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Life After Hockey

Summary: 4 years after Together in Boston Julie and Adam decide they are ready to be parents. Will their dreams come true?

Author's Note: I meant to start this sooner, but I had another ankle surgery and I have been really busy too. I still am actually, but I feel bad for not writing anything for over a month. Updates probably wont come as quickly as I would like. I'm just so swamped with school related things.

Adam's POV

I watched as the waiter walked away with our orders in hand. What a great day it had been.

"Preppy are you still with us?" Guy asked, waving his hand in front of my face.

"Yeah," I smiled, as I looked down at my newly won Conn Smythe Trophy.

"He's probably day dreaming about that damned trophy again." Charlie commented, shaking his head.

"Don't worry Charlie." Julie told him. "It's only a temporary loan from me. I'll win it back next year."

"I'm afraid not Catlady." Charlie told her. "That thing will come with me to Anaheim."

"No, with one of us in Chicago." Portman said, referring to himself and Fulton.

"Guys, guys. There is no need to fight." Guy told us. "Besides, the trophy will be mine next year. I should have had it this year, but the cake eater had to score one more goal then I did."

"I can't believe I let either one of you clowns touch it." Julie told us. "Oh well, at least it's staying in the house."

"Yeah, well there is no way you guys are winning another championship next year." Jesse commented.

"I don't see why we won't." I answered. "Not to be cocky or anything, but who will beat us? We were great enough when it was Julie and me kicking your asses, but since we traded for Guy two years ago we have been unstoppable."

"Then why did your series with the Ducks go seven games, Mr. Unstoppable? Shouldn't you have won the cup in a sweep?" Fulton asked.

"We just wanted to make the series a little more exciting." I answered. "When you sweep the finals three straight years, it gets a little boring."

"Yeah, I'm sure you were real bored." Charlie told me sarcastically. "I feel so sorry for you guys winning all those championships."

"Guys can we talk about something else?" Connie interrupted. "Like what everyone else has been up to."

Connie had a point. After mine and Julie's wedding four years ago, we had barely seen each other. It was good that we could all get back together to witness four of our own playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. As you know, Julie was allowed to play in the NHL. We haven't lost a title since she has been there. I'm just glad she finally released her strangle hold on the MVP award. She had won it the previous three years before I finally won it this year.

"You're right Cons." I told her. "We have plenty of time to fight about it next year."

"Good, now what have the rest of you been up to?"

"I just took over my father ranch." Dwayne announced.

"So you finally got finished with all the training?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, now I can concentrate on finding me a fine cowgirl." Dwayne announced.

I smiled. "Well I'm sure you'll find her."

"What about you Goldberg? How's the restaurant going?" Julie asked.

"It's going great." He answered. "I'm actually getting ready to open a couple more in other parts of the city."

"That's wonderful." Connie answered. "What about you Russ?"

"I just got hired as a pee wee hockey coach in LA. Our team is called the Ravens." He answered. "They're not all that great, but I think I can work with them."

"They can't be any worse then we were when we were District 5." Jesse told him.

"Ain't that the truth." Charlie announced. "What about you Wu man?"

"I'm training for the Olympics trials. I plan on defending my gold medal next year." Kenny announced. "I think Luis is doing the same in speed skating, right?"

"I'm training all right." He smiled. "I'm training to kiss all the ladies there. I missed a few last time and I want to make sure I get them all this time."

"Glad to see that you haven't changed." Coach Orion commented.

"What about you coach?" I asked him.

Coach Orion smiled. "After Wilson retired last year, Eden Hall hired Bombay and me to coach the Varsity team."

"So which one of you is the head coach?" Charlie asked.

"We both are." Bombay announced. "What about you Connie? How are you , Guy, and the baby doing?"

"We're all doing fine. Julia is going to start pre school this year." Connie answered. I still can't believe that they named their daughter after Julie. Speaking of babies, I wonder when Julie and I will have a family.

"Linda and I are trying to get pregnant." Charlie announced.

"Charlie." Linda scolded. "Do you really think it's appropriate to talk about our sex life in front of everyone."

"Trying to have a baby is not a bad thing. It's a wonderful part of life." Charlie defended himself.

"But when we're eating?" Linda complained.

"What do you guys think?" Charlie asked.

"It is a little weird." Guy told him. "I mean Julie and Adam aren't discussing their recent bedroom behavior."

"Guys I'm trying to eat." Goldberg announced. "I don't want to hear about sex again for the rest of this dinner unless one of you can manage to get me laid tonight."

"Goldberg, we're hockey players, not miracle workers." Averman told him.

"Yeah, like you are getting so many women." Goldberg shot back.

"Actually I am dating a model." Averman told us.

"Bull shit." Russ announced.

"Want to see a picture of us together?" Averman asked, pulling out his wallet. He passed the picture around and sure enough, he was dating a model. How does a guy like him get to date a model?

"How the hell did you get a girl like that?" Luis asked.

"Girls just can't resist me." Averman answered.

"I'm stuffed." Charlie announced, pushing back his plate.

"So am I." Linda agreed.

"We should probably get going." Charlie announced, getting up. "After all we have a baby to make."

"Charlie." Linda yelled chasing after him.

"I'm with Charlie." I announced. "I'm getting pretty tired." I looked towards Julie. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah." Julie told me rising from her chair. I took her hand, grabbed my trophy and we headed home together.

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