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A/N: My first song fic! Go easy? I was listening to this and instantly thought of Bobby and Alex. Love, as always, to all the reviewers.


There For You

Alex stared up at her partner as he ran a shaking hand through his graying mass of curly hair. She sighed, glared down at the mound of paperwork in front of her.

Sometimes I'm a selfish fake.
You're always a true friend.
I don't deserve you cause I'm not there for you.
Please forgive me again. . .

Ever since the incident a few weeks earlier, Alex had felt utterly terrible. She wanted to help her partner, her friend, but every time she tried to get close, every time she tried to peek inside of him, he shoved her back and closed himself up.

I want to be there for you.
Someone you can come to.
It runs deeper than my bones.
I want to be there for you. . .

She stared across the room to the elevator down the hall, wondering if the sun was still pouring from the sky. Maybe it was raining by now.

Swirling shades of blue
slow dancing in your eyes,
The sun kisses the earth
and I hush my urge to cry.

Alex glanced up as Bobby stood. He muttered something about "coffee" and was off, gliding away in that odd way he moved around. She sucked in a harsh breath of air, gnawed on her cheek as she often did when plagued with an emotion she couldn't quite identify.

I want to be there for you.
Someone you can come to.
It runs deeper than my bones.
I want to be there for you. . .

Alex hunched herself over her desk and scribbled on the paper that laid in front of her, when what she really wanted to do was rip it into tiny pieces and heave said pieces into the air. What had become of them? Their once close partnership, and friendship, was slowly crumbling, falling apart beneath her feet. And neither of them did anything. Said nothing. Detectives Goren and Eames were gradually breaking apart.

Cause I hear the whispered words,
In your masterpiece, beautiful.
You speak the unspeakable through,
I love you too. . .

Bobby returned, sat a cup of coffee on her desk as he habitually did, and settled himself into his seat, taking a sip of the dark liquid that sloshed around in his own cup. He pulled over another piece of paper and began to write on it using his signature left-handed chicken scratch. With another quick squeeze of her cheek between her teeth, Alex sat down her pen and straightened up. He looked up at her as she gazed back at him with sad, yet determined, honey eyes.

"Bobby, we need to talk."

I want to be there for you,
And be someone you can come to.
The love runs deeper than my bones,
And I want to be there for you.