Title: Shattered Emotions Need Books

Chapters: Babysitting- He followed the orders of a 2-year-old.
Male Bonding Part I – "Just use your blood,"
His Flower, Her Root – She was his flower that he wanted to continue to help.

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Dog-Licker: Kiba

Bug-Shell: Shino

Lazy Buck: Shikamaru. - a new one! =D


He was unexpectedly given a babysitting assignment of a 2-year-old by Kurenai-sensei. That was a term he had previously never heard before – but after a speedy briefing, he considered it an easy mission. Though, he did not understand why there was a call for babysitting. After all, a child at the age of two should recognize the concepts of what to do in order to survive in this world. On the other hand, he was apparently mistaken in that information. Particularly since this child seemed to not realize how to survive.

He watched as the little girl, once more, stood up on the couch and began jumping on top of it. Just as before, she then fell off in a harsh tumble. The child began to blubber, "MaMAAAA," The infant cried, their face red and things pouring out from every opening on the child's face. He merely watched at her struggle with every little thing.

His senses peaked at the notice of someone in close proximity.

*Ding Dong*

He rose from his seat on the couch, taking one look at the unexpectedly quiet child – obviously they were interested as well by the noise. Hm...apparently this infant was not dumb after all. He opened the door and was instantly forced to sidestep to prevent himself from being trampled on.

"I'm so sorry!" The frantic figure announced, laying a bag full of random belongings onto the table, which spilled over. She then let out a big sigh, obviously from how heavy the sack was, and then she dove into the bag. Sai observed her actions, scratching his cheek. Would it be wise to leave a future protector of Konoha in her hands? He closed the door, looking towards the little girl, who rose from their seat on the ground.

"Nata! Nata!" The young one said, walking as fast as their chubby, stubby legs allowed them to go. He wondered if this was a normal reaction...but, as his focus turned to the woman now struggle with her bag, perhaps he should be more concerned with the functions of this current nin. When she suddenly turned around to face the child, his eyes widened at her behavior. She was crouching down with her now brightly covered hand outstretched towards the struggling nin baby.

"Hello!" The girl had the hand creature say, with the movement of her hands. Obviously the cloth toy was not speaking, but rather the nin who covered her mouth with her free hand. Surely the child would not fall for such a trick…but of course the small child laughed while sprinting towards the recognized person. The child then reached her; struggling in an attempt to slow down from their sprint. The toddler's eyes were uniquely wider, with their mouth hanging open, while they observed the toy closer. Their little plump hand then reached towards the puppet. But the hand-puppet then started to nibble on the baby's hand. This immediately alarmed him, as he set to attack. The sudden giggling from the nibbling sufferer prevented this would-be-attack. He quickly calmed himself, observing the unusual behavior from a developed woman.

The woman wiggled the puppet about, speaking through the puppet's mouth – with the animation to match the words. The child was extremely intrigued by the actions...and he had to acknowledge, he was as well. The only puppet he had seen was a ninja technique by Yamato-sempai. But...this puppet was not something like that. This puppet was flimsy, had yarn hair, glass eyes with a wobbling pupil, and painted features. No...that puppet was not a ninja technique. Hm...puppets can also be toys? He began to slowly approach the show, finding himself interested in how that sort of puppet worked. Him approaching suddenly caught her attention, and she did a three-take at him. Her eyes widened, her mouth opened and closed multiple times, and she then quickly shot up. He stopped in his step.

"Ah! Sai-kun!" She blushed, looking down. She then noticed that she was wearing a puppet, released an 'elp' and hid it behind her back. She then smiled towards him, one of obvious embarrassment, along with a mixture of, 'please tell me you didn't notice what I was doing even though you were standing there the whole time.'

"I'm sorry for startling you," he apologized, puzzled on if he was supposed to or not. She waved her hands in front of herself. Her eyes then focused back on the puppet she was once again revealing, and she quickly hid it again in mortification. This caused him to smile. "I enjoyed your puppet play," he commented. She seemed taken aback by that. She stopped hiding the puppet, removed it from her hand, and observed it.

"I made it a while ago...I read in a child care book that these are great," She bit her bottom lip.

"Hm...you seem to enjoy it as well," She smiled into her hand suddenly, while blushing.

"Ah...yes, I do," she bit the side of her bottom lip. "Oh! You should play, too!"

"Nata! Nata!" The toddler cooed. She turned away from the conversation, crouching down and smiling at the little girl. She then picked the girl up, who squee'd and hugged her. He had to admit, he was very surprised at the reaction she received from this child. When he was forced to babysit until the real babysitter arrived, the child had remained far away from him – observing him from the other side of the room. After a while, the child gave up and instead played – paying no attention to him.

