---------x. Onesided.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he allowed himself to wonder.

To wonder exactly what it was she saw in Ravus.

(no, he wasn't blind, not in his remaining eye –)

He allowed himself to ghost invisible fingertips over the contours of her face, and stroke stubbly, almost-soft red hair against her scalp.

He'd sometimes glamour her to be all in armour, like the Prince Dave liked to call her; sometimes, in the middle of the night. Others, he'd make her the princess, with long, auburn tresses.

(he knew what was going on, even if no one would tell him; and no one ever would –)

He figured, that was probably what Ravus did, whenever Val wasn't watching. Just glamour her up in his mind. Make up for what wasn't there.

He even wondered what it would be like, if he thrust into her body, if her legs wrapped around his waist. He thought, maybe that was the magic – simply the lure of sex, something any male would want.

(he was just another man, attracted to any girl –)

But then, he decided, the attraction was both ways. So he had to try and imagine what it was like, for Val to look at a troll and feel something, even if she didn't quite know what it was.

Ravus was clearly not human, not even humanoid sometimes. And he was always so moody, so unlike them that sometimes it seemed like it must be that age-old saying working: "Opposites attract".

(perhaps that was the magic of it, too –)

The fact that Val seemed on the verge of death, for all her vitality. That Ravus was never at home, in his element, never comfortable.

They were both flawed. And therein lay the magic. Maybe, two halves make a whole? Or two pieces make something bigger and better, at least.

For now, he just lay there, and watched her, and wished he could somehow participate in that healing.

(because he felt like no one… .)

Like no one at all.

There you go. My second contribution to the Holly Black section, and pretty... well, crap, if I do say so myself. But I kind of like it, all the same, even if it came out nothing like I had wanted it to. I've got to say, though, this may just be the kind of inspiration I need to get writing again - I just read Valiant in two hours, after taking around five to reread Tithe, and now I'm happy, because Ravus is gorgeous and I loved the mentions of Roiben and Kaye both and I have another idea in mind for a meeting between Kaye and Val and yay. xD I also told myself I had to post something close to my birthday, so even if this is a few days late, I'm kind of proud of myself. But Holly Black deserves a few more fanfictions. Let's all write, peoples!

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