Summary: He's tired of waiting. Sam and Jack Valentine piece.

Set in Season 8 shortly after Threads and before Moebius

Valentine's Day, nothing more than a silly excuse for foolish sentiment. At least that's what Samantha Carter tried to tell herself most every year. This year was no exception. Sure enough, she'd managed to break up with the latest boyfriend before the annual feast of happy hearts. For all intents and purposes, she was alone, as usual.

Sam pulled up in front of her house shortly after 2300 hours. SG1 had returned from a grueling mission to P3X-198 four hours earlier and she was exhausted. The house was dark. You'd think a brilliant scientist could figure out a way to use timers for the lights.

On this particular night, Sam was blessed with the light of a spectacularly full moon. If not for the soft light it cast, she'd never have seen the package waiting for her to the side of her front door. Picking it up in one hand, she opened the door with the other, gingerly walking in with her unexpected gift.

As she placed the unwrapped box on the kitchen table, mentally noting the lack of anything suspicious, she noticed a bright label across one side of the sturdy package. It was the name and logo of the Teddy Bear Company. Now she'd known one or two of her friends who'd received these custom-made bears. But they were romantic gifts. One thing for sure, she was not romantically involved at this point of her life.

Well, my name's on the box, she thought. It can't hurt to open it. Almost immediately, another less pleasant thought popped into her head. What if it's from Pete? I don't want to have to tell him again that it's over. The first time was hard enough. So it was with more than a little trepidation Sam opened the innocent appearing box.

The box contained a soft, jointed teddy bear with light brown fur. No surprise there. Yet as she stood it on the table and took in the whole presentation, her heart skipped a beat.

Staring back at her was undoubtedly a "Jack O'Neill bear". With deep set brown eyes and a cock-eyed grin, the cuddly toy sported a blue jacket reminiscent of Air Force dress blues. The left side of the jacket was dotted with miniature replica medals while a single silver star decorated each epaulet. Though a bit incongruous, the bear wore a tiny baseball cap turned backwards and carried a small toy fishing rod in one paw.

Tied to the bear's other paw was a neatly folded enclosure note. With tears threatening, Sam took the embossed paper from its resting place and began to read the message.

"I'm not much of a talker, Sam, so I thought I'd let 'Jack bear' do it for me. I can't have another day go by without you knowing how I feel. Remember that room we've been keeping our feelings in? Well the walls have been falling down for a long time now. I want you in my life. If you feel the same now's the time to let me know."

"Whatever you decide, hope you'll keep this little guy close to your heart, the same way you are always close to mine. Jack."

Sam was breathless as she came to the end of Jack's short declaration. The ball was in her court. Without further ado, she lifted Jack-bear gently from his resting place and held him tenderly to her heart. Teddy bears were for cuddling and he was no exception. Jack was right; the walls were falling down.

As she punched in the digits of his familiar number, there were still twenty-eight minutes remaining in the most romantic day of the year. Life would never be the same.

The End (or just the beginning…)

A/N: I love those bears, how about you?