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Chapter 5: What Do We Do Now?

Raven lifted her head from the bed as she heard a quiet knock at her door. She sniffled a few times, still crying mostly into her pillow, and ignored the knocking. She figured it was Beast Boy trying to talk to her about what had happened earlier.

"It's Robin, can I come in?" He said through the door. She lay there for a minute, trying todecide whether or not she wanted to talk to anyone, then finally decided to sit up.

She turned to the wall opposite the door and tried to wipe the tears from her face, "… Yeah… Come in…" She wasn't trying to show any emotion, like she had been doing most of her life, but it would be apparent to anyone that there was sadness in that voice.

Robin slowly opened the door and walked in. Raven sensed Starfire was behind him but then heard her leaving. Robin went around the bed to sit next to her and stared at the same wall, respecting Raven's pride. She had stopped drying her tears as soon as Robin was in viewing range of her face and they appeared to stop for the moment.

After a minute of silence, "Beast Boy's sitting on the roof." Robin finally said, still staring straight ahead at the wall.

"… Why? And what does that have anything to do with---"

Robin cut her off, "He told us what happened in the city. Not at first, but after about a half an hour of crying and hugs he finally told us." He said this in his calm, almost monotone way trying not to corner her. After another minute of silence Raven's tears started to come back. She broke her stare on the wall and looked to her left, away from Robin. She let out an involuntary quiet whimper and started to subtly wipe her tears, hiding the fact that she was crying.

He went on, "Cyborg decided to fix him up something to eat, since some tofu usually gets him in a better mood. Starfire's heading back up to the roof to comfort him some more."

She managed to speak, "And you drew the short straw to come and---"

He cut her off again, "No, I wanted to." He looked at her, even though she was facing away from him, and put his hand on her shoulder, "We've always shared a connection Raven. You've been in my mind, remember? Something must have stuck from it…"

She was silent for a few seconds then spoke before Robin could keep going on, he was giving her time to think about talking, "… I know… And I know we still have some sort of connection. I'm sorry Robin, I didn't mean to peer too far in to..." She was starting to talk more like her normal self and not as sad, but her tears were still running and this time they didn't seem to want to stop.

"Don't be sorry Raven, it's made us a better team… And not to mention closer friends." She could tell a comforting smirk found a way to his face. He went on talking after Raven decided to stay silent, "Look, I know you're afraid of showing or even feeling emotions but---"

Raven cut him off this time, "You don't understand Robin! If I lose control---"

Another cut off, "--- of your emotions you could hurt someone or hurt everyone close to you, believe it or not I do understand. But I know Gar wouldn't let anything like that happen," He paused to take his hand off her shoulder, "Gar's a good guy Raven, you can trust him. He knows you as well as you know him."

She finally looked him the eyes, she was crying and blushing. She suddenly sounded angry, "He doesn't know me and I don't know him!" Her eyes were starting to turn red and split into four when she closed them and seemed to sink into herself trying to relax. She knew what she just said didn't make sense and was trying to figure out why she got so mad suddenly.

Robin didn't flinch during this, he kept looking right into her eyes, "That's what happens when you bottled up those kind of emotions Raven, they turn into something worse. No one wants that to happen to them, and I know you don't."

Something seemed to click in her mind, she opened her eyes with shock in them and was crying even harder now, making a hurt expression appear on her face. She dived at Robin, hugging him tightly and soaking his shoulder with her tears, "I can't Robin! I can't! I can't! I don't want to lose him!" She started to feel relieved as she went on shouting into his shoulder, finally letting the truth out,.She cried out the rest of her words, "If I get close to him he's just going to go away and I'll lose him! Or something will just take him away!"

"You're not going to lose him Raven, Gar wouldn't do something like that to you. And the Titans would never let anything happen to either of you. We protect each other, you know that."

Another click in her mind, she started to sob harder. They were silent, except for Raven's crying, for a few minutes then Raven decided to talk, "What…" she sniffled, "What do I do?" Her crying started to finally stop. She took her head off of Robin's shoulder and settled her hands on the sides of her bed. She wanted to look him in the eyes for an answer.

