Title: Shattered Emotions Need Books

Naruto FanFiction written by: Noble Fool

Disclaimer: This brilliant work of the Manga and Anime; Naruto, is not done by me.

Summary: Sai is still trying to master his fake smile, yet Hyuuga eyes see all. 'She must be the master of fake smiles…no one can see behind her mask, well…except for one who hides under one as well.' Sai x Hinata

I'm also planning for this to be a multi-chaptered fic, although it'll be One-shots. They might connect…some might not.

WARNING: There are inappropriate words in this fic, so please, if you will be offended by 'dick or penis,' then please do not read this. Thank you, and I apologize.

Dickless: Naruto
Ugly: Sakura
Lovely Lady: Ino

'Yes…she certainly has trained that smile well,' his thoughts raced as he himself held a smile. 'I wonder if she has bought into her deceit and accepted it as reality?'

He allowed the train of thought to slide however, as a new tray of raw meat had arrived, and he watched Dickless quickly throw it on the table grill. He could also note, how the girl's weak glance watched the blonde, flickering her gaze down every so often, as she then turned it back to Ugly who was yapping away dramatically.

He didn't want to listen voluntarily to that shrill of a voice, so he looked over at the other two guests. Ah…Shino Aburame, denied the permission of a nickname use, and only said 'hello.' Then there was, 'Dog-Licker' or otherwise, Kiba Inuzuka, who only cracked a grin…or perhaps bared his teeth – he wasn't sure - and called back, 'Penis-breath!' Sai only smiled. Finally someone who gave him a nickname! He was most pleased the book was working.

He hadn't the honor of having the introductions with this obvious Hyuuga, she had arrived late, and held a very red face when called over. She held manners of course, that was obvious, for she bowed before sitting, and her sitting posture near perfected. It was faulted though with how she seemed to fidget and tug on her hands and bottom of the thick jacket. Her speech was also polite, using suffixes and titles; however, it also held a flaw with her stuttering.

She…was peculiar. Yes. Such as with her choice of clothing. She was covered. Didn't kunoichis wish to flaunt their assets? Or in Ugly's case, even if they had none, they still enjoyed showing skin. This Hyuuga allowed no skin to show, except for her ankle. And for what mounds were there on her chest, they were hidden by the thick jacket, as if she didn't want anyone to look there. Surely, she wanted men too…? Didn't all women?

Then there was her voice. It was quiet, as if afraid to speak. Didn't women scream, bark, and yell their heads off? They were the weaker gender…trying to dominant. And in order to dominant, they used their lungs. This one however – she…he needed to speak with Ugly about this. He was confused.

Women attack you. Women scream at you. Women try to hurt you. Women whine at you. Women attempt to dominant you.

This one…was she broken? He observed her from the corner of his eye, as she spoke softly, her head lowered, and a blush to her cheeks while she spoke to Dickless from the other side of the table. Dickless then turned to Ugly and began chatting away while putting meat on her plate from the barbeque, while the girl only turned and spoke to Shino-san.

Then she smiled to her teammate and as he observed the reaction from Shino-san, he only turned away with a smile.

'I see…no one else sees her smile is fake,'

"Eeee, sorry Sakura-chan! The meats kinda small…"

"Is that what you're going to say on your wedding night Dickless?"

Laughter shot out from Dog-Licker, who flung himself on the table, as Shino-san readjusted his shades. Ugly only blushed and poked faintly at the meat, while Dickless shook in anger. The Hyuuga looked completely confused, as she turned to her teammates, even though one was busy clutching the table while trying to breathe.

"A-ano, Shino-kun…what-what does…um, d-dic-kless mean?"

This only caused deeper laughter from Dog-Licker, while Ugly lowered her head, and Dickless covered his face with his hands. Sai only smiled.

'So she's innocent as well,'

"Hinata – it's best to ignore that word whenever you hear it,"

'Ah – Hinata Hyuuga…'

Hinata-san nodded her head.

"A-all right Shino-kun," with that, relieved sighs escaped from his teammates, as they shot him angered looks. Definitely a warning there.

"Y-yeah Hinata," Dog-Licker took a deep breath, "Just…whew, just ignore what that guy over there says, he has such a filthy mouth," Dog-Licker cracked a grin at her. Hinata-san nodded, and suddenly turned her eyes to him, as if noticing him for the first time.

