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Starcrossed lovers

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It was almost midnight. Anzu was walking home. Normally she wouldn't be on her way home until the early morning, but since the manager wanted to try something new, there were now two shows every night and her's was the first. Only two weeks ago she wouldn't have minded (gr?), there would have been two gaurds to protect her from every attack, because she was the girlfriend of the most powerful vampire hunter, but after she broke up with him…

'I'm better off without him!', she thought.

A cold breeze pulled at her jacket and made her shiver. It was winter and christmas wasn't very far ahead anymore. She didn't really know what to do then. It wasn't like she had many friends. That was Seto's fault too! He had made her paranoid. He didn't trust anyone, though she didn't either… It was kind of funny, really, how similar they had become!

'I think, I'm going to pass christmas with Ishizu!', she decided.

Ishizu was her best friend since highschool. She was an egyptian archeologist, so Anzu didn't see her very much, but she would be in town at christmas. She told Anzu in a letter. 'That's going to be fun.'

Again the wind sent shivers down her spine. When she looked up at the clouded sky, she could see tiny snowflakes slowly falling. Anzu always liked snow, but right now she wished it would be summer! She didn't realize she had stopped until she began to move again. It was time she got home. It wasn't save at night, even without vampires, there were always some perverted idiots! At that moment she heard footsteps behind her. The stopped when she stopped and became faster when she did…

'Oh no!', she mentally screamed. 'Could that be a vampire? Wait, Anzu, a vampire would have already attacked you. Plus, vampires fly, they don't walk! But, who is it then?!'

Anzu began running, but didn't get very far. A hand grabbed her arm, while another sneaked around her waist. Anzu tried to scream, but soon enough the attacker covered her mouth and pulled her in a dark corner.

"Hey, sweetheart!", he whispered huskily and she could almost see his wicked smile. "Why are you fighting?! You know, you want it!"

'NO!', Anzu thought. She most certainly didn't want 'it', but could do nothing as her aggressor stripped her of her jacket. She still wore her dancer costume, which was very low cut and exposed much of her long legs. The man licked her cheek, while massaging one of her breasts roughly and then grasped between her tighs. Anzu felt the tears forming in her eyes, but resisted the urge to cry. She wouldn't let him have that satisfaction.
She was going to fight!

Anzu hit him with her elbow right in the stomach. She heard him groan in pain, but didn't wait to see how much damage she had made. The young dancer ran as fast as she could. Of course her aggressor was faster and grabbed her again, but this time he loosened his grip almost immediately. Confused, Anzu turned around. Why did he let go of her? He had had her? As she turned she could see the mans shocked look as he realized something hit him right in his neck and was now beginning to drain his blood. Anzu gasped. Behind her aggressor there was another man with tri-coloured hair and the most amazing purple eyes she had ever seen. That man had gripped her aggressor and bit him in his neck. Anzu could see the man bleed and when the vampire let go of him, the man just fell to the ground:


The vampire gave him one last, disgusted look, as if the man's blood had been to bitter for his taste, and then turned his full attention on Anzu. The young woman wanted to run, sure, she would be his next victim but something held her in her place. Maybe it was that gaze, he gave her, through those amazing eyes.
Whatever it was, it made her hold still when he started to walk up to her. It made her shiver with anticipation and think:

'If I'm going to die now, I'll die a happy person…'

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