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Well here it is, my first story to be submitted to fanfiction. Hope you all like it. I actually wrote this back in November.

Titled simply "Beast Boy and Raven" because I lack creative titles ... except for chapter titles, which you will see :)


Chapter 1: Slight Denial

Raven awoke to a clear sunny daybreak, she stretched and walked to see the sun finish rising. You could almost see a small smirk trying to escape her mouth. She turned away from the view and got ready for the day, putting on her boots then belt and finally her gloves.

She put her cloak on as she walked out of her room and decided to leave the hood off for now because of the summer weather. She walked into the kitchen to see Cyborg cooking up something meaty, she could tell by the smell and the sizzle. She turned and saw Starfire and Robin sharing breakfast, feeding each other, smiling, giggling. She actually thought it was cute, although she had to admit to herself she was somewhat jealous. She walked forward a few steps before she noticed something was out of place, an empty couch?

"Where's Beast Boy?" She asked, even though it was in her monotone voice the others heard a hint of shock, or maybe worry. Suddenly she felt a warm breathe on her ear as someone started to talk from an inch behind her.

"Aww were you worried about me?" Beast Boy asked from behind her, grinning from ear to ear, sounding as impressed as he could. After half a second he realized Raven might zap him with an energy pulse and quickly tried to change the subject.

"Heh heh… Uh, I was just enjoying the daybreak, it's really a great day outside." He said smiling, sweating a little.

She decided not to zap him with her powers yet.
"… I didn't think anything could keep you from eating… Then again there's a lot of things that would keep Me from eating that Tofu bacon and eggs." She said insultingly until she came to the word 'Tofu' which she said with a sour note.

Cyborg interrupted before Beast Boy could fire back, "Alright! I got my special sausage bacon patty wrap covered in meat sauce cooking up! You want one Raven? How 'bout you BB?"

They both respond in unison "Eww, no thanks." This made Robin Starfire and Cyborg to look at them both for a moment. Raven, almost blushing for a second, looked away from everyone and walked toward the windowsill.

"I'm just not hungry is all." Which was a lie, the truth was that she could probably even stand to eat Beast Boy's tofu. She sat down by the windowsill and pulled a book from behind her cloak and started to read, then noticed Beast Boy looking at her and smiling in the corner of her eye. She still didn't look up from her book.

"Yeah, me neither," he said softly then turned his attention to Cyborg, shouting, "and you know I don't eat meat!!"

"Jeez took you long enough to remember." Cyborg responded quietly.

"What's that suppose to mean!?" Beast Boy shouted and Raven thought.
Cyborg went back to his cooking, "Oh nothing."
"Yeah Beast Boy, 'nothing'." Robin added making Starfire giggle. They looked away from Beast Boy and went back to feeding each other. Beast Boy thought it was cute, but he had to admit to himself that he was a bit jealous.

He looked at Raven, reading her book, shining in the morning light. Even though she was wearing all that dark blue she still shined in his eyes. He didn't want to look away from her and started to blush when he felt something jump in his chest.

He stuttered out the words, "I'll uh… just grab some food later on." He turned and walked out of the kitchen. Raven finally looked up from her book at Beast Boy walking away, feeling surprised that for a second she didn't want the door to close. The others noticed her watching Beast Boy and stared at her for a minute grinning, she noticed them looking at her after the door closed.

"… What?" She said after a moment of silent smiles from the others.

" 'What?' " They all said together, Cyborg followed with a persuading "You Know what Raven" Then lifting his brows twice.

Robin added in his calm voice, "We've all noticed the two of you looking at each other differently. Why don't you just..."

"No," She said quickly and a little quiet "It's nothing like that at all." She was afraid Beast Boy would hear them talking from the kitchen.

Starfire flew over to her and hovered above her, saying in her uplifted voice, "From my experiences with Robin, being the boy friend and girl friend is Most joyful! You Must do the same friend! You will be most happy and I'm sure Beast Boy would lo…"

"NO! " She interrupted, retaliating, standing up quickly covering herself in her dark energy and disappearing through the window, flying off somewhere she hadn't decided on yet.

"I hope that I did not upset her…" Starfire said with sadness.

Cyborg responded casually, "Nah, you didn't say anything harsh Star. Y'know Raven has some emotional problems, being a former herald of the apocalypse and all."

"I know, but is that not in the past?" She said sadly back.

Robin responded this time, calmly, "It is Star, but that doesn't mean it still doesn't effect her mind. Just leave them to themselves for now, they have to sort things out with each other before the rest of us."

"Yes but… If they do not do the sorting then will there not be a strangeness between them?" Starfire said in her sad but reluctant voice as she stared out the window at a disappearing Raven.


Hope that was enjoyable. More soon:D