Hey guys, it's Angel here!

Holy crap, I'm SOOOOO sorry about the oh-my-gawd-where-the-hell-are-you lack of updates! It's Inkblood's and my senior year, and we have pretty much gotten our asses kicked in the work and school departments. Yes, I know it's a lame excuse, but we also haven't had any off-hours together to write the story TT

We've gotten some new fans since the previous update (gothgirl823, inuyasha finatic, and XTeenyQueenyX, we're looking at you!) and our old-timers (Chazz-it-Up, Nakera Myou Sterling, and missing-sexy-gator, we love ya guys!) have continued to review whenever we update. We love you guys so much! You have no idea how much we appreciate your words of encouragement and love for the story (gah, yeah, that was lame, haha)

So I just added a new chapter (ch. 12) to keep everyone pacified for a bit. Inkblood and I just started our Christmas break, so we might be able to update, but we're probably going to wrap up the story in a few chapters because we're so unreliable as authors . ;;

Again, thank you to EVERYONE that has followed the three R's (Reading, Reviewing and Reccomending) [or even those who did one or two, hope to see you (sometime) soon, and everyone have a wonderful holiday season!

The Tainted Angel of Earth