Switched Signals

Robin has this habit of undressing in front of me. I find it kinda weird, actually, though I know I shouldn't. It is the boy's locker room, after all, and the guy can't shower in his costume.

Apparently, he can shower in his mask, though, and has every single time I've seen him in here. Perversely, it makes him seem more naked when he's wearing the damn thing and nothing else. Not that I look, or anything, but the Titans' East boy's locker room isn't that big. The one in the original Tower is probably even smaller since they have fewer boys than we do.

Bee is way too smug about having the girl's bathroom all to herself. I keep wishing that Pantha would join up with us, and not just because she is stacked. The catfights – pun not intended – between those two would definitely be interesting to watch.

But I digress. Robin, undressing, in front of me. Most guys in the locker room try to maintain a certain distance from the other guys – unless they're razzing each other, but I really can't see Robin as the towel-snapping type – and keep their backs to each when they are taking off or putting on clothes. Robin, however, likes to talk to people in the locker rooms, the little freak, and I've frequently had conversations about battle tactics or video games with him over the shower walls and through shower curtains and once, he even asked me to wash his back for him.

Well, okay, it was more like, "I think Plasmus ate some epoxy; could you help me get it off my neck before it bonds to my skin permanently?" But he was naked, not even a towel around his waist, and he stayed that way for the whole five minutes I used various different forms of heat and then cold arrows to remove the sticky slimy whatever-it-was from Robin's neck.

The guy didn't even blush when I accidentally – and yes, it was an accident – slipped on the floor and my hand came to rest almost on his dick. It was like it didn't even occur to him that I might have been flirting with him, or that guys might turn me on.

Rob's so nonchalant about nudity, like it doesn't even matter. I long ago got over my 'equipment envy' when I realized that I was proportional for my size – and that most women (and gay and bi men) think that in this case, apparently, bigger is not always better; occasionally it's actually intimidating.

This seems to be one area where Robin doesn't want to compete. Or maybe it's more like he doesn't feel the need to compete, because he isn't aware there's an actual competition going on. He's about my size – and yeah, I mean that in all ways; he's proportional, too – but, alas and alack, apparently he doesn't 'measure up' quite like I do.

The boy has to be terminally straight. And why wouldn't he be with Starfire falling all over him at every turn?

Still, he has a nice ass, and it doesn't hurt to look, right? If he's so frigid he doesn't even realize the signals I'd been sending, and the very mixed-up signals he's putting out, well then, I don't need to enlighten him.

Aqualad has a nice ass, too. And he's more accessible. Maybe I should switch my sights.

Okay, forget the maybe; I already have. Aqualad doesn't undress in front of me; he practically strips. And I've seen him throw a naughty grin or two my way.

His signals are getting through loud and clear.