Lisa woke up to see the sun shining in her face. She had a rough night. After arriving home she heading straight to her liquor cabinet and started mixing drinks. From the vodka to the whiskey to the freaking tequila. She opened her eyes then quickly shut them. The sun was too bright for her. She rolled over and looked at the time. It was twelve noon. She sat up and got out the bed. Her vision was blurry, so she blinked a few times. Damn how much did I drink last night? Were her thoughts. She stood up and nearly fell over. She put her hand on the wall and started to walk to the bathroom.

Lisa flicked on the lights in the bathroom. She looked at her reflection, her hair was a mess. Damn I'm fucked up. All she needed was a cold shower. She needed to forget she saw him. She had to forget that he kissed her. She just needed to plain forget. Which is what she was going to do.

After getting out the shower, and after putting on some clothes. She went downstairs to get something to drink. Something that was not alcoholic. She got some orange juice and put the cup to her lips only to hear the door bell. Lisa wasn't expecting anybody, well she never does. She walked to the door to open it


Jeff stood in front of the door with his back facing it. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. It sounded good in his head. But now it was just plain stupid. This was a house the used to be his. A house that held so many memories, good and bad. He heard the door open and he turned around. She looked beautiful.

"What are you doing here?" Lisa asked as she placed a hand on her hip.

"To talk"

"I'm done talking to you" she started to shut the door, only to have Jeff push it back open.

"Well I'm not done talking to you"

"Jeff I told you to leave me alone"

"And I told you I can't do that"

"Don't you have to go make out with Kristal or something?"

"Haha very funny" he said brushing pass her and into the house. Lisa closed the door and walked in her living room and sat on her couch. She folded her arms across her chest


"Lisa I never meant to hurt you like that"

"Yeah right" she said under her breath. "So what did you mean to do Jeff?"

"I don't know"

"Well I can give you a hint" she said as she sat up "you wanted to play games with my mind and my heart, you wanted to make my life a living hell"

"That is not true"


"You know how I feel about you"
"No Jeff, you know how I feel about you" she said "you have never told me how you feel"

"Well you know I can't do that"

"My point exactly"

"Lisa why are you being so damn difficult"
"I'm being difficult?" she said standing up from the couch. "If you would just open up to me and tell me how you feel then we wouldn't be having this conversation"

"Well I can't and you know that"

"Then don't waste my time"

"So I'm wasting your time?"

"Yes you are, I'm trying to have a life, you know move on"

"Lisa, I'm trying here"

"No you're not, because if you were then you would just tell me"

"AND I TOLD YOU I CAN'T" he snapped. "Why can't you just accept that?"

"And why can't you accept the fact that that's not gonna be enough for me"

"You know what"

"What Jeff?" Suddenly Jeff pulled her into a kiss. This took her by surprise. Lisa tried to put her hands between them to push him off but Jeff grabbed her hands. I'm dreaming this is not happening. She thought. If only her alarm clock would go off and this would be over. But it wouldn't. She knew where this was leading and she was trying everything in her power to not let it get to that. But this was the man she loved, and it was hard to fight him. Jeff suddenly picked her up and carried her upstairs. Once inside her bed room he put her down.

"Jeff I-"

"Lisa you and I both know you want this just as bad as I do"

"But I-". She was silenced by another kiss. That was more passionate then the first. Jeff then pushed her onto the bed and started to undress her during this whole time she was in some kind of trance because before she knew how to react, he slid inside her. And at that motion she gasped. No this can't be happening. She thought. But with each thrust she moaned and with each thrust the more it became a reality.

When they both came Jeff rolled over to the side of her. In her mind that was the best make-up sex that ever had. Damn that was great.


"What" she said as she took in a breath. He then pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her.

"So did I prove myself?"

"Oh yeah"

"Well I promise this is the last time" he said kissing her forehead "I promise that I'm gonna be here for you".

Lisa closed her eyes and nodded her head. She started to drift off to sleep wondering how long was this promise going to last.