"Should Sai-kun play with us, too?" She asked the baby, who scrunched up their little face in thought. He wondered what the child was perhaps contemplating about. Did this child consider his personality? Strength?...he waited.

"Yes!" The kid screamed in happiness. Sai was alarmed at that reaction. They...wanted him to 'play'?


A low rumble erupted from the usual calm woman, who was now on her hands and knees, crawling towards the child who screamed and ran away. He did not understand this as play...in fact; he felt chills run down his body at seeing the girl crawl towards him as well. Her long hair flowed, her bangs covering a small amount of her light eyes. Her movements were that of '...a monster,' he thought. The way she skillfully brought up her arm and hand in an oddly swift and smooth motion. However, he was more alarmed when the little girl ran to him, raising her arms up in the air.

"Up! Up!" The girl was saying, looking back at the approaching Hyuuga-monster who released another, 'roar.' The girl suddenly began squealing and shaking. "Up! Up!" Her little hands wriggling at his shirt and pulling at his hand. When he looked back towards the Hyuuga-monster, and realized how much closer she was, he then quickly grabbed the girl, who laughed and shouted, "Run!"

Sai's eyes widened. Where? Where to? He suddenly felt rushed at the command of the little human, who was squealing louder and louder at the slow moving Hyuuga. He then looked at the little girl.

"Where should we go?" He asked her. She scrunched her face up once more.

"Mommy room! Mommy room!" Sai immediately complied, taking the child away from the Hyuuga-monster, and towards a room in the back of the apartment. He was instructed on which door to go through, and when he was about to close the door, a roar was heard. This caused the girl to squeal in glee once more. "Close door!" She commanded. Sai listened to his wise survivor partner, and did.

He then switched his hold on the little one placing her on his other, forcefully popped out, hip, while he observed the room. Closet. Large window. Curtains. Bed. Blankets. Lamps. Plants. That did not leave many options for them to hide.

When another 'roar' was released, he then turned to the girl, who looked back at him – a large smile on her face. She was having fun! A lot of fun, apparently. He smiled to her and placed her back down. He then observed her look around the room for a good hiding place. He would trust her with picking the best spot! Suddenly, a sound came from the door and his eyes widen. That Hyuuga is fast!

The little girl gasped and quickly turned to him, running as fast as she could towards him. She then grabbed his hand and started tugging.

"In bed! Hide in bed!" She rushed out. Sai nodded in agreement, as he allowed himself to be pulled. She then tried to lift herself up onto the bed, and he actually smiled at the cute action. He then picked her up carefully, and she crawled quickly near the headboard. When she sat down, she hollered for him. "Hurry! Hurry!" She reached her arms out to him, squeezing her hands into fists in excitement. He crawled over as well, and watched as she started to hide under the blankets. Suddenly, the sound of the door opening was heard with its 'creeeeeeak' "Hurry!" She whispered, knowingly. Sai hid along with her, under the blankets. He then observed her actions of placing a finger on her lips, "Shhhhhh!" she loudly signaled for him. He had a very serious look on his face as he nodded at the order while placing his finger against his lips as well.

They remained silent, as they listened to the Hyuuga-monster walk along the room.

"Are you...in the closet?" The monster asked, the sound of the curtain moving erupting. The little girl giggled.

"Nata won't find us!" she whispered. Sai nodded.

"Are you...behind this plant?" The ruffling of leaves. "No...hmm...where are you?" She asked, sweetly. The sound of more footsteps, and suddenly the blanket was pulled from them. The little girl squealed and screamed, suddenly clinging onto Sai. That did not stop the monster who crawled on the bed and pulled the girl away. She began to tickle the little girl who laughed.

"Save me!" She asked of him through giggles. He smiled at the little girl's laughing face.

"How?" He asked. She giggled more and more.

"Ti-ckle!" She exclaimed. Sai nodded at the order, and immediately attacked the Hyuuga-monster by wiggling his fingers on her sides, imitating what she was doing to the girl. This attack worked as the Hyuuga-monster began to laugh, giggle, and pull away from the little girl. The Hyuuga-monster fell on the bed, trying to stop him from his attacks. He had to admit, her expressions were very funny and the sounds escaping were fascinating.

"I help!" The little girl said, jumping on top of her Nata, trying to tickle her. Sai stopped tickling, as he leaned back, watching as the little girl defeated the monster. The monster smiled to the little girl, suddenly wrapping her arms around her.

"You defeated me!" She said with a laugh, hugging the little girl who lay on top of her. "Sai-kun is a good friend, hm?" She asked. The little girl nodded, and stood up on the bed, jumping towards Sai. She hugged him, and he smiled.

