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Summary- Takes place after AWE. Will, Elizabeth, Barbossa, and crew go to World's End and rescue Jack, but unfortunately Will is killed in the process. Unbeknownst to the others, Tia Dalma brings Will back as she did for Barbossa. She also gives him a task: to write a wrong that he helped bring about.

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Chapter One

He gasped, and his eyes popped open wide. Air had never tasted so sweet. He lay on his back, mind working frantically to try and make sense of what was going on as he breathed deeply. He should be dead. His hands clawed at the front of his chest, right where the sword wound should have been. It was as if it had never happened. He sat up and was surprised to find that he felt no pain upon moving. That was a relief. He remembered how unbearable the agony had been in those last few moments before he… died. Or so he thought he had died….

"Ah, so you be awake," came a female voice with a thick Jamaican accent. A voice he knew.

Will looked over to see Tia Dalma walking into the room he was in- a room in her shack, he finally realized it was. She came and sat down in a chair across from the table that he had been laying on. She smiled at him, and a glint appeared in her eye, but she offered know explanation as to why he was still alive.

"What's going on?" he demanded a little shakily. All of this was unnerving him. "How is this happening? I remember… dying."

"Dat be because you did die, William Turner," she replied to him, "But I saw fit to bring you back."

For an instant, he was disbelieving. It was impossible. No one could raise a person from the dead. But then he remembered Barbossa. He had seen Barbossa die. He had watched with his own two eyes as Jack shot the bullet into his chest. And yet hadn't Captain Barbossa led them to World's End? He had most certainly been alive then. And Will knew that that had been Tia's doing.

He was thankful, certainly. He had not been ready to die. There were so many things in his life left unresolved. Elizabeth…. Pain that rivaled the pain of his death stabbed into his heart as he thought about Elizabeth, about everything that had passed between them. Did she mourn him? Or was she happy to be free of him? Free to love Jack.

He pushed the agonizing thoughts away from his mind and returned his attention to Tia. "Why?" he asked, "Why did you want to bring me back?" He wondered what her reason would be. What could he be so important for?

"Dhere be more reasons dan one," she explained, "But dee main reason be to right a wrong."

Will's brow drew together in confusion. "What?" He wished she would just explain, tell him clearly what was going on. He didn't think he could handle riddles and cryptic statements just then. "What wrong?" He knew that he had committed many wrongs in his life, but he couldn't think of one right off the top of his head that Tia would be so concerned about.

She smiled at him again. "Patience, William Turner," she drawled, "I will tell you." She paused and looked away for a moment before turning her face back to him. "Not so long ago," she continued, "Your life changed in more ways dan one."

Will barely suppressed his snort. She certainly had that right. Since the day that Jack Sparrow had first come in to Port Royal, that day that they had fought in the blacksmith's shop, his life had been turned upside down. Before that, Will had been a simple blacksmith. He had lived an ordinary life. Nothing fancy to be sure, but he had been content. Or so he thought…. After that he had gone on what seemed like one 'adventure' after another. He had found out that contrary to the teachings of fanciful children's tales, 'adventure' was just another way to say: getting into way too much trouble. There had been one good thing that came from that first 'adventure' though. He had got Elizabeth. Will sighed aloud. Or so he had thought.

"Go on," he said softly when he looked up and found her looking at him. She must have detected that he had been lost in his own thoughts.

"But you also changed others lives," she said after a moment, "Miss Elizabeth Swann for one." The name cut his heart to the core, but he didn't say anything, and she continued. "James Norrington for another."

Will regarded her strangely then. He hadn't expected her to bring up Norrington. In fact, he hardly ever thought of the man anymore. But he supposed he had changed the man's life.

"Dat is de wrong dat I speak of," she continued, "In return for giving you your life back, I want you to help 'im."

"Norrington?" Will said with disbelief, "You want me to help Norrington? That is the wrong that I am to right?"

"Dat be what I said, is it not?" she said with a bit of annoyance, "Just when de Commodore is about to be married his wife-to-be leave 'im for you."

"That's not fair," Will protested, "Elizabeth and I cared for each other before Norrington proposed to her. She loved me. She wouldn't have been happy with him." Had she now decided she would not be happy with him either? Will pushed the question away as he continued. "And I don't think he would have really been happy with her."

"True dat may be," Tia said, "He still be hurt."

Will was a little irritated, but he kept his anger in check. After all, this woman had given his life back to him; the least he could do was hear her out. "And how would you like me to 'right this wrong?'" he asked her.

Tia smiled. "I want you to 'elp James Norrington find love again."

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