1. New College


It was the only sound that that morning filled the light blue walls that matched the author of it. Ignoring the sound that came from the alarm clock on his desk marking 7 am, almost painfully ringing into his ears, Naruto opened his eyes, only half the way. He contemplated the room that now was covered in almost full sunrise. Spreading his legs and arms, he gave a big 'yawn!' while sitting on the end of the bed.

"Time for school, né?"

Yes, his first day at a new high school, because he moved far away from his old house that was almost ruined, scattered in pieces, literally due to the years that kept going on. So, he took the advantage to move into the centre of Konohoa, a really nice city, the district of the Fire Country.


Naruto said almost innocently happy while he ran to the fridge in the kitchen.

"I hope I'll make a lot of friends, or even so, a rival that matches me!"

He thought with a grin in his face. In a flash, Naruto stood up of the chair almost making it fall on to the ground.

"Or maybe not! There's no one equal or better then Uzumaki Naruto!"

After his short statement, Naruto held up the bowl of ramen and furiously started eating. After 3 minutes, he already finished. He ran to grab his bag, opened the door that was the only 'barrier' that disconnected him from the real world, took a big left step outside and watched the building carefully to see if anyone was awake. To his big satisfaction, no one was. He didn't locked the door, as usual.

"Hum, lemme see… My first class is with Kakashi-sensei, so that will be… Ah yes, Health! I wonder how this sensei is… "

With one glance to his wristwatch, Naruto started to panic and immediately started to run. To the people with untrained eyes, Naruto was just a blur. One of Naruto's qualities was his speed that few people were able to tell how fast he was.


Within 15 minutes, Naruto started to see, to his relief, his new school. Panting and a bit sweaty, he looked up and saw a big white building that actually looked like it never ended. On its front, a big clock was hooked, and Naruto just realized that he was 5 minutes late.

'Oh shit' was his only thought as he prepared himself to become another blur, not stopping until he now was at a big hallway searching for his classroom. Once again, he looked to his schedule and concluded that his classroom was nowhere to be found in that hallway.

"GREAT! Just what I needed for the first impressio..." Naruto almost finished if not for the big bump he gave while trying to run to the next hallway. With a small 'thud', Naruto fell on the cold white floor and wincing at the pain on his ass he looked above with a ready 'sorry' on his mouth to escape when he saw a really unpleasant face regarding him with almost murderous eyes. However, something didn't seem quite right in those eyes… They were red, red as blood. Naruto froze for an instant as he saw a pale hand with slender fingers wrapping themselves along Naruto's neck. Coughing a bit, from shock and pain, which now was spreading on his neck, in a matter of seconds, all he knew was that somehow he was pinned roughly against a wall, and not a soft one, while the hand on his neck kept him in place with his feet barely touching the ground.

When he realized the situation, Naruto said with a rusty voice due to the starting of lack of oxygen.

"Let me go. cough Now!"

The man's lips turned in a small smirk, but his eyes almost scram: 'Dare you to say that again'. Naruto understood the message when he was staring in those blood lusty eyes.

When his head became dizzy and his eyes rolled due to the lack of oxygen that was now extremely needed, he still didn't said a word as: 'please', to set him free from the almost death grip. No, Uzumaki Naruto was a stubborn boy that emancipated an aura of purity, strong spirit and innocence. He would not plea 'cause his pride didn't aloud it.

The man noted this, and to not kill the boy from suffocation, he pushed his hand from his grip away from his throat.

Naruto, almost happily, inhaled as much precious oxygen he could. Looking again above, he saw a dark muscled figure, yet beautifully slender in its own way. His hair was silky black that was elegantly tied lowly on his back, his beautifull face pale that contrasted with the dark t-shirt that had upon it a black net shirt and his black jeans. He wore a black long cape, freely open that gave him a mysterious look. Naruto noted that this man, this beautifull man had below his eyes what seemed a line on each side.

Not knowing how long enough he had stared at the perfect figure, Naruto decided to get up, a bit shakily due to his previous encounter with the death grip. Just when Naruto was firmly on his feet, he noticed that the man in front of him, only a few feet apart was looking directly at him with… fully lustful eyes? 'What?' Naruto thought.

Before he even had time to blink, the figure closed their distance, now only by inches, staring into each other gaze. Naruto started to feel a bit heavy and something inside him almost screamed to touch those silky black locks and feel them in his hand. Gladly, he wasn't that weak to give upon his emotions, so he just continued to stare at the man with hatred in his light blue sky eyes.

"The first impression isn't that bad after all" The man spoke in a silky, almost sensual voice.

Naruto just continued to stare at him, until the man moved a hand to bring itself on the level to Naruto's face. Naruto almost backed up, thinking that its intention was to repeat the same action as before, but his fighting spirit didn't gave up and he just stood there prepared to attack the figure if he intended to be the same. Naruto wasn't a fool to fall twice on the same trick.

A low evil smirk raised again on the man's face. Yes, he noticed the aura that the fragile boy was emitting. A really strong one. Unique and perfect. By now, the man knew that the others would have run away. He felt almost… intrigued to see how the boy would react on his next step. So, without any hesitation, the placed his pale hand to rest on Naruto's left cheek, trailing his whiskers-like marks.

Naruto just stood there, trying to fully understand what the man was doing to him, and he almost fell into the soft, almost caring touch. After brief seconds, the hand was no longer on his face and he felt a bit sad inside because no one ever touched him like that. Shaking his internal head, Naruto recovered when the figure turned his back and started walking away in the opposite direction that Naruto was trying to go before he bumped onto the man. He glanced one last time at his wristwatch and then realizing that only 5 minutes passed, he began to head to where his class should be.