Hyuuga Sakura.


END of Chapter…

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