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As she punched in the digits of his familiar number, there were still twenty-eight minutes remaining in the most romantic day of the year. Life would never be the same.


He loved her. He'd made the first move. After all these years he'd taken the chance to tell her how he felt. Of course being Jack O'Neill, he hadn't used words. But still, the message was clear.

Before they'd left for P3X-198, Sam had arranged for a Valentine's Day delivery of her own. Funny … after eight years they'd both decided to give in right about the same time.

Somewhere in the middle of the 198 mission, she'd worried the gift she'd selected was foolish and sentimental, hardly something appropriate for a one-star general. But now…

Now, she waited as his phone continued to ring and no one answered. Where was he? They'd left the mountain at the same time, both probably wondering how their surprises would be received on this special day. What a pair!

She decided to take a ride to his place; she had to see him tonight, Valentine's night. For the first time in her life, a decision didn't have to make sense. It simply had to be right.

It took all of two minutes for Sam to toss on her jacket, grab her car keys and tuck Jack- bear lovingly under her arm. (Hey, she wasn't leaving him behind tonight!)

Determined to make it to Jack's before midnight, she threw open her door and prepared to bolt to her car. Good thing she looked up before flying down the stairs. There, directly in front of her, was the object of her affections, in the flesh.

Jack stood there, hands firmly planted in his pockets, still not sure of himself. He'd been standing on her porch nearly five minutes, wondering if he should knock. After eight years of avoiding his feelings like the plague, even the tiny silver charm now attached to his dog tags couldn't give him the courage he needed to come clean. But there it was for her to see. The shiny silver locket securely attached to the same chain that held his dog tags. Only he and Sam knew about the small strand of golden hair tightly curled and secured inside that locket.

Sam took in the sight and her heart swelled with love for this man. There he stood, trying for all the world to act nonchalant, his leather jacket open to the waist, the black standard issue SGC tee-shirt pulled taut against his chest, and her dime-sized heart-shaped gift displayed in stark contrast for all to see.

"Hi," she said simply. "I see you got the gift," she continued, smiling at the charm he now wore close to his heart.

"Yeah," Jack replied, smiling with the warmth that always melted her heart. "You too," he added, gesturing towards Jack-bear, now held tightly against her chest. "You look good together," he quipped.

His last comment brought on the famous Carter smile; Jack thought he'd died and gone to heaven. For the next five minutes, the two colleagues, friends and soon to be lovers stood silently in the doorway, beneath a full moon on the most romantic of nights, lost in each other's eyes.

As midnight came, Sam took his hand and led him inside. He came willingly. It was a beginning. Nothing would ever be the same.


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