What people think about the Akatsuki Characters

So its been over a year and now I guess I will take requests since I know who everyone is :D but here is a segment on the Akatsuki

What people think about Pein:

If you see a guy with TONS of piercings then you would think he works at Hot Topic…but not as nice as the people who work there.

What people think about Konan:

…I'm blue da boo dee daa boo die…

What people think about Kakuzu:

Haha! Look! I can stab his appendix and he wont die! Haha!

What people think about Hidan:

…grim reaper?...But I thought I was in good health…

What people think about Sasori:

Wow… he's short…

What people think about Deidara:

Wow… she's cute…

What people think about Tobi:

Is he related to that orange kid?

What people think about Zetsu:

… (they got eaten)

What people think about Itachi:

Haha look! He has stress marks! (dies)

What people think about Kisame:

Daa boo dee daa boo die….

HEP: huh… you know what that still didn't come out as great as I planned it… maybe it would help if I got SUGGESTIONS!! So please send me some?

Kakuzu: cracks knuckles so…you want to stab me in the appendix do ya?

HEP: Crap, I'm gonna die again…

Deidara: silent fuming

Hidan: You know, I kinda like how I'm pictured…

Konan: Of course you would.

Kisame: I'm not that blue!

Everyone: stares blankly

Kisame: mumbles, Okay maybe a little…

Itachi: They are NOT stress marks!

Zetsu: I don't really mind ours…do you? No not really…

Sasori: glares

HEP: alright, I'm sorry.

Pein: sorrys not going to cut it.

Deidara: still fuming silently

HEP: I keep wondering whats going to blow when he's had enough…-No pun intended-

Konan: Dunno but your going to take it…


Itachi: She's right, you're the one who made the comment.

HEP: watches everyone leave besides Deidara helplessly.

Deidara: Finally breaks I AM NOT A –bleep- GIRL YOU LITTLE –bleep- -bleep- DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE MADE FUN OF ME FOR THAT –bleep-? I CANT BELIEVE IT!! I AM NOT A –bleep- GIRL!! SO SHUT THE –bleep- UP!

HEP: staring wide eyed

Deidara: smiles insanely

HEP: sighs here we go again.