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The perfect team

They entered the suite silently. A storm was unravelling its power outside, but in the suite everything was quiet. The living room was luxorious- of course: They were in a five star hotel! Looking at their surroundings the brown-haired man and the blonde woman went calmly to the couch, a bottle of champagne was already waiting for them to celebrate their "wedding". Mr. and Mrs. Jaden Rhodes (I had to use that, because Jadens last name is the same in the japanese and the american version… you'll see, what I mean)took another moment to look around, then Jaden sat down on the couch.

"I'm going to take a shower!", Alexis told him.

Jaden only nodded, but his chocolate gaze followed her on her way to the enormous bathroom. Everything here was big and luxorious, but that was merely the cover. Cover for their mission. Just like Jaden and Alexis beeing married. And of course those weren't even their real names. Actually Jaden didn't know Alexis real name as she didn't know his. Nonetheless they were friends- well, sort of…

"Friends do something together in their free time!", Jaden corrected himself.

He and Alexis were comrades, partner on most of their missions. Sometimes they were teamed up with someone else, if the mission needed it, but normally they worked together. It was kind of icredible how they know each other for so long without really knowing something of each other…
Jaden smirked.

This was not the time to be thinking of such things. He was a member of the Slifer Red department and had to prepare for the mission. Alexis would do her part of the job in quiding him and her in the building and he would do his job and protect them both. As a Slifer Red he was a well trained killer, so that would not be a problem. And Alexis was an Obelisk Blue, a perfectly instructed spy. The only reason they weren't at work yet was that the Ra Yellow technic soupport was missing. Jaden and Alexis had to wait for him or her to come along and bring the technical equipment for them. Of course Jaden had his weapons already. He would never go anywhere without them, since in all those years working for Kaiba Corporation, the biggest criminal assosiation on the planet, he made many powerful enemies.

"I wonder who will be our partner this time."

He remembered working with Bastion and Hasselberry, but that didn't mean anything. Despite Obelisk Blue and Slifer Red members beeing paired up, the technic suppourt from Ra Yellow always changed after the needed expertise for the mission. And this was an Omega-level mission! They were supposed to enter an Industrial Illusion's building and steal the most sacred secret of Kaiba Corps. biggest rival…

"So who could it be?"

"A penny for your thoughts!", Alexis laughed, when she came out of the bathroom.

"You'll have to pay more, Lex!", he grinned as he turned to look at his partner.

Jaden suddenly sweatdropped. He wasn't expecting to see her only with a white towel around her slim body, cluthing to her every curve... Plus her hand was the only thing holding it in place! Alexis didn't seem to notice him staring or else she didn't mind that much, because she would have already killed him if it was otherwise.

"W…What the hell?!", Jaden thought.

Was she trying to test his self control or to seduce him?! Jaden was nervous. Ever since they worked together he had had a thing for her. To him she was beautiful and smart, had legs that went forever and… Oh, he was doing it again. He was checking her out!

"What is it?", she asked.

"Oh, nothing."

"Hmm. So, what are we going to do while we wait?"

"What about: Celebrating our honeymoon?", Jaden grinned.

"We are not really married, you know that, right?", she asked him gruffily (sp?) to hide her blush, but Jaden saw it anyway. It only made his grin grow wider. Jaden had accepted that he fell in love with Alexis, even though he didn't really know anything about her. It didn't matter! He was in love and that made him do irrational things. Once she was trapped and the mission a complete disaster, but instead of shooting her as the protocoll said, he rescued her compromising the hole Kaiba Corporation…

"Well, we got away!", he thought. "That's the only thing that matters." Then he answered her back:

"You know what?! I go get some glasses for the champagne and you go get dressed, okay?"

With that he shove her into the bedroom and relaxed again- at least a little. Jaden had felt his arousel by seeing her half naked. For a moment the brown-haired man leaned against the door and sighed. This was going to be a terrible long night…

With the glasses and the bottle in his hands he went back, knocked at the door and entered, when there was no answer.

Upon his entering he almost dropped what he was holding. Alexis sat on the bed still in the towel and was just looking out of the window. She held the towel loosely, so that it was exposing much of her full breasts and parted slightly at the end. Jaden could aready feel his pants tighten around him and… was that dark fur down there…?

"Control yourself, man! You can not be thinking this way of her. She is your partner, not your…", Jaden thought to banish the image of him thrusting his maleness in her hot tunnel, but stopped suddenly as Alexis stood up.

