Hello, and welcome to the prologue of "Once Upon A Midnight Jaunt"! This is a co-writing project between me and my buddy Inkblood. After watching the movie version of Blood and Chocolate, we both fell in love with the pairing of Rafe and Gabriel, and decided that a fanfic had to be written! Neither of us in any way, shape or form own Blood and Chocolate, it's an amazing book written by Annette Curtise Klausse, so check it out! And without further ado, the prologue of "Once Upon A Midnight Jaunt"!



I'm not sure why it turned out this way, but it did. I didn't really mind as much as I probably should have; this all happened before him and Viv. So maybe that's why I acted the way I did, so desperate to keep then apart, because I knew he would just use her and leave her. Just like he left me.

I was going out with Vivian then, not that she really even cared about it… she was so hung up on Axel. It was disgraceful, and she thought she was so sneaky about it. Like I didn't notice the dazed expressions she always wore after he would notice her, the forlorn sidelong glances, the blushing and the giggling… but I didn't let her go because I knew that Axel didn't give a damn. She would keep throwing herself on him and it would only hurt her in the long run.

Then Gabriel came along and things didn't seem so bad. He was easy to talk to, and he was tall and lean, with a well-muscled body and a super cool old motorcycle. He had joined our pack three years ago, back when Viv's dad was still the alpha. He was young, handsome, and strong, so of course the bitches took a liking to him immediately. I wasn't a true male wolf at the time, and because I was unconcerned with the leadership of the packs, all I really noticed was that a new wolf had joined. It wasn't until more recently, before the fire, that I knew he could replace the old man as alpha male.

But he never got the chance to officially take the title. I was young, hotheaded…and stupid. Because of a mistake we members of the Five made, the three of the cottages in which all of the pack lived were burned down, taking the life of our alpha, Viv's father, and the leader of the Five, Axel, in the process.

Our pack moved to Maryland soon after, but the loss of the two had taken a great toll on the entire pack. I felt terrible, knowing that our carelessness caused this burden, especially for Viv. The emotional strain from losing her father and crush at the same time was made apparent immediately, and I don't think anyone felt more guilt and shame than I did. I was terrified at the prospect of losing one of my best friends due to my stupidity, so I continued to harass her and stay close to her. After time, she didn't seem to mind, and I hovered over her, not as a potential mate, but more as a guardian or a brother.

After Axel's death, I became the unofficial leader of the Five. We still acted like stupid teenagers, occasionally scaring the humans in town, relishing our transformation into our loup garoux forms, and getting as much sex and alcohol as possible. But a part of me always felt slightly empty, because even in the midst of all the fun, I felt as though something was missing from my life.

Gabriel was the first and only being to fill me to the brim.


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