"Go-gomen for not introducing myself…" she bowed her head. "My name is Hinata Hyuuga," she smiled to him.

Sai watched her, a smile on his face as well. 'She certainly is really good with that smile, has me fooled most of the time…but I have to keep in mind its fake,'

"No reason to apologize, my name is Sai, it's nice to meet you," he smiled wider and bowed his head as well. "If you don't mind, I would enjoy giving you a nickname…" he instantly felt glares from everyone at the table, an obvious threat. Does this girl mean that much?

"No thank you…Sai-san…it is, umm, inappropriate," she kept her gaze low, and he felt the glares fade. 'Inappropriate?' "I…have just met you, you see, I hope you don't mind,"

"Not at all, Hinata-san, I don't want to make you uncomfortable," he smiled, and he heard many sighs along the table.

He found this interesting…to be honest. They, wish to protect this woman as if she is made of glass. Yet they do not realize she has a hard shell of protection already. Is it because of the Hyuuga Clan? He heard repeatedly how perhaps the Hyuuga Clan has similar detachment between its members, just as Roots previously had within its members. That is obviously too harsh of a comparison, but he did not doubt that Hyuuga Clan members care very little about one another. It was about skill there, strength.

With how Hinata-san acts, so timid, she is obviously weak within the Hyuuga standards…and they publicly call her out on it.

He smiled, listening to her speak.

"Umm…Naruto-kun? W-would you like to go for a walk with me afterwards?"

"Eh? Oh, no thank you Hinata-chan! I'm walking Sakura-chan to the Hospital! Some other time though ok?"

"Oh…yeah, ok,"

He watched her place on a happy smile that even her teammates seemed to accept, as she simply turned to them and began talking.

Perhaps…it takes years of being berated by your family and Clan, turned down by your obvious crush, having no one –well you assume no one- notice you're hurting, to master fake smiles. He wondered what else she has been through…what made her to still want to place on a smile, or better yet, able to smile so well. Peculiar.

Yes – he would definitely need to speak with Ugly about this odd woman. Maybe then, this unsettling nerve he feels will be solved.

"Awww…there's no more meat!" Dickless called out in misery, as he casually leaned over to Ugly's plate, his chop sticks ready in hand. "Heeeeyyyy SAKuraaaaa-CHAAAAN, could I have some?"

"NO!" Ugly instantly batted him away, taking a bite of her meat, sticking her tongue out at him. Dickless whined.

"But Sakura-chaaaaaaan, I'm still hungry!"

"Oh – umm, hmm, Naruto-kun, you can have some of m-mine," Sai side glanced the interaction, as Hinata-san held her plate up, a soft smile present. At the comment, Dickless quickly jumped up and attacked it, shoveling a large portion on his plate; her face getting darker by the second.

"Thanks Hinata-chan! You're the best!" He sat back down on his mat, chomping down. "Seeee Sakura-chaaaan, Hinata-chan's nice enough!" He announced, waving the meat on his chopsticks around. Ugly only stuck her tongue out.

"You're just a pig!" Ugly yapped at him.

"Ano…Sai-san?" He turned to Hinata-san, quite surprised she actually called him, as he smiled. "Would you…like more to eat?" She held up her plate partially. Sai only smiled and shook his head.

"Thank you for the offer Hinata-san, but no thank you," At that, Hinata-san nodded with a smile, and gave the rest of her food to the all-too-eager Dog-Licker. Sai smiled, and turned back to his plate.

'She naturally shares… an odd trait,'

"Ugly…" he found himself asking, apparently his mouth needed to know. "What is wrong with her?"

"Her? Hinata-chan?" She blinked in confusion. Sai allowed for her to register the fact there were only two females at the table, and obviously he was talking about Hinata-san. "What do you mean?"

"She doesn't act like a female…" He tilted his head with a smile.

"Are you asking a question, or insulting her Sai?" She hissed his name. He stopped smiling at that.

"It is a question, Sakura-san," Ugly's face changed into an understanding one. Must have been because he stopped smiling, and he used her name. Aha! He was doing better with his face expressions! Now which one did he use…darn, the smile was back. Oh well – he'd remember when it came to getting hit again, and when he was needing something; use her name. It seemed so common-knowledge now…

"Well…in that case then - we can talk tomorrow. I guess you would be confused with how she acts," Ugly turned to glance over Hinata-san, and then turned back to him, fake smile ever present on her face. "She's different,"

"Yes," Sai smiled back with a nod.

