Starcrossed Lovers

Chapter 15: Until the end

Then suddely the slick noise of a blade sliding into a body and the loud 'crack' of breaking bones disturbed the silence. Eyes wide in shock the couple looked around to find the source of said noises. They found it soon enough. A man with long bluish-green (couldn't find the german word "türkis" in the dictionary for translation) hair and two different coloured eyes- one green, one yellow- had was bent over the body of a dark-haired boy. The man had obviously tried to stab Anzu or Yami, you couldn't be sure, while the boy had put himself in between, getting hit in the process. With a loud thud, the boy fell to the ground. His hair fanning around his head finally allowed a good look onto the boy's face.

"NO!" came a masculine shout from behind them, while Anzu crouched low, trembling as if she couldn't believe what was happening.

There on the ground lay, in a pool of his own blood, Mokuba Kaiba…

"No, Mokuba!" Anzu screamed, crouching down to be level with the young boy. She put his head in her lap, wiping away strands of black hair until the grimace of pain could be seen, where once had been a peaceful face. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she but her lip and took a look on his wound. It was deep. The blade had been thrust into his flesh up to the handle and his life was quickly fading away with all the blood he was losing. "No, don't give up! Please, Mokuba, don't give up!"

Kaiba had caught up with them and was now kneeling beside his little brother. For the first time, Yami could actually see emotion on his normally stoic featueres. His eyes shone with unshed tears, his posture betrayed his rising panic and desperation. He would've never thought it possible, but Yami realized, he could actually bond with Seto now. He had almost lost his brother a few times over the centuries too and new just how frightening such an expirience could be and how protective a big brother needed to be.

All the while Anzu was contemplating what to do, how to stop the blood-loss. She had a complete black-out for a few important minutes until she remembered her heritage. She was a sorceress, she could heal him. Quickly putting her hands on the black-haired boy's wound, she let her magic flow into his body, a gentle, white glow appearing. The young woman gave it her all and concentrated as much as possible, but something was interfering. She didn't what, nor how she could stop it, but something kept her from healing her friend.

"Maybe I still don't have enough control over my powers?!'

"It's the dagger." Yami suddenly spoke. He marched over to the forgotten weapon, lying on the dirty ground. Holding it up, so that everybody could the the light glimmer of it's remaining magic. "It's been cursed. Dartz wanted to kill me… or you. This would've been the only way to assure that we were going to die. A normal wound, if not immediately fatal, would've just healed up."

"Speaking of which…" he added silently in a menacing tone. "Where did the bastard run off too?" Out of the corner of his eye he saw three different flashes of colour: One yellow, one brown and one lavender. Bingo! "Joey, Tristan! Get him, put him in chains and bring him back here. I need a word with that traitor!"

The vampire and the werewolf stood a little flabbergastered in the first seconds, but quickly recovered. Tristan changed into his animalistic form and made an attempt to jump the vampire lord, but Dartz was faster and off the ground, before the spikey-haired demon got him. Unfortunately for him, Joey was already waiting for him. With a fast motion the blonde smashed him down onto the ground, right infront of Yami's feet. The pharaoh and his loyal warriors smirked, but it were the wizards that took the pleasure of magically chaining the man down onto the ground.

"And now." Yami informed him. "Now, you're going to tell us , what curse you used on this dagger and how we can counter it in order to save the young lad."

All the vampire king got was a defiant look from mismatched eyes.

"I don't like to repeat myself, Dartz." Yami scowled. "You're already in deep. Don't make it harder on yourself."

This time, he earned himself a laugh.

And a response:

"Harder?! You'll kill me for what I did. You will let me burn in the sun so how am I supposed to make this harder on myself?! You're already going to give me the worst possible punishment."

Instead of answering, Yami rammed the dagger into Dartz upper leg. The lavender-haired man gave a choked cry. Blood splashed out of the wound immediately, soaked Yami's shirt and coloured his hands.

"Care to rethink that?"


"I see, well in that case-" Yami started, but was interrupted, when a very angry Seto gave a strangled cry and jumped forward to lift the vampire lord up into the air by his collar. Threatening to to horrendous things to him, if his little brother wouldn't come out of this okay, shaking him and finally even landing a hit.

"Ah, I see, Seto agrees to my idea." Yami chuckled.

"Wh-what I-ide-a?" Dartz coughed out.

"If you don't tell me immeadiately, what curse you used, I'll no just kill you for your betrayel. I'm going to leave you to the hunter's- espescially Seto of course- for them to do with you, whatever they wish for little Mokuba's death." The vampire leader explained calmly, without even sparing the traitor a glance.