He smirked, "You know what you have to do." She stared at him for a minute depressingly, afraid of what he meant then shook her head trying to shake off the fear. She wasn't afraid, that was just a lie. She knew exactly what she had and wanted to do. She stood up quickly and headed for to the door, she stopped to straighten her cape and turned around. Robin was standing a few feet behind her with a smug look on his face.

She wiped her eyes one last time and smiled at Robin, "Thanks… For everything." He made a small nodding motion. Raven was still smiling when she walked quickly out of her room and through the hallways. She started running, afraid that if she got to the roof Beast Boy wouldn't be there to hear what she had to say. She didn't want to use her powers to get there, she wasn't even thinking about her powers anymore because she didn't care about them going out of control, not when she was with him. She started to get excited about the whole thing when she got to the stairs to the roof. Actual excitement.

On the roof:

Starfire and Beast Boy sat at the edge of the roof. Starfire was hugging him until he stopped another fit of crying. He was feeling a little better since he talked about it but still felt hopeless about Raven. He let go of Starfire and backed away a little.

"I will go check on Cyborg and Robin. Will you be OK alone friend?" Starfire asked in a very caring voice.

He responded sounding a little depressed, "Yeah… I'll be okay." He put on a little smile and pepped up, "Thanks for talking with me Star, it really helped me." She giggled in agreement, "You are most welcome!" Feeling happy she had helped her friend she floated to the roof access and down the stairs out of sight.

Beast Boy stared down at his dangling feet and the ground far below then looked up at the setting sun. He sat there staring at the sky until he finally said to himself, "… Man… I just had to fall in love with someone who doesn't 'Do' emotio---" he stopped talking to himself when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He swiveled his head towards the roof access, "Wow Star that was quick, how's---" He stopped, realizing who he was talking to as the shining beauty slowly walked up the stairs looking straight into his eyes. He blushed for a moment then closed his eyes and stood up, looking either disappointed or angry.

Raven took a step in his direction then stopped. She had an angry look on her face and spoke in an aggravated voice, "Beast Boy! I got something to tell you!" She marched towards him, not a sign of a smirk or a smile on her face.

Beast Boy fired back with the same look she had, "What? You here to make me feel worse?! Well here's a news flash, you can't make me feel any worse than you already did!" He marched towards her until she stopped a few inches away from him. They both looked at each other with anger in their faces. Then suddenly Raven looked happy, smiling. She lunged at him, nearly cuddling a now very confused Beast Boy.

Blushing, "Uh… Raven? Aren't you mad at me about something…again?"

She loosened her grip enough to look Beast Boy in the eyes, "Mad? No," She started blushing and said sarcastically, "I'm just in love with an idiot."

Beast Boy's heart seemed to stop with excitement as he stared into her eyes and let the words soak in, "Did you just say… You mean you love me??" His eyes widened, waiting for a response.

Raven looked away from him and sighed, "If its gonna take you this long to figure it out…" She looked back at him to smile, "I love you Gar." She said this with more happiness in her voice than she knew she had.

He blushed and felt like he couldn't speak. He finally managed to get the words out, "Raven… I love you too!" He said with more excitement than ever before spoken and finally returned her tight hug. She rested her head in his shoulder and he did the same in hers.

After this long moment of bliss he backed away an inch, still holding on to her, and gave a shaky smile, "So… Where do we go from here? What do we do now?" He never stopped smiling even though he sounded worried.

She seemed to be thinking of an answer. After a few moments of gazing into those green eyes she finally spoke smiling, "I don't know how things are going to end up...or even where we go from here Gar… But I have a good idea of where to start." She slowly leaned her head towards him and slowly closed her eyes. Beast Boy's eyes widened then started to close.

The two shadows on the setting sun decided for themselves that nothing else could ever feel so warm, so tender, so wonderful, so full of life, and so full of love.

The End.


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