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The Caged Bird Flies
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The bird is caged. In his heart he wants to fly, but there is always something holding him back, keeping him restrained, keeping him on Earth.

It is his fate to be locked in this cage forever; he has known this for almost his entire life. Not his whole life but almost, and that is the worst part. If he had known nothing else then he would not wish for more than what he is destined to have, but the caged bird has seen Heaven, and Heaven is what he wants now.

Heaven is always there; always smiling and trying tp help his set himself free. She can't do anything directly but she can help; there is always a way to help, always a way to change fate. Nothing is set in stone after all.

After a while, with Heaven's help the bird will break free of his cage. He has seen what he truly wants, what he truly loves, and now he will do anything to get it. He can almost believe now that love exists, that emotions other than desperation and anger have a place; fate has no meaning anymore, not now that he has something to live for.

Even a caged bird will eventally fly when Heaven is his promised destination.