It was the Final Battle. There was blood, death, and dueling everywhere. There was a young teen in the middle of it all. His name was Harry Potter. Then he saw him, the middle of all the young boy's problems, Voldemort.

" Over here, you great mortal!" Harry screamed with all the rage he felt for this... this thing.

"I'm no mortal, you foolish boy! I have took every step against death!" said in that slick voice that would make anyone's blood run cold.

" Of course, you have!" Harry retorted. " But I've destroyed all your Horcruxes, so what now, big boy?"

"We duel, of course!" starting the last battle for one of them.

So it began.

Curses were sent back and forth. It was good against evil. Love against hate. The last chance for hope. The last chance for life. Then like that fateful night three years the wands connected. Shadows upon shadows came out of Voldemort's wand; of bodies of pain and finally Harry's parents.

"I have but one word to say to you Harry, and that is hope. Believe in hope Harry, and all will turn out right," his mother said.

" Your mother's right. It'll be okay. Know we believe in you, Harry,"came his father's voice so strong and reassuring.

"I'll get him, Dad. For you, for you."

"Atta', boy! Now break the connection and go get'em."

Harry broke the connection and made the decision he knew he'd have to make, sooner or later.

" Avada Kedvara!"screamed Harry with every ounce of rage he had for Voldemort for ruining his and everyone else's lives, with all the love he had for his parents, for his friends, and most importantly her. And with those two words the war was finally, completely, and totally over.

" Harry, wake up!"

"Why? What happened? Are Ron, Hermione, and Gin okay? What's going on?" said Harry groggily but urgently.

Hermione answered. "Yes, we're fine. I've got a few scrapes like Ron, and Ginny ..."

Ron broke in." Harry you killed him! The war's over! And only one Death Eater got away!" All of a sudden he started dancing. He pulled Mione up and she began to laugh as they had started going out near the beginning of their journey. Harry broke away from the happy couple to find Ginny. He saw her brushing her self off near a bush.

"Hey, Harry!" shecalled.

"Hey, Gin!"Harry replied. "The war's over! Now we can have our happily ever after," he said sweeping her up into his arms. "You look beautiful after battle, you know that?"

Ginny giggled."You're prejudiced."

"So? You're still beautiful!" Harry replied with that smile he knew made her melt.

"Whatever. We have to go tell Mum. She's probably fretting about us."

" Hey, Ginny, you're awake," said Ron coming over to them, along with Hermione.

Harry looked at Ron. Like all best friends usually do, Ron understood. Abruptly, both boys got down on their knees in front of the ones they loved so much,

"Ginerva Molly Weasley, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

"Hermione Jane Granger, will you marry me? 'Cause you can have the ring if you do!"

Both girls gasped as they saw the most beautiful rings placed in front of their eyes. They knelt in front of their boyfriends and kissed them full on the lips. When Hermione finally broke away, Ron asked.

" Is that a yes?"