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Summary: Set before the epilogue of my other fic Dangerous Mission. This tells about another mission Naruto under goes, and the very one that will shape his steps to Hokage. When Suna falls, Gaara seeks help from Naruto. When one of the mysterious ninja, wearing the same cloak as the Akatsuki arrives and captures Tenten. Tsunade gives this assignment to Naruto, Neji, and Lee. Along with Gaara they head towards Suna, where one of the toughest battles begins. Can they survive a battle against the four strongest ninja since Darak? The next installment in my Dangerous Mission trilogy. Yes, there will be one more after this story. So I hope your good and ready. NarutoxTenten, of course, and some other pairings that will be revealed more towards the end. Now get ready for some action. It's time that Naruto proved to his friends, that he is one of the best ninja, but can he even survive? You will just have to read and find out, in this thrilling story. Dangerous Mission 2: The New Akatsuki.

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Danger of Hidden Sand! The Fall of Suna!

Gaara lend back in his chair, his eyes glued to the ceiling. It had been a few years since the defeat of Akatuski, and the death of Orochimaru and Sasuke. It was also a few more years after the battle he had alongside Naruto, and his friends. He still remembered the battle against Darak, and the series wound he had taken.


Darak growled, his cursed seal blazing like wildfire. The missing ninja ran forward as fast as he could, quickly passing through Gaara's sand defense. Darak then took his fist back and sent a powerful uppercut into Gaara's jaw. The sand shinobi coughed up blood as he flew higher and higher. His eyes glanced to the side to see Darak behind him, a spark began to form at the point of Darak's two middle fingers. "This is the end," the ninja growled. He shoved his fingers into Gaara's back, making the sand shinobi spit more blood out of his mouth. Darak then spun around and kicked Gaara two separate times. The ninja then rolled around so that he was now facing Gaara, a hint of anger still evident in the missing ninja's eyes. Darak growled angrily as his fist began to glow with electricity. He then pounded Gaara rapidly, the last attack sending the sand shinobi hard into the ground. Darak landed on a tree branch as he watched Gaara closely. The sand shinobi lifted himself up as best he could, blood pouring out of his body.

"I-I-I'm bleeding," Gaara stuttered. He couldn't believe it, he was actually feeling more pain than ever before. He looked up to see Darak glaring at him. The ninja did two hand seals, and then placed them on the ground, a ball of electricity formed as he continued to glare at Gaara. "I-It can't be, the Chidori."

"I see you know it," Darak grinned. "Now, let's see how strong you are!" Darak lunged forward his Chidori ready to pierce Gaara's body. Sand began to surround Gaara, ready to defend him from the coming attack. But, the attack pierced through the sand wall like it was paper. "Chidori!" With that last command, the attack pierced Gaara's body, and tore through the flesh. Gaara's went wide, he couldn't believe it. The hand was pulled out slowly, causing Gaara to fall down onto the ground since there was nothing supporting him anymore. Gaara tried to stay awake, but it was impossible. His world slowly went black.

End Flashback

Gaara shuddered at the memory as he brought his head down and continue working on the papers. Why did he keep remembering that one memory. It was the one he never liked thinking about. Yeah, the Akatsuki were strong, but, no where near as tough as that missing ninja named Darak. He was a real monster. Gaara glanced out the window of his office, his eyes tracking all of the citizens of Suna, it was really peaceful today. He was just glad there was nothing that would disturb this peace. He glanced back at his paper work. And remembered when he defeated the Akatsuki member that stole Shukaku. Now that bastard demon was back inside Gaara's body. What luck he had. He saw one of the letters from Konoha's current Hokage, Tsunade. He lifted it up and began to scan it.

Dear Gaara,

We request your presence at an important meeting between the village leaders of the five great nations. The meeting will be in two weeks, hope you can make it. Some people can't wait to see you, one baka in particular. Well, see you later Kazekage.



P.S. Better make it quick Naruto won't stop talking about seeing you again, even Tenten is having a hard time keeping her boyfriend calm.