She didn't seem to notice him as she made her way to the wardrobe, where in a five star hotel like this could be found some clothes when the suite was booked. She slid a shirt over her head that fell over her butt and then slipped in her panties. Jaden watched, not able to tear his gaze from her. He only heard his groan when it was already too late. She turned around to face him and smirked as she noticed his open mouth. Her expression seemed to ask him: "Like what you see?" and he nodded without even thinking. When Jaden suddenly realized what was going on, he blushed until his face was red like a tomato. The man shook his head to get the fantasies out of it, since they didn't belong in a buisness partnership as theirs.

"I will go to bed!", he said and slipped under the covers only taking his shoes and socks off, not even noticing as he put the glasses and the bottle on the night table. "I'm kind of tired."

"Hopefully, I'll sleep when she decides to go to bed, because otherwise…"

"You're right!", she exclaimed. "It's late. Better we get some sleep."

And then she joined him.

"Oh no…", Jaden whispered not loudly enogh for Alexis to hear.

This was getting worse every minute. Now she was even snuggeling against his back. Before he could ask her, she already explained that the room seemed cold to her. "Of course. Logical. It's cold and she just seeks warmth. Calm down, man. You're the best killer of Slifer Red. You're able to keep yourself in check!… Right?" Truth be spoken, Jaden didn't know. He knew even less, when Alexis put her arm around his waist and caressed his stomach. Now he became also very aware of her round breasts, which met his back everytime she breathed, and the herbal scent of her shampoo…

…and his control snapped!

She had no time to do anything, when he pinned her down, his hands around her wrists and sitting on her legs. Jaden moved her hands over her head, so he could pin them with one hand, while the other roamed her body. Starting at her cheek he moved it down her throat, massaging the soft skin here and there. Then in a harsh motion it was down between her breasts and at her navel. Finally he reached under her shirt and made his way up again to pull it off. After that the killer took a moment to admire her beauty. Her face was flushed, her lips formed a smile and her rosy peaks were already hardened. Her skin was soft and flawless and as he looked into her eyes he saw passion she held only for him.

"Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?", he breathed.

"Sure. I can feel it!", she responded, bucking her hips so her core rubbed against his manhood.

Jaden reached down groaning to strip her of her panties.

"No!", she ordered. He looked up and saw her grin. "It's your turn to take your shirt off."

He smirked. Fine, if she wanted to play that way. He freed himself from his black shirt without loosing his grip on her wrists, which earned him a frustrated grunt. Jaden only smirked wider. He had just freed one hand first then the other, while the first hold her in place. She looked over his well toned chest and the urge to touch him became bigger. Alexis tried to get free at least one of her hands but failed. His grip on her only tightened. He was way too strong for her and that bastard knew it! Still, she wanted to know how those muscles felt to her touch. She struggled harder to get free but Jaden only shook his head. He wanted her to want him just as much as he wanted her. He wanted to hold her in suspense for a little longer.

"Onegai… let me touch you…", she begged.

"Though she is japanese? Just like me… I wonder what her real name is."

"Onegai!", she pleaded again.

In response to her plea he bucked against her, which made Alexis moan in pleasure, but it also made her realise that, if there wouldn't have been their underwear, he would have been inside of her! Jaden meanwhile stripped his partner of her panties. He seem to appreciate what he saw, but said nothing. Instead he began to follow the way his hand had travelled, only this time with his mouth. Nibbling at her throat made Alexis moan in pleasure and struggle harder to free her hands. But Jaden wasn't done yet. When she had calmed down a little he took her right breast in his hot mouth, while his hand massaged the left one roughly. Alexis screamed his name in response. She could feel him grin against her sensitive flesh. Just when she wanted to scold him for that he grazed her nipple with his teeth. Instead of an insult a groan escaped her lips, then jaden changed breasts and repeated the treatment. When he was done there his mouth travelled south until he reached her core, which was already wet. He kissed it and Alexis bucked her hips. Now the killer had to let go of her hands to keep her down. Only that now she couldn't think of exploring his body, actually, she couldn't think at all. Her pleasure was too overhelming (sp?). Jaden licked her clitoris for a little while, before he plunged his toungue into her womanhood. There he noticed something and looked up.

"You're a virgin?!", he exclaimed surprised. He wasn't expecting this with all the guys drolling when they saw her.

Alexis felt her face heat up, but managed to nod: "Is something wrong with that?"