"We did it!" The little girl cheered, throwing her arms up in the air. He nodded.


He did not understand how a human so small could possibly contain more energy than he did. How much longer could he last wearing a wig, pretending to be a princess while the actual females acted like the nins protecting him on a mission? Did it make sense that he then had to speak in a woman voice, as he thanked them for helping him? "No! You have to speak like a princess," the little girl had requested of him. The Hyuuga did not prevent herself from giggling as he attempted to.

Then, they each played 'babies' where each had a doll. "Your baby is crying..." the little girl said to him, informing him that his doll of fabric was crying. He did not hear it crying...

"Ah, Sai-kun, your baby is crying. You need to feed your baby," The Hyuuga informed him. Do only women hear these sounds? The Hyuuga then placed her hand out to him, which held nothing in it. "The bottle," she said. He slowly reached his hand out, accepting the invisible...imaginary item.

"Like this!" The little girl said, holding her fake bottle up to her baby. Sai observed the actions, and then fed his baby. "Now burp!" The girl said. Sai watched as the Hyuuga carefully placed the baby against her chest and shoulder, lightly patting the babies back. The little girl did the same thing. 'Ah...' he thought, copying them. "Diaper!" Was then announced. Sai then paid close attention, because these fabric babies had real diapers! "Oh no...he pooped," The little girl sadly said, pouting her bottom lip. This alarmed Sai, who had not heard that tone from her. He then looked over in order to observe the diaper. There was no poop...

"The baby did not poop," Sai said. The little girl then sent him a glare, which made him shoot back in fear. "Ah, I meant...wow! That is a big poop! Big poop!" He listened to the Hyuuga laugh, and he felt himself become embarrassed. The little girl nodded at the information.

"Yes...lots of poop," The little one said, getting to work at cleaning the baby.

Thankfully, it was not much longer after that that the little girl then wanted to place her baby to bed. Hinata nodded, rising from her seat on the ground and walking over to the little girl. The little girl then placed her arms up in the air towards her Nata, waiting to be picked up.

"Sai-kun, I am going to get her ready for bed," She told him, he nodded up at her.

"Good night!" The little girl said to him. He was surprised at that, and nodded to her.

"Good night," He responded. Hinata smiled, and carried her to the back room. Sai went back to focus on his baby, who still needed their diaper changed.

After he successfully finished placing the new diaper back on the doll, he then realized that it had been nearly an hour. What could possibly take her that long to put the child to bed? He rose from his seat, making his way back to location of the bedroom, and observed that she had fallen asleep while lying beside the toddler. He smiled at the scene, completely understanding how she could be exhausted. In fact, he was very tired as well. However, he should clean the play area up...they certainly had made a mess of the place.


She opened her eyes for a moment, before closing them once more. Opened. Closed. She then began to blink, attempting to rid the sleep away from her. Her eyes met her typical ceiling; however, that is what alarmed her. She sat up in her bed, glancing along the room. Her room. What? She was babysitting! Her heart began to pound, and she immediately reached for her phone, dialing quickly.

"Ah, Kurenai-sensei!"

"Hinata, why do you sound rushed?"

"I...just...umm," she tried to calm herself. "I'm sorry, Kurenai-sensei. I just, woke up and scared myself,"

"Don't apologize. I told Sai not to wake you up...to my surprise he carried you to your apartment, he didn't understand when I told him you could sleep here..." She said. "That boy is a little difficult to speak with," she released a short laugh. "But, he is a great help. He actually came by this morning, dropping off diapers for a toy. Then my daughter asked to play with him! Hehe. It seems like she has a new friend with him. I'm glad I had asked him to watch her before you arrived. He is certainly full of surprises,"

"Is he still there?"

"He left about an hour ago,"


"If you are looking for him, he is probably shopping for clothing. My daughter didn't like his training outfit," Hinata giggled into the phone. "But tell him that he should join you next time when you babysit. I think the experience will help him,"

"Ah...yes, I will. Thank you Kurenai-sensei! I will see you soon!"

"Bye bye"

"Bye bye!" A little voice was heard from the background.

Sure enough, she did find him clothes shopping. By the looks of it, he was having a hard time as well. She observed him while he glanced at clothing pulling articles out and then placing them back exactly where they previously were. She smiled at his actions, but then lost sight of him. 'Where did he...'

"Hinata-chan, good morning," A voice behind her said. She jumped in surprise, turning around. She bowed her head in a greeting, attempting to hide her light blush at having been caught.

"Good morning, Sai-kun!" She said. He then leaned closer to her, his face blank, as she backed away slightly.