Gaara chuckled as he closed the letter. It was funny hearing that Naruto was being really talkative, and its a surprise that not even Tenten can calm him down. Gaara slowly stood up and walked over to the window. I wonder when Naruto will finally becomes Hokage, it will be a glorious day Gaara asked himself. It would be fun having meetings with the other demon container, he would just have to wait for that day, he just hoped it wouldn't take too long.


A tall man wearing a long black cloak, with a red cloud on it, yawned as he gazed at the village of Suna. "I hate this, it's too quiet," he muttered. This particular man had strong arms, and bandages wrapped around his hands. His face had many battle scars, and gave people a disgusted look. His hair was also black and shaggy.

"Calm down Miran," another person spoke. He also had a black cloak with red clouds. His hair was blue, and cleanly kept. An eyeglass was on his right eye, and he had chakra pouring out of his fingers, which was creepy to anyone who saw him. It was a wonder why he didn't run out of chakra before he fought anyone.

"I'm always calm Duke," Miran snapped. Duke, and Miran heard a sound and turned to see two more people emerge behind them. This two newcomers had the same black cloaks as the other two.

"Well, if it isn't Mishoto, and Diran," Duke spoke slowly. Mishoto had red hair, and a sword attached to his back. His eyes were blood red, and you could tell that his hands were burning, since steam was rising out of them. Diran, the other person, had a hood on his cloak which covered his face. The only thing you could make out was his hands, which were a grey color.

"Is everything ready?" Diran asked calmly as he walked forward.

"It is," Miran replied. "We are ready to begin the attack."

"Very well, I'll remain here," Diran reported. "Take out Gaara as fast as you can."

"Hai!" the three ninja shouted in unison. In a split second they disappeared from the spot they were at, and headed into the villge to begin the attack. Diran grinned as he watched Suna closely.

"Now then, the fun truly begins," Diran grinned evilly. His eyes scanned the soon to be battle field. Behind his cloak, his eyes turned into slits, and he was able to see every single person in the villge. Only stopping to stare at Kankuro, Temari, and last but not least...Gaara.


Kankuro heard an explosion and ran out of one of the buildings, Karasu all ready to go. He stopped when he saw Suna's citizens sprawled on the ground. He squinted a bit, barely making out the familir cloak. "Akatsuki!"

"Nice to meet you," the man said. He walked slowly into the opening. Kankuro could see all the scratches on the man's face.

"I thought all the Akatsuki were dead," Kankuro snarled. He then pulled out his other puppet, Kuroari. His other puppet, Salamander was destroyed a few years ago, and he never replaced it. "What did you come here for?!"

"I came here to have some fun," the ninja chuckled. "The name is Miran by the way."

"I don't give a damn if your name is Midol, I'm still going to kick the living shit out of you," Kankuro snarled.

"Man, why did I have to get the weird make up wearing freak," Miran said with mock sadness.

"Shut the hell up, and for your information it isn't make up," Kankuro snapped.

"Whatever," Miran said as he got into a fighting stance. "Bring it on puppet boy."

"I'll teach you what happens when you pick on my puppets," Kankuro said. He pulled on the chakra strings and Kuroari charged at Miran, Karasu staying back to give weapon support.

"You think your pathetic puppets can defeat me," Miran chuckled. He did a quick chain of hand seals. "Transformation Technique! Sand Boulder Jutsu!" he commanded.

"What the hell!" Kankuro screamed as he saw the sand lift up and turn into giant boulders. Miran grinned as he grabbed both boulders. "How the hell did you do that?!"

"It's my kekkei genkai," Miran spoke softly. "I can change any material into any object I want. And with this ability, and the fact that I can lift anything I want to. I use every object I can as a weapon. He then took the boulders back and tossed them at the two puppets, breaking them on impact.

"My puppets," Kankuro said in a stunned voice. "It can't be."

"Now, that was fun. It's time I showed you my taijutsu," Miran grinned. He charged at Kankuro at lightning speed. His fist launched at Kankuro with lightning speed. Miran then spun around and smashed him some more. "Taijutsu Lightning Style! Rappid Spin Attack!" Kankuro felt each attack. After Miran stopped spinning, Kankuro was shot hard into the building. Miran walked slowly over, a huge grin on his face. "I guess, that's it." Miran bent down and lifted the unconscious form of Kankuro. He then turned and walked slowly back to where Diran was. His area was defeated, it was just the other two left, he wondered how they were doing. It didn't matter, though he won his fight, and it goes to show, no one can defeat him.


