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"Ryoma!" Ryuuzaki-sensei's voice rang clearly out on the tennis courts.

Every members stopped what they were doing in favour of watching the drama unfold, or that's what they thought was going to happen; that the youngest regular member had done something wrong and was about to be punished.

"Hoi! Hoi! Ochiibi, what have you done, nya?" Kikumaru asked his practise opponent.


"Yeah, Echizen, what have you done?" Momoshiro asked with a smirk on his face.

"Tch.." Ryoma pulled down his cap to cover his eyes. He could still feel the stares of his team-mates that wanted to see him punished. However, not all of them were amused. There was one gaze that revealed no emotions; as expected from the captain of Seigaku. The other one was the worried gaze of Seigaku Tennis Team's own mother hen.

Ryoma walked towards the coach of their club. Although he appeared a bit disgruntled outside, but inwards, he was a bit anxious (not that he would admit it). He stopped right in front of the coach.

"Your father called. He wants you to go pick up your twin from the airport."

Ryoma froze. His eyes widened a slight bit.

"He was supposed to arrive an hour ago, but according to Nanjiroh, he had not called yet," Sumire was quite amused. It was not every day that one could see such an expression on the cocky brat's face.

Ryoma recovered himself. His expression returned to normal. However, his heartbeats had quickened. "Then I will go early today." Without waiting for a confirmation, he turned to get his bag. Slinging his bag onto his shoulder, Ryoma walked out to the school gate quickly.

Meanwhile, Seigaku tennis members quit smiling. Instead, they were now curious. Some were worried. As they were quite a distance away, they couldn't hear what was said between Ryoma and Ryuuzaki-sensei. Since Ryoma had his back to them, they couldn't see his expression as well. Suddenly, the youngest regular member took his bag and ran out. Well, not exactly running, but still, it was unusual behaviours from Ryoma.

"Continue your practice!"

At the stern order from their buchou, the activities picked up again. But their attentions were not on their practices. Rather, they were watching the interactions between Ryuuzaki-sensei and their buchou. Like before, they could not hear anything.

"Ne, Fuji, what do you think happened to Ryoma, nya?" Kikumaru asked the tensai of their club.

"Saa ne." The same smile was still on Fuji's face. Unlike the others, the regulars had stopped all pretends of practising. They had all gathered to discuss the subject on everyone's minds.

"Momo, you're the closest to Echizen. What do you think?"

"Eiji-sempai, I don't know as well." Momoshiro scratched his head.

All of them turned to stare at Inui.

Inui seemed to have expected this. "The possibility of family emergency, 87."

"Do you mean that something bad had happened to Ryoma's family, nya? Maybe his father had a heart attack and is dying. Or perhaps his mother had an accident. Or…"

To be continued...