Chapter 3: Extra Subject

I was walking and walking I found out that the class haven't end ye. Oh my goodness. This is all that Ryoma fault!

When I've reached the class door, everybody gaze is turned towards me, including my PE teacher, who has a stern look on his face. That which I presumed, is he wanted an answer for being absent from class.

"Well... um... "

Because of that, I have to stay back during my break time and stand under the hot sun at the school gate.

I'm hungry and tried after standing there for one hour. Super hungry! Afterwards, I'm informed that I have to see him after school too.

After that incident, I can't pay attention for the rest of the lesson because I'm starving!

"Sakuno! Are you listening?"

"Sakuno! What are you doing?"


This was what had happened in every lesson until I had to stand outside the classroom with my bag, table and chair. Horrible.

The whole class was giggling under their breathe... Ryoma? I took a peak at him and was surprised that he wasn't laughing at all. Feeling miserable? Caught looking at him, he winked at me and mouth, " Serve you right..." Okay, he's not.

...Ding dong ding dong ding ding dong dong ding...

The bell has ringed! Now, I have to met the teacher.

While I was getting my table and chair back into place, the girls start to tease me. An Tachibana then said...

" How that's braces girl? Standing in the sun without any food...pity pity... you know what? I've eaten a chicken burger with double cheese on it plus a packet of crispy fries. Think of that... all that delicious food I have? Ha ha.. too bad... you can't even stay in an air-con room. Ha ha poor girl."

She was getting out of my sight when, "Oh... one more thing... I'm warning you, you better not offend my dear little Ryoma like this morning otherwise, you will suffer more then you suffer this first day of school, let's go girls..." and she was gone, with her gang...

Does that mean that she had planned everything?

Oh great, I was threatened... wait, did I hear it wrongly? Dear little Ryoma? MY? When did he become her... oh... that means she has found her little Prince is it? Like I care?

I packed my things and went to the staff room, full of thoughts...

Just I thought, Mr. PE was already there waiting for me with a paper on his hand?

What's that? Am I expelled?

He hands me the paper and said, "As this is your 3rd year in this school, every pupil who has been promoted to year 3 will have to take another subjects, is not exactly called a subject but it will be included in your test marks until you are off to another school. The choice of Sports, that's what it is called, will be your choice. Sports is a type of physical activity course, you may choose, Badminton, ELDDS, Hockey... all the list of activities are written on this of paper. You are only allowed to choose one. Your chosen activities must be written on the paper that was staple behind and parents consent must be included. This paper should not be lost and must be return it to me next PE lesson. There will be a trail of every activities starting from tomorrow. You must try some of them before you are allowed to attend the course because some conditions are needed for you to join. More information are in the paper, go home, think about it clearly because Sports could not be changed, if changed, all your Sports points will start from zero. Now, I have to go now, you are wasting my time repeating everything, don't be late again..." and he went back to the staff room...

Sports? What's that? Forget it! Food first!

I stuffed the paper into my file and decided to go to look for food when I saw Ryoma walking the opposite direction from me, smiling.

Is he looking for me or he is going the staff room? I mean, besides going to the staff room, this direction is leading nowhere.

I looked at my watch... isn't he ought to go home? A packet of food is in his hand, what's that?

"Hey..." he started to walk towards me.

I turned back and there was no one. Is he talking to me?

"Are you talking to me?"

He laughed, "Are you serious? Is there anyone else?"

What's that arrogant answer?

I moved back while he moves forward, what does he want?

I moved back until I was pushed to the wall and that he was so closed to me that I could hear his breath.

Wow, he was tall... well, I only reached to his shoulder length... or am I too short? Hello! Sakuno! Wake up, what are you doing? Right now, he is so close to you and yet you are thinking of who is taller? What if he wants to take advantage of you?

He looked down at me while I didn't look up; instead, I looked at his chest, at his muscular chest?

He smiled, "You, I'm sorry about what happened today. I don't know what you was thinking but I was merely asking you to go to my personal doctor for a good treatment since you look kind of sick. You've gotten the wrong idea, you little pervert. Anyway, I've bought something for you. Take it or leave it." He stuffs it in my hand.

And just he is about to leave, I could hear him mumbling, "You should feel honour that I'm apologizing to you… appreciate it."

This time I looked right into his eyes... OMG he has such beautiful ember eyes ... hey.. Why am I thinking about his eyes?

" Excuse me! Prevert? Is your own fault for not trying to say your words clearly! make me stand at the hot sun for an hour, not eaten for the whole day and get teacher scolded too. You..hey! Where are you going! I haven't finish what I want to say!" I got really angry.

"And... next time don't come so close to me... you get it?"

That was so... ... anyway, what is this? I don't think he was this kind. I think there must be some kind poison or anything added in the food...

I went to the park which is near the school and sit on the branch where a water fountain was placed in the middle. This is one of my favourite places because it was peaceful and I like the nature and the scenery.

I untied the plastic bag and saw a beautiful white box? Wow? It comes along with a matching chopsticks and spoon. Okay, he's sure a rich man.

When I open the lid, I was amazed. What expensive food these are! This is my first time I have eaten such food!

Wait... as I said, he can't be so good. I looked under the plastic bag to see if there's something that I didn't notice.

Sure enough, I saw a note paste under the box. I plucked it out and read:

I know that you are suspicious of me but I'm sorry to disappoint you, I'm no suspicious man.

There are no poison in it or anything.

Please feel free to eat.

You see, I was really sorry for what had happened

Hence, I asked one of my cook to pack this food for you.

There isn't any motive or anything. I just don't want to have any useless trouble looking for me.

Is a win and win solution, you understand?

Anyway, please get rid of that ugly braces and glasses. Do you know that they look ugly on you?

Well, maybe you are but I can say that you will definally look way better without that.

If you want to change your look, come look for me, I can consider to give you a discount for a renown plastic surgery.

P.s. Next time, don't just ran into the road like that & who want to sleep with you? You little pervert.



Discount for a plastic surgery?


Isn't he more pervert!

And... What did he write?

Don't ran into the road?

Does that mean that shiny black car I've ran into this morning is his car?