Temari jumped backwards to dodge a fire attack that was shot towards her. "That was close," she whispered. Her eyes turned up to see a robed man standing in front of her. "So, you are the one that killed mostly all these innocent people."

"You can say that," the man spoke softly.

"Tell me, who are you, and why are you wearing one of the cloaks of Akatsuki!?" Temari asked.

"The name is Mishoto, and as for these cloaks, I'm one of the new Akatsuki members," the man spoke softly.

"But, there all gone," Temari commented.

"So, we plan on rebuilding them, but first, we must take out those who would be a threat to us. First Gaara, and then Naruto," Mishoto explained.

"I won't let you hurt Gaara-nii-san!" Temari shouted.

"Then try to stop me," Mishoto spoke calmly. Temari took her fan back and swung it with all her might.

"Wind Scythe Jutsu!" Temari commanded. Mishoto lifted up his hands and did a few hand seals.

"Fire Style! Burning Wave Jutsu!" Mishoto calmly commanded. A wave of fire shot out, completely dispelling the wind attack.

"Impossible," Temari said in a shocked tone. "It can't be."

"Is that all you got?" Mishoto asked. He pulled out his blade and stared at her calmly. "Let's see how you like my attack." He lifted his sword in the air and closed his eyes. "Dark Rain of Fire!" He then swung his sword down, creating a storm of fire, each looking like raindrops. The attacks hit where Temari was standing. Said ninja barely dodged the attacks. She landed on one of the buildings and glared at Mishoto.

"I'm going to kill you," Temari snapped.

"Try it," Mishoto said in a calm voice, which started to piss Temari off.

"Stop acting so calm, it's really irritating," Temari fumed.

"Oh, should I be a little bit more angry like you, and have veins pop out of my head," Mishoto said sarcastically. Temari griited her teeth as she jumped towards Mishoto, her fan ready to smash the ninja into dust.

"Predictable," Mishoto mumbled. He lifted up his left hand and a veil of fire emerged and blocked the attack like it was nothing. Temari was then flung back into the building she jumped from. The fire then returned into Mishoto's hands.

"What the hell, that fire came out of your hands," Temari said with wide eyes. "How is that even possible."

"I would take the time to tell you, but, you won't be awake much longer," Mishoto calmly spoke. He sheathed his sword and did a few hand seals. "Volcano Style! Fire Burst Jutsu!" He motioned his hands towards Temari. Each hand then sent out a burst of fire, which burnt Temari's skin. Her clothes were ruined, and had holes burned into them. "It's a shame." Temari looked up slowly, her eyes revealing the pain that she was feeling. "I can't believe I have to kill a girl as beautiful as you."

"Sorry bastard, but I'm all ready taken," Temari spat.

"Too bad, you won't be seeing him anytime soon," Mishoto said. He then disappeared and reappeared beside Temari. Her eyes went wide as she glanced at the ninja beside her. "This is the end. Fire Sheath!" He touched the sheath, causing the blade to disappear, and create nothing but a sheath made of fire. He then swung it out smashing into Temari, and sending her flying through four buildings total. Mishoto jumped through the holes that were made by the attack. He glanced down at the unconscious form of Temari. He slowly lifted her up and walked back towards Diran, his mission was complete. It was time that Duke began his. Mishoto just hoped that their third member can take down Gaara. Only time would tell.


Gaara looked around the village, but he couldn't see his sister or brother. "Where are they," he grumbled. He heard a sound from his right and turned to see a few sand shinobi die right before his eyes. Standing a few feet away, his fingers held out, was a black robed man. "Akatsuki," Gaara said in surprise.

"So, you are the one and only Gaara. The monster of Suna," the man said in what seemed to be a British voice.

"Correction, I was the monster of Suna, now I'm the Kazekage," Gaara said, his sand slowly forming around him.

"My bad Kazekage," the man said, emphasizing the word Kazekage.