Suddenly, Shino-san, Hinata-san, and Dog-Licker rose, and said they had to prepare for a three-day mission they were leaving for in two hours.

"Good luck!" Ugly called out.

"When you come back, we'll eat ramen!" Dickless cheered waving his hands over his head.

Sai only smiled to them.

"It was nice meeting you…Sai-san," Hinata bowed. She then turned to Dickless, a light blush on her cheeks. "I'll…umm, see you soon Naruto-kun,"

"Yeah, bye Hinata-chan!" he casually waved. Hinata glanced down briefly, but looked back up with a nod, a happy smile present as she left with her teammates.

'What a mask…' he couldn't help but think.


'Women like Hinata-chan, are shy and get embarrassed easily,' he sketched casually as the words from Ugly seemed to pass through his head. 'Even small things would make her blush horrible and fidgety…like seeing your stomach in your training outfit!' He darkened a few lines with the charcoal stick. 'She wouldn't understand some of the vulgar things you say, because of the sheltered life she has lived…a hard life for her now that I think about it,' Running his finger along the dark lines, he brushed it along making swirls. 'She's happy though…and strong…I just feel bad she can't become a medic like she wanted…she always has healing creams with her which shows she's dedicated,' his charcoal stick suddenly cracked in the slightest as he pulled his hand back from the paper.

'I'll have to complete this later,' he concluded, packing up.

'It was her Ninja dream I think…to teach children medicine. Her Clan took that away though,'

Ugly had some good things to say about her…he had to admit that. Though he couldn't rely everything on her, she'd just attack him again with some of the questions he had, so he also went to the library. The subject: Women. Who knew it would take days alone before he would've made any progress on the subject? Yet…he'd be even more confused then before be opened the book.

Women sought to be 'mother figures,' were mothers that dreadful? Loud, thriving-for-compliments, while dressing to receive attention? That is how he saw the women he constantly came in contact with. The only woman that challenged that theory was Hinata-san. Was she a 'motherly figure' as well? If she was…he would be wrong in his conclusion of this…'mother' role. Hmmm. Or were there many 'mother figures?' He scratched his head while trying to summarize what he had recently finished reading, and applying it to real life.

But this 'mother figure' wasn't important information, so he ran through the saved files through his mind. The books spoke of many useless women facts. This 'period' he did not quite understand. 'Pregnancy' 'Menopause' 'Puberty' were words he did not care to understand, what use were they to him? Ah hah! Finally he remembered something.

This book said, to approach a woman, it is best to bring a flower with you. 'In order to make the best impression,' ah – he wanted to make a good impression. 'Warm the woman up by making them feel special.' So, he should bring her a flower…and then speak with her. It was best to talk to her, rather then spend weeks trying to decipher her with books that hold words upon words of uselessness he could not understand. He would ask her about her smile and the mysteries it held. He was most curious about it…


He wasn't at all shocked when he heard another shrill voice boom his name inside the Yamanaka Flower Shop, he was after all expecting it.

"Oh – why hello there Lovely Lady," he smiled to the blushing girl as she bounced in front of him, a smile to her face.

"What're you doing here Sai-kun? Here to visit me?" She batted her eyelashes as he only smiled wider.

"Perhaps another day. I would like to pick up a flower please," he said, while glancing at the flower-packed shop. 'Oh my…are there really that many choices?'

"Oh? Really? Well…who's it for?" She asked, scratching her head.

"Hinata-san. I want to ask her a question," He then walked over to one side of the store, where flowers were packed in bins in perfect sections and each looking…as a flower should he reckoned. He glanced over the flowers quickly. 'Which one would Hinata-san want? I need her to answer my questions, so she needs to like it.'

"What?! It's for Hinata-chan!?" He continued looking at the flowers, a smile present on his face, as he heard the kunoichi stomp over to him. "Are you sure? Hinata-chan? Hinata Hyuuga? About this height,…dark hair…and YOU are getting her a flower? For a QUESTION?!" Sai only looked over at her and nodded.

"Why yes," She blinked.

"Oh…well…heh heh," she laughed oddly.

'I didn't think flowers would be this difficult…what's a typical flower?' He poked his chin in thought.

"Lovely Lady…what type of a flower should I get?" He smiled to her. At this, she only glanced around at all the flowers, and then back at him.

