Chapter 5

It was the day of Erik, and Kayla's wedding. They had a private ceremony. Afterwards they decided to have their honeymoon at Erik's home.

Kayla "I love you Erik." Erik "I love you too Kayla."

They fell asleep making love. The next day Kayla woke up, and practiced her dancing. As she was doing that she was singing. Erik woke up to find Kayla dancing, and singing.

He watched closely as Kayla moved her limber body around their home. Then he got out of bed, walked over to Kayla, picked her up, and carried her to bed.

Once they got to the bed they made love. They loved eachother. They were trying for a child.

Kayla wanted to have children with Erik, and she wanted them now.

Kayla "Erik can we have a baby?" Erik "Yes we can my love." Kayla "When?"

Erik "Whenever." Kayla "How about now?" Erik "Okay, lets get to work."

Kayla, and Erik started to make love again. They were going to try for a baby that night.

Once they finished they fell asleep.

Around 2:00 in the morning Kayla woke up not feeling well. Erik woke up, and found Kayla throwing up in the sink.

Erik "Are you okay my love?" Kayla "No, I feel so awful." Erik "Come back to bed, I will fetch the doctor in the morning."

Kayla "Okay." They went back to bed. The next day Erik woke up early, went into town, and fetched the doctor. The doctor took a look at Kayla, and then he told Erik what was wrong.

The went back into town while Erik woke Kayla up to tell her the news.

Kayla "Erik what's wrong with me?" Erik "Your pregnant Kayla." Kayla "Really?"

Erik "Yes really, we are going to have a baby." Kayla "Oh Erik , I love you."

Erik "I love you too." They held eachother. They were having their first child. It was a very joyess for Erik, and Kayla.

But all that was about to go to hell in a hand basket. Isabella was her way down to see her sister.

Kayla "Isabella, what are you doing here?" Isabella "I wanted to say I'm sorry."

Kayla "I'm waiting." Isabella "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you." Kayla "Thank you Isabella."

Isabella "Wow , this is your home?" Kayla "Yes it is." Isabella "You look great Kayla."

Kayla "Thanks, so do you." Isabella "I see you have well taken care of ." Kayla "Yes."

Isabella gave Kayla a hug. Kayla hugged her sister back. Erik walked up behind Kayla, and put his hand her growing belly.

Erik "We would like to be part of our child's life." Kayla "Yes we would."

Isabella "Thank you both so much." Kayla "Your welcome Isabella." Isabella "Well I better head back upstairs."

Kayla "Be careful Isabella." Isabella "I will, I hope to see you again soon." Kayla "You will."

Isabella "I love you Kayla." Kayla "I love you too Isabella."

Isabella left. Then Kayla, and Erik went to sleep. Kayla was happy she made up with her sister, and she was having a baby to her husband Erik.

Now it was truly a joyess day for Erik, and Kayla.