"Is there a reason you are following me?" She shook her head, waving her hands in front of herself. He leaned back, scratching his cheek. "Oh really? Hm. And I thought perhaps you were a new member of my fan club," She blinked, hard. 'Fan club?'

"I...just wanted to thank you," she tugged at her fingers. "For helping me yesterday...and last night," He nodded.

"It was a pleasant experience. I enjoyed it as well." He then smiled. "You certainly are an interesting woman, Hinata-chan. Your personality changes considerably when you are with children," She blushed, wondering what he must have been thinking when she played, 'monster.' "Perhaps you should have children soon," he announced. This caused her to blush.

"I...I'm not...ready, yet,"

"Of course you are – you are of age and menstruating. If you need assistance with making a child, I will gladly help you. The experience certainly peaked my interest in that department. And the only one I can think of sharing that experience with, is with you, Hinata-chan," Her eyes widened and she wasn't certain what to do. Did...he even know what he was saying?

"Sai-kun...um...m...do you, even know what you are saying?" He nodded.

"Yes," He said. "I want to impregnate you through intimate contact without the use of protection, and then I will talk to your growing stomach...and also help make you food that would be disgusting to a non-pregnant person. That stomach will then release a child, who will get half of your traits and half of mine," He then squeezed his chin in thought. "I wonder if our child will be introverted, and graceful like you. I think that will be cute. And I know how to change diapers, so I will do that chore," He then pulled out a book, flipping the pages. "Ah yes, we should then take turns getting up when our baby cries...hm, except, sometimes you will have to feed our baby through your enlarge breasts, switching if having difficulty." He then observed her breasts. She folded her arms across her chest, and he turned back to the book.

Hinata felt her head spinning rapidly. Was he actually saying this to her? She shook her head.

"Sai-kun!" She said, loudly. She watched as Sai then closed the book, focusing his awareness on her. "We...cannot have a baby..."

"Why?" He sincerely asked, very confused.

"We are not married!" She exclaimed, and then covered her mouth in embarrassment. She lowered her eyes, but then found herself looking back at the man before her, who looked puzzled at the information.

"I see. Then, will you marry me?" He asked. She felt her face darken, her eyes widened, and she felt her heart pound. Certainly...she did not expect this sort of reaction from herself! It was endearing watching him play with Kurenai's and Asuma's little girl, though. He has also helped her during her missions, and is a reliable person. "And then may I fornicate you?" She released an odd sound then, a mixture between a gasp/cry/yelp, as she found herself falling backwards in a faint. "Is that the correct position you wish to have?"


Male Bonding Part I

Three males sat at a round table located at a shabby restaurant in the back of the town. Two sat on one end, and one on the other side. The sound of knuckle cracking broke the silence between them.

"So…Sai. You're the boyfriend of our Hinata, eh?" Sai observed the two males, the teammates of his girlfriend. Dog-Licker and Bug-Shell. He had to admit he was curious as to why these two males were following him from his training session with Cell 7. He was even more interested when each gradually appeared by either side of him, with Dog-Licker wrapping his arm around his shoulder – a threat erupting, "We're going to have a little chat with you." He said.

So now here they were, at an eating place he had never been to. No one else was in the undersized place, except for the owner who at the moment was smearing a soiled rag inside a cup. He turned his eyes away from the sight, and focused back on the two who brought him here.

"Yes. And you two are her teammates." He answered. Kiba smacked his hands on the tabletop, which resulted in the shop owner to holler out at him. Kiba sighed, apologizing. He then swiftly glared at Sai.

"We're here about YOU! Not US!" He said, waving his finger between himself and Bug-Shell. Sai nodded.

"I see…," Their order then arrived as tea was split between the three of them. Sai began drinking, taking note that the two were watching his actions.

"Anyway…," Kiba unleashed a fake cough into his clenched hand. "What are your intentions with Hinata-chan?" Sai placed his cup down.

"I do not know how to answer that question…" he said. Kiba rose from his seat suddenly.

"Ah HAH!" He said, pointing at him. He then leaned on the table, towards Sai, while glaring at him. "You better have an answer to that question or else Shino and I know exactly what we have to do to protect our Hinata!" Sai furrowed his brows in confusion.

"That is not what I meant. Please forgive me. I have a hard time expressing myself," He then witnessed Bug-Shell pulling Dog-Licker back, who then proceeded to sit back down with a huff. Bug-Shell then nodded for him to continue. "I want her to come to me for any reason, and express herself knowing I will try very hard to assist in anyway. Likewise, I expect the same from her – which she does." He paused, at his fumble of what else to say. "She is the one who I have an unbreakable bond with,"

Bug-Shell and Dog-Licker nodded, in approval of the answer. Sai immediately felt a rush of calm. He had never been in such a tense atmosphere before! But when Dog-Licker coughed, Sai instantly felt worried. He then stared at a piece of documentation laid before him.