"It would depend on the question you're asking her,"

"I see…" He smiled. "It's about her smile," He watched her face twitch.

"Smile? What about her smile?" She narrowed her eyes.

Sai could only smile. It would seem Lovely Lady is very insecure about not receiving all the male attention. So, he should just lie and let her calm down, it would be for the best.

"I wish for her smile to come back, she has been sad recently…" with that, he turned back towards the flowers, yet knew the answer was satisfying because he felt her shift and pick a few flowers.

"Poor Hinata-chan…" she whispered. "She should just forget about that dobe Naruto," She then turned to him, holding out a few flowers. "Pick the one you like the most…Hinata-chan will like it the best then," she nodded her head reassuringly. Sai only smiled and glanced over the mainly white-dominant flowers, each a different shape.

He however plucked the flower with a mix of a blue and purple hue, and as he held it, she glanced over it briefly.

"That is an Iris…and with that color, it means faith and wisdom. Perfect for Hinata-chan…don't you think?" Sai only smiled, as he paid the share, and waved a farewell.

He will surely make a good impression with this! Which will get Hinata-san in a good mood, and get his questions answered in return!


He found her resting with her teammates; obviously they finished their practice, as he added another fact to this Hyuuga. Even after returning from a mission, she resumes her training quickly. Ugly herself needs a few days of rest. With a smile on his face, and holding the flower behind his back, he made his way over to the trio who turned their attention to him.

He nodded his head to them.

"Hello there Shino-san…Dog-Licker…Hinata-san," he focused his eyes on Hinata-san's fleeting one. "How did your training go, Hinata-san?" She quickly looked back up at him.

She seemed flushed to begin with, however when his attention was focused on her, she turned a slight more red.

"Oh…mm, it went well, Sai-san…how are you today?" She bowed her head to him, and he acknowledged that as a greeting. Yes…in a book that is a greeting amongst those of 'noble Clans,' although his knowledge didn't go far in that area.

"I'm well, and how about you Shino-san? Dog-Licker?" He turned his eyes to the two males.

"…" Shino-san only stared at him, which Sai only smiled at, and then he glanced over at Dog-Licker, who held a wide smirk.

"Why're you over here Pen-" He closed his mouth, glancing over at Hinata-san, and then shook his head turning back to him. "Why're you over here?" Sai didn't understand why he stopped with his nickname, but then he quickly remembered. 'Hinata-san is innocent.'

"Actually…I wished to see Hinata-san," He watched as Dog-Licker's eyes widened while his mouth hung open, and Hinata-san turned a few shades darker. Shino-san even shifted.

"What?! Why?" Sai smiled at Dog-Licker's response.

"I wish to speak with her…in private,"

"NO WAY!" Dog-Licker stood up immediately, waving his hand in front of him in a 'chopping' motion. Sai didn't quite understand…is it that odd to seek someone out and speak with them? He saw it all the time…did he do it wrong? Oh! The flower!

He smiled and bowed his head.

"You must forgive me, I believe I did this wrong…" He then pulled out the flower, and handed it down to her, where she only blinked repeatedly at it, her face getting darker. He also couldn't help but feel other stares at him, as everything was silent. Did…he do it wrong? Didn't she like the flower?

"Umm…mmm…S-S-ai-san? Hmm," she hung her head, not attempting to grab the flower. He felt this odd sensation in his body, as if he wanted to hide himself. What was that feeling? However he held his smile, holding the flower before her, as he then crouched before her. Perhaps he should not tower over her…Yes of course! Towering is so wrong to do with timid people!

"Yes Hinata-san?"

"W-why are you…giving me a fl-flower?"

"Yeah! Why the hell are you giving her that?!" Dog-Licker shouted, stomping his foot. Sai only glanced up at him, quite puzzled. Perhaps Dog-Licker did not know how to present himself to others?

"I wish to ask her a question, if you don't mind Dog-Licker,"

"Watch it Penis-Breath! I'll knock you out!" He clenched his fist. Sai only observed, unfazed as usual.

"Kiba, if Hinata wants to speak with him, then we'll leave them…Hinata – would you like to speak with him?" Shino-san spoke, turning his head to her. Sai turned as well, noting how she turned from Shino-san, to him, her face retreating to red once more.

"I'll-I'll speak with him," she nodded. Sai smiled, which turned wider when hearing Dog-Licker cursing under his breath as Shino-san and him walked away, after a warning of course from Dog-Licker.

