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I offer you my greetings, friend, whether you be giant, veela, hag, werewolf, goblin, Muggle, witch or fellow wizard. All of the aforementioned groups I have both helped and wronged as either a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or as a Death Eater in the service of the powerful Dark Lord. Do not shy away from my diary solely because you have seen those horrid words, friend. I am a faithful crusader neither for Lord Voldemort nor for the pure-blooded mania disguising his agenda. Many times I have sabotaged his works, hiding under the mask of incompetence. And many times have I paid for this in Crucios. I do not pretend to be a hero in the war against the Dark Lord. I am not Harry Potter, I am not Ronald Weasley, I am not Hermione Granger. Nor did I aid James Potter, nor Sirius Black, nor Remus Lupin. I am Michael Avery, and this is my story.

Before I was born, several possible courses of life were planned out for me. This is the way of life in pureblooded families; they must brainwash you and control you from the very start. A mere year before my life's beginning, the House of Avery was enjoying a moderate amount of power for a member of the Bronze Circle. We had not an iota of the power possessed by House Malfoy, or Potter, or even the French Pelletiers, but we were more than respectable. Weasleys we were not. However, around the time of my birth fortune shone down upon us. The Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, member of the Platinum Circle, needed an alliance. To have friends in the Platinum Circle was the subject of many clans' dreams. Wizarding Europe's Platinum Circle comprised the seven most powerful clans in all of Europe. Had I been born a female rather than a male, this would have been a perfect circumstance for both houses. I would have been the wife of Sirius Black, a pretty pureblood who would produce mini-Siriuses (God save us. As if the ladies of Hogwarts could ever take another heartbreaker the likes of Sirius Orion Black.) Sirius would have been some brainwashed blood fanatic with influence. Alas, that was not to be. I was born male, as was Sirius, so the idea of our possible marriage to bring our houses together was scrapped immediately. Our parents were forced to settle with the closest of friends.

At the age of one, I was introduced to Sirius. Apparently, we got along fairly well. Sirius was my closest friend during childhood, but he neither could nor would say the same for me. His closest friend throughout life was Potter. At this point in my tale, I must confess a lifelong envy for James Charlus Potter. He was everything I could ever have dreamed to be- powerful family, brilliant, great Quidditch player, very popular. Most of all, though, Potter was Sirius's best friend, and one I couldn't meet. The Potters, you see, did not wish to seek an alliance with House Avery. They considered it pointless. Thus, I was set up as a friend to Sirius, but he was set up as a friend to James, and others. I could not possibly know all of this at the age of one, but the events had already been set in motion for house alliances and all such things. Our families considered the children's friendships to be their greatest destiny. How wrong they were. For the entire generation with which we grew up, Destiny of a more important sort had come calling. We would be more.

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