"Who are you?" Gaara asked.

"The name is Duke, and I'm one of the new Akatsuki member. Nice to meet you," the man said with a bow. "I hope I can entertain you."

"Ha, you won't even be able to hurt me," Gaara scoffed.

"Are you sure," Duke said sternly. He lifted up his hands and did some quick hand seals. "Manipulation Style! Water Spike Jutsu!" A sea of up to ten flexible spike looking things emerged from Duke's fingers, and all of them shared the same characteristic, they were made of water. He then moved his hands around, and the spikes attacked with amazing speed. When the first one hit the sand wall, it broke through, causing Gaara to roll to the side to dodge the attack.

"Damn," Gaara breathed. He then saw the other spikes fly towards him. Wait, if they break on contact, then maybe...Gaara thought to himself. He lifted up his hand to create another sand wall, he then jumped back aways. When one of the spikes hit the sand wall, it broke it again, but the spike disappeared. "Just as I thought. These spikes of yours are only one hit attacks. Hit them with something, and they just disappear. I know your weakness now." Gaara began to move his hands rapidly, blocking each spike with the sand. Duke watched this his smile growing wider. He then began to sink under the ground, which went unnoticed by Gaara. After the last spike had fallen, Gaara stopped and looked for the one named Duke, but couldn't find him. "Guess he got scared." Gaara turned to head to another part of the village, he had to find Temari and Kankuro, but where to look. He began to walk, but paused when he heard a sound from underneath him. He looked down to see a string of black spikes covered in a dark aura charge at him. Gaara gulped as he dodged the storm, he then heard a sound and turned to see a red spike head towards him. "Damn." Gaara was then slashed by the spike, causing him to fumble a bit, blood pouring down from the wound. This guy, he knows how to make up for that weakness. He can make as many of those chakra spikes as he can. This guy is unreal Gaara thought in his mind.

"Guess this is it," Duke said slowly. "I actually thought you would be worth the time." He lifted up his left hand and grinned. A storm of spikes shot out, wrapping themselves around Gaara's body. Blood began to pour down as he tried to break free. The sand also tried helping but to no avail. "Stop struggling, it will be over soon."

"I won't die..." Gaara snarled. "I won't die here!" The sand began to pulse with energy, and was able to shatter the spikes. Duke backed up aways, he couldn't believe it. Gaara breathed slowly, his thoughts racing with his next plan. I have no chakra, I must retreat for now. Maybe Konoha can help. That's it, I'll go ask them. Gaara nodded to himself as he created a sand shield around him. Duke grinned as he lifted his hands and shot out another wave of spikes towards Gaara. When the sand shield broke, Gaara was all ready gone.

"Damn," Duke moaned. "Guess we will have to wait to finish him off." Duke turned towards where Diran was and ran at full speed. The mission was a success. Suna had fallen, and Gaara was gone. Nothing would be able to stop them, and he knew it. The Akatsuki will return again, and become the strongest on this entire planet. This was his last thought as he approached Diran.


Diran closed his eyes slowly, and then reopened them. Gaara had retreated, but Suna still fell to their might. Their mission was a success. "We are done," Miran reported.

"What's the next course of action?" Duke asked.

"Simple, I can see that Gaara will return. Will we place Temari and Kankuro at where the battle field will be. Him, and whoever else joins his side, will have to defeat all of us to rescue them. And I'm sure, with them on the line, he can't use all his power. This will be easier than anything I have ever done."

"Understood, will we take them there immediately," Mishoto saluted.

"Very good, now go, I have one other thing to do," Diran said.

"Hai!" was the reply Diran received. He watched the trio disappear with their new cargo. He smiled as he turned his body so that he was facing Konoha.

"Now Naruto, who is dearest to you," Diran whispered. "Shall we find out." He closed his eyes slowly, and could feel Naruto, even though he was far away. "Ah, yes. This girl with the two buns on her head. She is the one who is dearest to you. Then, I'll have the honor of taking her away from you." Diran laughed silently as he bounded into the desert, his speed increasing with each step. He would be in Konoha within a day. And then, the real fun would begin. And he couldn't wait. It was time to make Naruto truly suffer.

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