Chapter 9

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Slowly, Danny began to break through the fog of sleep. He had a minor stomachache and a slight headache, but it was more than compensated by the dream he'd had the previous night. He and Sam had sex for first time, and he'd never felt so happy and loved in his life. He smiled for a moment at the thought of all the kinky shit they'd done that night.

Suddenly, he became aware of an arm across his chest and a leg around his waist. He looked over, and it was Sam! It then came back to him: Last night wasn't a dream! The stomach and head-ache were the results of the wine they'd drank last night.

Smiling, Danny placed his mouth on Sam's. After a minute or two, her eyes shot open, and she began returning it with passion. "Wow, Danny," said Sam when they broke apart, "You can be my alarm-clock any day."

Before Danny could reply, the door flew opened, and in raced Ida on her rascal like a bat out of Hell. "Jeremy and Pamela are going to be here in less than 10 minutes! You've got to get out of here!"

For a minute, Danny and Sam just sat there. Finally, Ida said, "What are you waiting for?!" Danny jumped out of the bed and started hurrying into his clothes, completely forgetting that Sam's grandma was there. Ida took a moment to "examine" Danny as he put on his cloths. She leaned over to Sam and whispered, "I admire your taste in men, Bubeleh." Sam blushed, but hurried out of the waterbed and pulled Danny toward her room.

Suddenly, from downstairs, a cheerful female voice called out, "Oh, Sammy-kins! We're home!" "Fuck!" swore Sam under her breath. She turned to Danny and said, "Out my window, down the fire-escape, quick!" Danny opened the window, but turned to give Sam one last kiss goodbye. Then, he jumped out the window and was gone.

Quickly hurrying out of her clothes and mussing up her bed, as though it had been slept in, She jumped into the shower just as her father stuck his head into the room and cheerfully said, "How are you this morning, Samantha?" "Fine, Dad!" yelled Sam from the shower.

Meanwhile, Danny hurried home, pausing only to read the note on the door:



Danny entered and made himself some eggs, home fries and coffee. He called out, "Jazz! You hungry?!" He didn't get a response, so he ate it all himself.

After a while, He went upstairs, calling out, "Jazz! You here?" Still not getting a response, Danny went to his room, opened the door, and got the shock of his life!

On his bed were Jazz and Tucker in a sexual position that he and Sam hadn't even tried yet. He started screaming in abject terror.

(A/N: Well, wouldn't you scream if your best friend and your older sister going at it on your bed?)

"WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" screamed Danny. Tucker quickly extracted himself from Jazz (who used the sheets of Danny's bed to cover herself) and used a pillow to cover his family jewels, saying, "Danny, I swear to God, this isn't what it looks like!" "Oh really?" said Danny with a dangerously low tone, slowly advancing, "It looks like you were fucking my sister in my BEDROOM!" "Okay," said Tucker, back against the wall, "it's EXACTLY what it looks like."

"Danny," said Jazz in a calming tone, "don't do anything rash. Tucker and I are dating. It was wrong for us to do it in your bedroom, but we care deeply about each other. Please, don't hurt him." Danny's lips uncurled from the snarl they were in, and he lowered his hands. He took a deep breath and said, "Fine. Just keep out my room."

"Man, you are a saint!" said Tucker, supremely relieved as he pulled on his underwear, "And dude, I promise you: Jazz and I haven't done anything that you and Sam haven't done."

Five minutes later, Tucker was running through the streets of Amity Park in nothing but his underwear with Danny Phantom in hot pursuit, shooting Ghost Rays at Tucker's heels.

(A/N: Well, I guess we've all learned a valuable lesson: Never get it on with your best friend's fine sister unless you're absolutely certain you won't get caught.)