"Y-you wouldn't?"

"Try me." Was all Yami cooly stated, but the maliscious glint in his eye said everything, Dartz needed to here. It said that, not only would the pharaoh indeed leave him to the vampire hunters, but he would also be there when they tortured and expirimented on him and that he would enjoy every minute of his suffering.

"It… It was…" Dartz finally answered, defeated. The boy hadn't been his target anyway, so he explained everything and more. How he came first up with the idea over a thousand years ago. He had noticed Yami's desperate searching for the woman of his past and that the vampire leader flat out refused to take any other woman even into consideration. Thus, if he died and Yugi went "insane" over this tragic loss, the creatures of darkness would be without an heir, leaving the throne open to any member of the vampire lords. How he did his damnest to stir up the conflicts between wizards and vampires. He told them, how he had secretyl tried to get allies on both sides and even revealed the names of the other traitors, who were immediately arrested- all the while, Anzu finally healed Mokuba. "And if I would've killed you, the other lords would have most likely voted me to become your succsessor as I would've demonstrated, that I had the power."

Yami could just shake his head at this. How some people could be this power-thirsty was beyond him. After Dartz finished his interesting little story and everybody involved was taken care of by the Guardians of Twilight, who had stepped from the sidelines too, now that the battle itself was over, Yami and Anzu felt safe to step back into their embrace. The other members of both sides, Light and Darkness, weren't quite so eager, but some of them did manage to shake hands or make a little bit of normal conversation in a first attempt to restore the long lost peace, that once reigned between them.

(Scene Change)

Not long after that memorable day in Domino City the highest ranking lords and ladies of both, the Creatures of Light and the Creatures of Darkness came together in the most important conference of their history. With the Guardians of Twilight as their mediators and some of the hunters as quests, it was decided that unlike last time the sides had tried to hold piece, this time their should be a written contract for both sides to respect.

That was the beginning of a new age!

The Contract of Eternity assured both worlds their independence, but also gave them the possibility to control each other and thus keep the most important balance. They would share their jurisdiction in cases, where the peace could be put into danger. The would begin to trade goods in order to assure continious communication. Furthermore, the hunters- once total enemies of the vampires and their people- would now take up the role of magic-indepentant examiners to ascertain that everything was going according to the plan. Of course, to make sure there wouldn't be any favoritism the hunter corpse was disbanded and then newly installed with completely different people. Only Mokuba was allowed to stay, because he had proven to be trustworthy, and Seto, though only for his knowledge on computers and modern technology.

Thus the piece was kept for thousands of years, until a new problem arose: The dying of men!

On the balcony of her knew residence in australia (they had chosen it for being halfway in the middle between Atlantis and Theben), Thylea looked over the endless landscape, thinking about the past and the present. The light sounds of quiet steps broke her out of her reveré. For a moment she stiffened, but soon relaxed as she realized, who her "visitor" was. When she felt her husband's strong arms encircle her, she closed her eyes in pleasure and leaned back into his broad chest.

"Menkind is dying." She heard her voice whisper, before she could even think of what to say. 'Great, Thylea! Your husband comes home for the first time in months- and all you got to say is "Menkind is dying." Not: "Hello, dear, how was your journey?" Or "I'm glad you're back, I missed you!" No. "Menkind is dying." Even "What do you want for dinner?" would have been better.'

"I know."

"What do we do?"

"Nothing." He said as he kissed herneck tenderly.

"Nothing?" she countered incredulously. "We just let them fade away into oblivion?"

"We can't do anything about it, can we?" he stated calmly, rubbing her arms in comfort. "It's their destiny. Their time has come and our will too. One day, another race will arise and we will be the ones to fade away and fall into the grasps of nothingness. When that day comes, none of us will be able to change that. We'll have to accept our fate."

"I know." Thylea answered gloomily.

"But until that happens there will still be a lot of centuries to live through. For know, we'll just have to watch. It's not our turn yet."

"… I'll love you until the end, Atemu."

"Me too, Thylea, mee too." He said, turning her around in his strong embrace to give her a searing kiss.

End of Starcrossed Lovers

A/N: Well, we're there. This is the end. I hope it turned out good or at least acceptable as I have quite anjoyed writing this story and this was my last YGO story for a while. Therefor I would like to tell you goodbye for now with a big basket of virtual cookies and an even bigger THANK YOU to all my reviewers.