Chapter 1: School

A loud piercing scream was heard from the kitchen,


That certainly must be mum's voice .

"Yes Mum...plese give me just a few more minutes... ... ... EHH, IT'S SEVEN THIRTY? "

I got off from my bed and changed as fast as I could. Hurriedly brush my teeth and rush down the stairs. I'm wearing braces. I wore them since 10. The dentist said that I could have removed it since I'm 13 years old but well... it seems that I've gotten attached to it and dislike the idea of removing it. How could I put it, it just seems sooo weird without them on.

And I could still remember Mrs. Dentist look on her face: Are you sure?

No surprised.

Who would ever want to wear that stupid, uncomfortable, ugly-looking braces that stuck in your teeth every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

But, I did!

And I did try. Just once though.

But once it was removed, you'll get those nasty feelings of your teeth starting to feel so cold and light, as if it was going to drop and the air that gush through the teeth is making me sick. Asked me to try it again? Yuck, no thank you.

Anyway, I'm Sakuno, Sakuno Ryuzaki. Yup, right now you know I'm late for...



I grabbed my spectacle and went down the stairs, with my two long pigtails dancing along.

"Yes mum, I'm coming!"

"OH! Sakuno please, can't you just stop wearing those fake spectacle anymore?"

"Stop asking me that! Especially it's my first day of school! Please?"

I'm the only child, that's the reason why my parent always dotes on me. We are poor but we are happy. My parent loves me and I love them too. :D

"*sigh* Okay, alright, now hurry up! Hurry and take this and off you go!"

"Bye Mum, bye Dad! I love you!"

My school was a stone throw away from my house therefore I usually walk to school but just for today, I have to run.

I run across the road and didn't notice about the coming cars.

Suddenly, a loud honk was heard. I stopped and look towards the coming sound. Shocked, a car was approaching me. I was stood rooted to the ground and couldn't get my senses back in time. Am I'm going to die?

But the car, it stopped just in time. That must be lucky! The front door opened & before I could see who's that, I ran away. Whew... that's was close.

When I've reached school, nothing seems to have changed. People were waiting for each other, walking together, talking together, the boys as usual; looking at them makes me feel so lonely.

In this school, I was look upon as a freak. Nobody likes me, nobody wants to be my friends and the worst thing of all is that I don't even know why.

Mostly, they are just using me for something. My grades are good, I'm in the best class and I have a good attitude but... ...

In school, all the girls are pretty even if they wore glasses! Our school flower is called An Tachibana. She's rich, pretty, good in everything, dancing, running, drawing, knows how to play piano, flute, has a good background and much more. She's always the first in my class and everyone likes her even the teachers.

All the boys are crazy about her but she just rejected coldly because she thinks that they are ugly, poor, stupid or just too simple for her. All she does is to make excuses up to turn them down. But the boys never give up on her. If only I'm her... ... feeling jealous? Nah!

I'm not sure how bad her character is. I don't even have the courage to look at her so what about talking to her? No way! In less than 1min, everybody will start to crowd around me making sure that if I did something 'wrong'...

In class, I sat right next to the window at a corner in the end. People always call me names and make fun of me. The boys took my things and hide it and I even have to search the entire school to look for it.

If something goes wrong, everybody will start to blame me, they paste notes on my lockers, spill things, make me fall and made me carry their things!

But I know that I'm known as the ugliest girl in school and nobody like me. But all this and that I'm very used to it. I've been in this school for 2 years, and every day is the same old thing going on and on, how would I not get used to it? Just consider the same as you brush your teeth every day.

To add on, our school is branded, most of them came from a rich/noble family unlike me. While, there's a minority that people came in through good grades and one of them is me.

While I was walking to my classroom, I heard that a new transfer student has been transferred to my class. They heard that he had come from a billionaire family, way richer then An Tachibana and a hot guy too.

So what if he is transfer to my class. I mean, I won't even stand a chance to talk to him and maybe he is like the rest. All boys are the same, aren't they?

But... who was he and what is this feeling that made me so curious about him?