Meanwhile, he glanced over her partial face, due to most of it hiding under her bangs because she hung her head low. Then he sat down, hoping to make the environment more at ease without him hovering above her. Women do not like to be seen dominated, they like an 'equal' setting.

"We'll be at Ichirakus, be there afterwards Hinata!" Dog-Licker shouted. He watched as she waved her hand to them, and then slowly lowered it. While she did this, she watched him shyly, lowering and raising her eyes to and from him. He kept his smile on while she did this, and then he rose the flower closer to her.

Hesitantly, she took it from him, her eyes locked on it, and once she looked more closely at it, she smiled.

"Arigatou…Sai-san, it's pretty,"

"Your welcome Hinata-san. It is an Iris…and it means faith and wisdom," She smiled brighter with a nod of her head directed at the flower, as her fingers graced over it lightly.

"Yes…I know," then her smile faded, and she flickered her eyes up to him. "But…why are you giving it to me?"

"I have a question for you, Hinata-san," She nodded. "Your smile…how do you make it seem so real?" She glanced over him for a few moments, and then looked down at the grass.

"I…I don't understand,"

"Your smile, it's fake. Most of the time I can't tell, but then I see the slip you make once in a while. Usually after you've spoken with Dic-" 'she's innocent,' "Naruto-san,"

"I see…and…why do you…" she bit her bottom lip. "Why would you think I would do that?"

"Oh – I don't think you do it all the time Hinata-san, just most of the time," he smiled wider. "And it's because you're hurting,"

"Hurting?" She whispered, her tone soft. Sai had never heard that type of tone before…and her position was certainly odd. Was something wrong with her?

"Hm," He leaned closer to her, inspecting her.

"Sai-san…you should not pass judgment on those you do not know," she whispered in that same tone.

"Ah, but Hinata-san, I do know you. You see, I wear a mask just as you,"

With that statement, she then rose her head, meeting her eyes with his. Her eyes were glossy, and face emotionless.

"Yes…I-I know, I can see through each smile of yours. I can read the confusion in your eyes…" she adjusted her position, to now be sitting on her knees and the back of her legs. "I see everyone that wears a mask, and I-I know that they each have their reasons for hiding. The Hyuuga Clan…emotions are a weakness, and I show mi-mine too easily," she then looked down. "My smile though…I suppose it…it was the first to go because my happiness within myself is low," she lowered her head. "I lose…so much, and it hurt-hurts me. Yet…with my friends, I gain my happiness back slowly, and I remember how to smile…just a little bit," she then looked back up at him. "You see a fake smile…but part of a real smile I am trying to gain back as well. Do you understand…Sai-san?"

Listening to her, he found himself observing her slowly, running his eyes along her face, and then back to her eyes. He then noticed that he wasn't smiling, and that he didn't feel like it either…as he wondered why. Was it because she wasn't happy right now and could not remember how to smile, so he did not want to smile either?

"Yes…I understand," He then took the flower from her weak grasp, and held it up to her face. "Although…you look nice when you smile, Hinata-san," with that, she softly smiled with a blush rising to her cheeks, as he smiled as well. "and I like it when you do," Her blush darkened, as she took the flower once more.

"Th-thank you…" She lowered her gaze, holding the flower in her closed hands.

"Hinata-san, I would like to see you without your mask…" The words came out, and he was slightly surprised with himself for saying it. He watched for the woman's response, as she only nodded.

"One day…I believe my smile will be true again," She then met his eyes, and smiled softly. "Just like yours…and it will be pleasant to see,"

Now those words had shocked him even more so, as he could have sworn he felt a little warmer. Was it hot out? No…it was cool, with a light breeze, so why did his body feel warm when she had said that?

He only felt himself smile and nod in response.

Her smile is certainly still a mystery, and brought even more of one when she did smile. Such as…why didn't he like to smile when she couldn't? On the other hand, when she did smile, he felt himself smile as well? There was something however…this feeling inside of him, that wanted to see her true smile. Wanted her to succeed, so he could know what he would feel like when she smiled truly. Hmm…it must be this female attribute doing this to him, or perhaps, a Hinata-san quality. He glanced over her.

'Hinata-san certainly is odd, it is most likely only a Hinata-san trait,' he nodded reassuringly; very certain it was another characteristic she held. The ability to make people do things. Because he surely wanted to help her smile again.

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