"This is a contract. You break it, and you get broken. Got it?" Sai's eyes observed it, and then he nodded.

"Ah…I do not have a pen,"

"Use your blood," Sai swiftly glanced over at Bug-Shell, surely blood was a joke? But Bug-Shell only nodded.


Sai observed the large covering on his finger. Surely Dog-Licker did not need to make such a large cut on his finger? The gauze was easily already soaked through with blood. Though, that is not what worried him…it was the speed and sinister smirk which cracked Dog-Licker's face before he cut him with his nail that was frightening. Dog-Licker could have at least waited a few seconds for Sai to get his own kunai and cut his own finger…

He watched at Dog-Licker then walked out of the restaurant, while tucking away the contract and he released a sigh – which quickly turned into a sharp intake of air. Bug-Shell had slammed him into the wall that he was sitting in front of.

"Do not ever hurt Hinata," He said, and then released the hold of him. Sai nodded and watched as Bug-Shell followed suit and walked out the eatery as well.

Well…that wasn't too bad…


His Flower, Her Root

He knew he was in a dream while sleeping. He rarely had dreams, but when he did there was always a motive for it. So, he permitted the dream to surface which engulfed his mind and senses.

He was viewing a plain, light-hued Flower which rested amongst other brightly colored flowers in a large field. The Flower was not the most appealing blossom in the meadow, compared to the various darker, brighter, larger floras which encompassed the field. But he liked this particular Flower. It was not dominate, and instead complimented the other flowers around it. He enjoyed complimentary things. Especially since he knew he was a dominate person with his blunt remarks – so he would need a complimentary partner.

So he watched, as the simple Flower gradually opened up its petals further. The reason? Ah, the large, intense, warm Sun had emerged. He noticed how all the flowers turned towards the Sun and took in the Sun's warmth. Sai focused on the little, plain Flower, though. The little Flower struggled to raise itself higher than the other flowers. The Flower moved about, wiggling itself. Why would the Flower do that? Ah...he then realized while wondering. The Sun was giving special notice to the other, more radiant flowers in the field. He understood. The little Flower wanted to be given attention as well, and to bask in the warmth the Sun was offering. Unfortunately, the little Flower was being shadowed by the others.

Suddenly, he felt the urge to help the Flower.

With that want, he suddenly felt himself plunge down. That tingling sensation of falling rushed throughout his body, until it rapidly stopped. He now felt cold, dirty, and grainy. Where was he? Or rather, what was he? Ah...he was in the ground. But he felt an extension of his body move...he felt himself connect to something.

Oh. He was unexpectedly the Root of the Flower.

By being the Flower's root, he would be able to help the Flower achieve its target – through the means of giving it nutrients and care. With this care, she will grow and the Sun will be able to notice the little, light-hued, plain Flower because soon the Flower will be bigger, the light-hue of her petals will shine, and the Sun will realize this Flower is not plain at all. This, however, will take time.

Overtime, as the Root assisted the Flower, he began to understand and feel the Flower's feelings. The Flower loved the Sun. Due to this love, the Flower wanted to work hard for the Sun's attention. The Root understood the Flower's affection for the Sun and began to cherish this particular Flower greatly, for it. Each night, as the Flower's petals would being to close, the Root would feel as the Flower wished to the stars to become like the bright pink flower which stood beside her. This was the flower the Sun took the most notice of.

As time continued, the Flower grew little by little. But, the Sun did not become aware of the growing soft-colored, violet hued, gentle flower which stood beside the dominate one. This caused the Flower to become sad that her growth went unnoticed, and the Root felt this. The Root wanted to help her with this wish. So the Root began to nourish the Flower better. Suddenly, one morning, when the Flower realized she had grown much larger, she wondered what had happened to cause this sudden growth.

"A-ano? I've grown a bit!" The Flower expressed. The dominate flowers took no notice.

The Root was happy. "Yes. I will continue to help you." The Flower was so happy, and thanked the Root – proudly showing her new length as she stretched herself towards the Sun. The Flower was so happy! The Root had helped her greatly!

As the Flower continued to grow and the Root and the Flower spoke more and more, the Flower suddenly took notice of the caring Root. Due to this, the Flower did not open towards the direction of the Sun. The Sun however, took notice of the blossomed Flower which turned from him. When the Sun turned his notice to the Flower, the Flower immediately turned back to the Sun.