"No!", he shook his head. "But it means that I can't … we can't… you know…"

"Why not?", she asked almost angry. "Because I'm not as much fun as…"

"NO!", he interrupted, shocked that she could even think such a thing. "That's not the problem at all. It's just… It's… I love you too much to do this. I'm a killer, for heavens sake, I've murdered hundreds of people… it just wouldn't be right for me to… well… take you, Lex! You're too…" He struggled with the word. "…innocent."

"I'm a spy, how could I be innocent?! And if it's not my virginity that disturbs you, then were is the problem?"

"Well…", he tried, but this time she had pinned him on the matress.

"If you are not man enogh to do it yourself then just quide me!", she challenged.

"WHAT?!", he shouted back up at her. She smirked. Alexis knew he couldn't resist a challenge.

She had won.

They exchanged positions with him on top now. He knew she had only said that to lure him into this "trap", but really he didn't mind. Besides, how could he? He wanted it too! He wanted her! He needed her! Right now! So he stripped down his boxers and positioned himself, warning her that this was going to hurt. She put her hands on his strong shoulders and braced herself, then she nodded. Jaden slowly entered her until he reached a barrier. The brown-haired man shot Alexis an apologetic look and thrust forward. The blonde cried in pain, dugging her nails into his flesh and tears streaming down her face, but he bent down and kissed them away. Meanwhile he hold still, in order to give her the time to adjust herself to this new feeling.

"You're quite… big…", she said with a shy smile and a deep blush on her face.

"It's alright. There is nothing to be ashamed of!", he reassured her giving her his most charming smile.

When she encircled his waist with her legs, he began to pull his member out of her and then thrust in again at a slow rhythm. He didn't want her hurt, even if he would prefer to go a little faster. He had to take it slow, so Alexis could enjoy their union too and that was all that mattered to him right now. After some time she met his thrusts half way gaining some confidence. Jaden groaned and she gasped in fear.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?", she asked.

"You got to be kidding! That was pure heaven! Do it again!", he answered.

She did and soon enough their slow pace wasn't enough anymore.

"Faster!", she pleaded. "Go faster… onegai… harder…"

Jaden of course didn't argue. He fastened his movements and soon enough he was thrusting as hard as possible. Alexis bucked her hips against his movement to deepen his penetration, which only made them both groan louder. He could feel that she was close and it wouldn't be very long until he would be too. Once her inner walls clamped around his manhood, he could hold on no more. He came along with Alexis, screaming her name like she screamed his, and spilled his seed inside of her. Exhausted he rolled to the side, not to crush her with his weight. The blonde woman turned to him and rested her head against his chest. Jaden held her close to him as if he was going to lose her if he didn't. And the Slifer Red certainly didn't want to let her go ever again.

"Alexis…", he began, but was interrupted:


"Excuse me?"

"My name is Asuka. Asuka Tenjouin."

Jaden frowned. Why did she tell him that?

"What's wrong?", she asked

"Nothing… Oh well, it's just… the last one, who told me his real name- Syrus Truesdale alias Shou Marufuji- died soon after. We were friends. He was a Slifer Red just like me, but I couldn't imagine him killing someone, so I suggested him to move to Ra Yellow and he did. We were paired up once for a mission and there was a fight and… he stepped right in the line of fire. The bullet was aimed for me… but id hit… him and he… told me… with his last…I know, I could not have done anything, but it still… feels… I still feel quilty." He couldn't go on. It was too painful.

"Oh, I'm sorry!", Asuka exclaimed. "I didn't know… Let us just forget about what I told you, if it makes you feel better, okay?!"

"How could I forget?! Asuka!", he repeated her name in a soft voice, she didn't know from him. "A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. My woman." He grinned. She knew what he was thinking. Chazz from Obelisk Blue. Everyone knew he wanted to get into her pants and he tried to hit on her when they were on mission together. At that time Chazz had worked for the Slifer Red camp, even so he originally was a spy.

Still grinning like an idiot Jaden kissed "his woman" and told her to get some rest. Asuka was a little disappointed, she had hoped he would reveal his name too.

"Maybe a killer like him just needs more time to trust someone… or maybe I trust too easily."

"Good night, Jaden!", she said as she snuggeled closer up to him.

"Good night to you too, Asuka", he replied. "Oh and it's actually Judai."

They fell asleep almost immediately and didn't notice, when their technic support finally arrived.

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