AN: Anyone who has not read The Impossible Murder, go read that first. Yes it's in the Detective Conan section, but it's still just as much Danny Phantom. It's a very good story, not too long, and complete (how often does that happen?). There's also fanart linked in my profile.

Dedicated to Yutaya, whose did most of above mentioned fanart, some guest fanfic, and kept my faith in the original story.


For once it was a quiet night in Amity Park. No ghost attacks, and no annoying ghost-boy flitting around. At this late hour hour Valerie Grey wanted nothing more than to be in bed, but she(or rather The Red Huntress) had some business.

She flew to the outskirts of the city; the scanners in her helmet looking for the one who contacted her. Finally she picked up a man standing by himself, smoking a cigar.

"You the one looking for me?" she called down.

The man smirked. He dropped his cigar to the ground and crushed it under his shoe. "Yeah, that was me."

"What do you want?" He had called her at home, knowing things he couldn't have. She had no clue how he had found out about her secret identity, but if he thought he could blackmail her, he had another think coming.

"Relax toots, you and I, we have something in common." His smirk grew as she bristled within her cybersuit. "Makes ya sick doesn't it. The way they call that undead freak a hero. His kind don't belong in this world. He's nothing but trouble, but most people here can't see that. They're blinded by his tricks. I represent a group which is, shall we say, extremely interested in sending Danny Phantom back to the hell that spawned him."

It sounded too good to be true. And that meant it probably was. "You have a plan."

"S'matter of fact I do. Why doncha come down here so I can tell ya all about."

"No thanks." Geez, how dumb did he think she was?

"Too bad. Then you wouldn't have to fall so far." The man pulled what looked like a car door opener out of his pocket and pressed a button.

Valerie screamed and her own suit shocked her before disengaging. She didn't know what was happening until she felt herself crash into the ground.

"Why you..."

"Be grateful, sweet stuff. We're going to use your disappearance to make Phantom look so bad he'll never be able to show his face in this world again." The man pressed the button again, and though her suit was deactivate, Valerie still felt immense pain until she blacked out.

The man pulled out a cellphone and hit autodial. "Midori? This is Lager. Tell Absinthe I got the girl and we're ready to move on to Phase 2." He hung up and lit another cigar. "Good thing we found out about this ghost kid, he coulda put a lot of hurt on us. Heh, I'd like to see the poor sap who thinks he can help him now."

Half way around the world a miniature detective, a karate champ, a scientist, two cops, and a magician sneezed.