"You are...talking to me?" The large, lightly-hued, sparkling flower asked. The Sun laughed, causing the Flower to cover herself with their newly large, bright green leaves from embarrassment. Overtime, the Flower ignored the Root who had been there, assisting her. Still, the Root silently nourished the Flower, knowing the Flower would return. The Root had not even realized he fell in love with the Flower.

One night, as other flowers were closing up for the night, he noticed a disturbance.

The Root felt as the Flower began to sever the ties which bound her to the land. He really did not like that.

"Stop." He said. The Flower ignored. His little Flower only continued to release her binds. Pulling and pulling until no roots remained. The night was nearly ending when the Flower fell on its side. The Roots tried to find their owner frantically, to help the one they nourished. The Roots did not find the Flower. So, the Sun rose, and radiated the flowers with warmth, taking particular notice of his sweet, little, lightly-hued Flower. But, the Sun did not know he was drying out the Flower and the Flower was too happy to realize the pain and danger. Without the Roots, the Flower would not survive. So the Sun watched, as his little Flower dried.

The drying Flower was no longer what the Sun liked, and the Sun turned his attentions back to the bright flowers. So the Flower lay on its side, sad that the Sun turned his attention elsewhere. The Flower suddenly wished she could return back to the Roots, but she broke the ties because she was reckless in her journey because the Flower only wanted the Sun's love.

When the Flower was damaged as the result of expressing her love to the Sun, the Sun left and returned back to their original pink flower. The Roots hated the Sun because of that. The Sun will never know though, because the Roots are nowhere to be seen.

Sai woke with a bad taste engulfing him immediately. He suddenly had a strong dislike for Naruto. A dislike for Hinata as well. He did not understand her recklessness with her life. He did not understand why Dickless had not answered her confession of love. He did not understand why everyone seemed to forget that ever happened.

That would be the main reason on why he did not favor Hinata Hyuuga. It was her blind devotion to Dickless...no matter what pain she received. Why was she so driven by the mere love she had for him? She proved that she would die just for him. This caused him to look at her differently.

Through everything, however, he was able to relate to what she had done. He was a Root member, willing to die in order to protect the Great Konoha Tree. However, he would die for people he had not known. She would die because of her overwhelming love for one person. Yes, he began to look at her differently. Treat her differently. He almost admired her. Perhaps it was her blind devotion and confession of love which led to their budding friendship, which then caused him to develop a strong liking for her...


He stood in his apartment, running his eyes slowly across a new drawing of his. He traced it, slowly, remembering each -skinct- mark he made in this creation of his work. He did not know why he wanted to make it, what drove him to spend such a mass quantity of time on it. He is a nin who understands the importance of sleep, and how the minimum of sleep but be achieved each night. At the creation of this drawing, however, he was not able to sleep. This drawing had caused him to lose sleep until it was finished.

Now, at its completion, he could not remove his eyes off of it.

His thoughts swirled around the possible meanings behind drawing this. Recently, each piece of artwork he created had an emotional tie to him. He could name each emotion he felt with each piece. This one, however, he could not pinpoint what emotion it gave him. He felt...many, at different thoughts and times. Sometimes, he felt angered. He understood the emotion of feeling angry. Sadness. He understood being sad. ...Empty? Yes, the drawing made him feel as if a piece was removed from him. He lifted his hand up, and rested it on his torso. It felt as if, the piece right here was missing from him...

What else did he feel? ...Sometimes he felt happy. Sometimes, he loved the drawing. Sometimes, he hated the drawing. Sometimes he wanted to remove it, but a part of him prevented this action.

So now, he stared at the drawing. One which was created due a dream he had.

The illustration was an uncomplicated scene from his dream. It was of a purple-hued flower in the center, while the bottom portion showed the many layers of earth – the grass, dirt, rocks, and roots which clung to the flower. Then, the upper portion showed the sky with a bright sun. Surely not a creative drawing, nor one which showed his talent – but he felt something with it. He glanced over the flower, like he had so many times before, and then his focus turned to the roots. He enjoyed that part of the drawing the most– the roots which worked to make certain the flower gained the needed nutrients. Then his eyes traced on the upper-half of the drawing. This part, his feelings shifted. Obviously, both the sun and roots are needed for the flower to survive...and logically he knew this.

However, he just could not forget the actions of the flower from his dream which reflected what Hinata had done with her confession.

He walked closer to the drawing, observing the details, when something caught his eye. He looked towards the direction of his window, and saw exactly what had caught his eyes.

