Chapter 8

"So let me get this straight, your father's a witch who's hell bent on trying to kill four guys here in Ipswich," Tyler summarized from the comfort of Sophia's desk chair.

She nodded her head to confirm.

"But then you overheard him ordering Zahi – your psycho ex-boyfriend – to find them and got caught listening in so you ran away." He paused, waiting for her confirmation and continued when she nodded. "Then Zahi caught up to you and you escaped but not before he manages to yank out your memories." She nodded once more. "And that's how you managed to jump right in front of my hummer and almost gotten yourself killed."

"Co-rect," She quipped and received a look from him.

The entire evening had been spent up in Sophia's dorm room with Sophia explaining to Tyler about the new information on her life she had managed to gather within the expanse of days she had been in Ipswich. It took a while to explain everything – including her erratic powers and the fact that she had them – and surprisingly, Tyler hadn't looked as surprised or bewildered as she'd expected him to be. In fact, he was somewhat cool about the entire thing, but not entirely.

"And just a while ago, the dude tried to kill you until your powers managed to pull off a dues ex machina and save both of our lives." He was referring to Zahi, whom in his opinion, was a total whack job.

"Wow, big word." She continued to quip.

"There is absolutely nothing comedic about the situation, Corwin. You're starting to sound like Reid." He chastised, then paused, amazed at how similar he sounded to a certain raven-haired boy.

"And you're beginning to sound like Caleb." She took the words right out of his mouth.

"But it's true, and you know it." He reminded.

Sophia got up from her bed and shuffled through her closet for her pajamas. She could feel Tyler's eyes following her. "Been a rough night, might as well get comfortable." She looked at him and saw him blush under the orange light of her lamp. She hid her smile. He was such a boy.

When she'd found the clothes she'd been looking for, she made her way to the privacy of her comfort room and changed. She came out wearing a purple tank top and flannel bottoms that sagged down to her feet. She left her bra on, since Tyler was still in the vicinity.

"Maybe I should go," he offered, already beginning to stand up.

"No, no, no. We can still talk. I just changed because I didn't want to stink up my bed."

There was a long silence between both of them. Tyler fidgeted, probably deciding whether to stay or leave, or was it for another reason altogether?

Sophia quietly crawled onto her bed, curling up and hugging her knees against her headboard waiting for Tyler to spit whatever it was on his mind out. She didn't know why it was suddenly making him feel uncomfortable.

"Sophie, there's something I've been meaning to ask you," Finally he spoke after what seemed like ages. She looked at him attentively and expectantly. He gulped and fidgeted some more under her stare.

"So, what are you going to do now?" It came out totally wrong. In fact, it wasn't what he'd wanted to come out from his mouth at all. "You know, now that Zahi knows you're here somewhere."

Stupid Simms, stupid!


"You went where because she did what, last night?" surprisingly, it was Reid who spoke.

The four of them were gathered around the blazing fire, underneath Gorman's shack, in their usual meeting place for important matters. "That's crazy talk, baby boy. In fact, that's seriously fucked up!"

He glanced at Caleb, who looked sullen and contemplative, waiting for his own opinion. He raised his brow when their supposed 'leader' said nothing. "What the hell did you run over that night?" It seemed as though he was the only one doing all the commenting. He let out a loud, exasperated sigh and made his way to his seat, giving up.

The very next evening after Tyler and Sophie's run-in with Zahi in the alleyway, Tyler had demanded for a meeting to be held. Everyone had fallen silent after he had explained things, except of course for Reid who seemed agitated and was getting more and more impatient with each minute his brothers had spent silent.

"Well? Aren't any of you going to say something?" Reid demanded. He eyed Caleb particularly, knowing full well that he too had something on his mind about the situation. Caleb returned his look and rubbed his face with his palms before speaking.

"Well, I doubt that she's anything like us. After all, The Power's only given to the first-born males in each bloodline." He was careful with his words. Albeit, also confused on the situation laid out before him.

"Unless she's actually a dude, I don't think she'll be any much of a threat to us." Pouge voiced out. Tyler, alone, stifled a grin at the comment. Reid simply glared at him warningly.

"She could be dangerous, though," Caleb mused. "She could just very well be acting out her memory-gap thing to get us to do something. Maybe even trap us."

"She doesn't look like it. I think she's genuine," All three boys looked questioningly at Tyler at his abrupt defense for the girl in question. "I just think that if she was trying to get us to do something, don't you think she would have done it – whatever it is - by now?"

"Don't get too attached, baby boy. Just because you've got the hots for her"

"Oh, fuck off, Reid." He shot back with a hint of venom in his tone which surprised Reid.

"Oh, so you finally decided to grow some, did you?"

"Shut up, both of you." Caleb chastised. "Look Tyler, we all shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. So, we should just keep an eye out for her."

The discussion continued on for a couple more minutes, with everyone voicing out each of their opinions and musings.

"Don't you think we should at least tell her she isn't alone in the 'powers department'?" Tyler asked.

"Well that's brilliant." Quipped Reid, whom received a look from Tyler.

"Reid's right, Tyler." Caleb agreed. "This is a covenant of silence, after all."

"Well you didn't really go around pointing an accusing finger at her that evening she came." Tyler began to argue, much to the surprise of Caleb and the others.

"Well she didn't exactly mention that she had powers of her own, now did she?" It took several minutes to reply. Caleb was taken aback at Tyler's sudden bravery.

"That's only because she didn't remember a thing!" both of them were on their feet by now. Caleb folded his arms across his chest and frowned. Tyler stood his ground.

Tyler had thought of other things to say as well, but he forced them to the back of his mind, knowing when not to push his luck with Caleb. Right now, he was skimming on the edges. Unlike Reid, he knew when enough was enough.

"All I'm saying is that we can't afford to mouth off about our powers to just anyone. We –all four of us- have to be fully sure that we can trust Sophie." He sat back down on the stone chair, "I'm not about to sacrifice everything we've been through and done together all these years just because one of us messed up." He sighed and the argument was over, just like that.


Back in the recesses of the chamber below the dark mansion, Zahi bowed before his master.

"Is she dead?" Constantine bellowed.

"Sire, I'm afraid she escaped." His breaths began to tremble silently. This was not good news.

"How difficult is it to catch a seventeen year-old girl?" he meant it more as an insult rather than a question.

"Although, I suppose I have trained her well," He amended. "She is my daughter, after all."

"Never mind your incompetence; I have someone else on the job as well. At least he's intelligent enough to follow simple instructions."

Zahi bowed fully before his master, "I am deeply sorry, sire. It won't happen again."

"You're damn right it won't," he bellowed. "Not after what you're going to go through after I'm done with you."

The master ordered his slave to turn and face the stone walls of the chamber.

"Maybe this will straighten you up." And with his last word, a sharp, piercing pain ran across Zahi's back. Constantine lashed at him once more and he fell to the ground. He could feel his skin rip open with the searing pain inflicted upon him. He stifled his cries to the best of his abilities, refusing to show weakness but after a few more whips at his back, his voice tore through his throat. His screams echoed relentlessly throughout the dungeons as his master mercilessly whipped and tore at his back.

Zahi, weakened greatly by the torture, slumped to the floor as the last whip tore open a new, bloody scar across his back and made him black out. He was better off dead.

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