A/N: What would happen if Edward hadn't been able to resist the temptation Bella presented to him the first day they met? What if he lured her away as planned?

Chapter One

Bella sat in her chair in Biology, staring at the clock, watching the seconds slither by, ever so slowly. She glanced again through the curtain of her hair over to the beautiful, mysterious seating beside her. Will his fists ever unclench? She thought anxiously. The bell rang, causing a shallow breath to escape her lungs, & she realized that she hadn't exhaled in likely over thirty seconds. At that precise moment, Edward Cullen seemed to change his entire persona. His eyes grew an even darker side of onyx (if that was possible), & the charm came on like a light switch.

"Isabella Swan," he breathed, his cold & wonderful breath came rushing in her face in a whirlwind, his voice more beautiful & musical than any other. "May I escort you to your next class?" She stared into his eyes, penetrating & persuasive, then over to Mike Newton, who's face was turning a startling shade of scarlet, then to his perfect white hand, outstretched to her. She managed a nod, then took his stone cold hand as he helped her easily out of her chair. She continued to stare at him breathlessly. He smiled the most brilliantly white & gorgeous smile she had ever seen - it was positively irresistible.

"I-I have g-gym next," she stammered, barely audible.

"As do I," he lied effortlessly, his voice silken. As they continued to walk in silence, he spoke again. "I just remembered that I have left my change of clothes in my car, do you mind if we retrieve them first?" She nodded again, unable to speak to this inhumanely perfect creature. She followed him silently, amazed by the cat-like swiftness in his walk. She, herself, managed to stumble about three times before they reached the shiny silver Volvo that seemed to be his. Of course it would be his, she thought. She stood by him as he opened the door to the drivers side, & before she had the time to even blink, he had thrown her into the passenger seat, jammed the key into the ignition, & pulled out of the parking lot.

"What are you doing Edward!?" she cried, hysteria building within her, ready to burst out. She glanced down at the speedometer - 120 - no chance of jumping out & surviving. Would the jump be worse than whatever he was planning on doing to her? Could a rapist, a murderer - who knows what? - be in her tiny school in Forks?

"Be quiet, Bella," he said in a loud, firm, musical voice. How could he know my preferred nickname? & why am I worried about this now? She shuddered. Where is he taking me, damn it?! She braved a look over to him, & he smiled, his teeth brilliant, showing a set of... fangs. Her body collapsed in a heap in her chair.

A/N: Short, I know. But don't worry, I have more. Hope you like. :) ---thats a vampire smile by the way. hehe.