Hinata Hyuuga walked through the field of flowers, and he watched as her eyes glanced from one flower to another as she continued to walk. He stood by the window and observed her actions as she walked carefully amongst the flowers, a woven basket in her hand. He felt himself warm at the mere glimpses of her.

He worried about his developing feelings for her. He found that his thoughts always returned to what Danzou had said to him once, "Emotions create cracks within someone. It makes them fragile…it causes them to forget about their mission and what their focus should be on. You are not one of those fragile beings we protect. You are not a crack." Yes, he protects these people. He should not develop these hindering emotions. He knew his developing feelings for her was damaging to his duty as a nin. However, he took a step closer to the window; to her he is a human, not just a nin.

When he had expressed his worry about the developing feelings to Yamato-sempai, he had argued against Danzou's sayings, "If you hold no emotions, no feelings, you're simply a tool. A tool holds nothing but blank power which will do what its master wishes for it. I'm proud of you; you're a human...not a tool." Yamato-sempai patted his shoulder, a smile to him. Sai returned the smile. Yes, human.

But now, he felt fragile...true to what Danzou had said he would.

His relationship with Hinata Hyuuga was developing into something. He could tell when he examined her actions towards him. Her blushes and faint smiles which were once meant for Naruto had slowly shifted towards him. He could tell in her eyes, the position of her body, the pitch in her voice, and the way she paid attention to him. He found that he enjoyed the time he spent with Hinata Hyuuga.

The reason he enjoyed it was because he favored her for many reasons. The main reason was that they simply seemed to fit one another. His misunderstandings, she was able to explain. When he did something that was not socially accepted, she assisted him. When she did not understand a term, motion, phrase, he was able to explain it-in details-through her blushes and hollers from other people. Heck, he even drew sketches to help her! That was what a friend did, after all. Likewise, when he did not understand a term, motion, or a phrase she seemed to always be his test subject after he would read new material:

"Ah! You seem to be disabled. I shall assist you!" He excitingly said, grasping her arm as he had seen the young assist the elders. It is important to help after all, especially when a blind person was walking about with no help! She argued for a moment or two, disagreeing with her disability. Of course she was disabled! After all, "I now understand the reasons from when you injured yourself while on our mission with Cell 7 and 8! Ah...no wonder people are always around you! Though, it seems they left you today. Do not worry, I will take over their position!" he smirked; now realizing why Dickless had called her, 'odd.' After a few more attempts from her at disagreeing and saying she did not need help, she eventually gave up and allowed herself to be led. So together they walked with him holding her arm and explaining every detail of their journey. Their walk came to a halt however, when Lazy Buck did a double-take and while walking beside them exclaimed, "Weird, Ino didn't tell me you two were dating...you better be careful, Hinata...you know she likes him. Though, it will be interesting to see her reaction..." He then sighed and under his breath whispered, "Troublesome...,"

This confused Sai, who looked from Hinata to the Lazy Buck and stopped walking. This caused Hinata to fumble at the sudden jolt, and she squeaked. Shikamaru also stopped – but looked annoyed at having to.

"Ah...Shikamaru-kun...we...we aren't dating...um...he-he thinks I am blind..." she whispered. Sai didn't know why she continued to insist she was not blind! Though, when Lazy Buck began to laugh, hysterically, this caused him to wonder...

"You-you think Hinata is...," he had a fit of laughter once more. Then, he sighed, heavily, and looked serious. "Listen, Sai. I know you are just learning about people who have disabilities...so you probably think everyone has one. But, she isn't blind. She's a Hyuuga, it's her bloodline. Jeez, Hinata...why didn't you just explain it to him?" He shook his head, walking off.

Sai scratched his head in confusion. If Lazy Buck-who was brilliant he had to admit-says she is not blind, then that must be the truth.

"Ah...well, I should at least finish walking you to your destination,"

"To...to go see Naruto-kun," she whispered. He nodded.

"Yes, to Naruto-kun!"

It was a rough start, to say the least. But he found her to be funny, and he enjoyed being around her. He did not understand why no one else sought after her like he did! Nor why Naruto had not taken notice of her affection for him.

Well...until Sai had said a statement he wished he never said, "I hope one day, someone will love me as Hinata-chan loves you." Yes...that was definitely the statement which changed the way Naruto looked at her. That was what opened Dickless's eyes to his shy flower. When Naruto began taking notice of Hinata, he felt something odd stream through him. It was then he finally understood what consequence meant. He wished he hadn't ever heard of that word.

Did Hinata not notice that she was his budding flower that he took care of? He protected her, without her knowing. Just as Roots. He was her roots, she was the blooming flower, and Dic-...Naruto was the sun. He knew she loved Naruto, very much. To the point where she would behave recklessly. He did not understand why. What drives someone to love someone so much that they would risk their life for that very person? Then again, perhaps that is how he himself feels for Hinata. But...who would choose a root over a sun? Flowers do not take notice of the cold roots which do the dirty work, but rather their focus is only on the Sun which causes them to open up.

He did not want Naruto with her. They did not complement one another. Anyone could realize this just by looking logically at the possible relationship.

Naruto needed a dominate flower to handle him. Not a flower like Hinata.

Naruto would not be able to understand the soft nature of Hinata...

His thoughts halted at the sudden appearance of Naruto, who approached Hinata in the flower fields. Sai instantly took off from his apartment, surprised at the determination which arose from him. A moment later, he walked up to the pair who was crouched down over a flower. He observed the action of Naruto about to pull a flower out. Suddenly, Naruto was face down on the ground, a figure on top with their knee pressing into him. A light gasp was heard, followed by a, "Sai-kun!" Sai rose from the attack, facing Hinata who looked up at him from her kneeling position, a hand over her mouth.

"Hinata," He said, with a nod of greeting. He then turned to look at the flower which was about to be pulled out, and he knelt down beside her.

"What the Hell?" Naruto shouted, struggling to rise as he spat dirt and grass from his mouth. Hinata turned to glance at Naruto for a moment, before turning back to focus on the flower Sai stared at.

"Hinata...if you like the flower, then you should care for the flower. Not remove it from its roots," He said. Hinata listened to his words, and then looked at him. He...was very focused and passionate about this. She then nodded.

"Yes, you are right...Sai-kun. I'm sorry..." Sai turned to look at her, met her gaze, and nodded. She then smiled to him, brightly, and he reciprocated.

"HEY! What's the big idea Sai? Huh? I was just talking with her! There is no reason to body slam me down! Jeez!" Naruto said, standing over them with a puffed out chest. Sai then stood up, a serious look present on his face.

"A relationship with Hinata would not work," he stated.

Naruto's eyes instantly bugged out, and he scratched the back of his head. Sai continued to verbalize, but this time he had turned towards Hinata who rose as well.

"I made a list of everything that is not compatible between you both, with sketches of your facial expressions along with his in mock arguments you two would have. They are not compatible. His and Ug-Sakura's match perfectly whereas ours match as well! Please, come to my apartment and look at the story board I created of us!" He said, swiftly taking her hand and pulling her along – ignoring her squeal from surprise.

Her eyes were wide at the abrupt, aggressive behavior from Sai-kun, as she listened to Naruto-kun who barked after them.

"I was talking to her! Man, you really need to learn manners!" Naruto shouted, wiping his tongue on his sleeve in order to remove the dirt from it. He then spat on the ground, muttering out, "Crazy, idiot guy...doesn't even realize she likes him..tch," he then kicked the ground as he began to walk, when a sudden smirk came from him. "Heh...poor Hinata-chan, having to end up with him," He suddenly noticed a head of pink and instantly started running. "Hey SAKURA-CHAAAAN! Guess what?"


When they entered his apartment, he released her hand and headed straight for his room. He needed to gather the materials of evidence in order to prove to her that a potential relationship between her and Dickless would not work out. He knew exactly where each piece was, and gathered it in an orderly pile before he made his way back out to his Living Room. When he did his eyes focused on her, while she was -in turn- focused on the art piece which hung there. The relationship between the Root, Flower, and the Sun. He slowed his pace, and observed her reactions toward it. He then placed his bundle down on an end table, and stood beside her. He also observed it.

After a while, Hinata took a step forward and traced the flower's stem, to the roots. He observed her actions carefully. What she then said immediately alerted him in a way he never felt before.

"Do the roots know that the flower loves him, too?" She whispered, lowering her head in an obvious blush. Sai did not know what to say, or do. He sincerely did not know. What would be an appropriate reaction in this situation? What is he suppose to do? His mind rumbled and stumbled through many possibilities and he realized time was ticking. He must do something quick before...

His thoughts were silenced when he felt warmth on his lips. His eyes quickly widened from shock and he felt his body tense. He observed as she little by little pulled away from him, her eyes lowered, and he was left staring at the top of her dark hair. His lips tingled significantly, and he could still feel the warmth from her embarrassed face on his. Obviously, he still did not know what to do. Would...she...know? No! He must do something! She already did something, and now it was his turn. He adjusted his stance.

"Ah..." His clumsy mouth allowed escaping. This produced a light giggle from her, which caused him to flush. She then looked up at him, meeting his eyes, and due to the determination which radiated off of her he felt more relaxed, and brought his hand to hers linking them.


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