Journey For Serenity

Chapter 1: From The Ashes

Ben lay on the bed of the boat it rocked back and forth in a constant motion. He'd felt seasick for a while. Or it could've been the huge amounts of pain from his hip. Nothing could really num the pain coming from it apart from the pouches of morphine that Neil had put onto it.

Neil was currently boiling a kettle for some hot water.

They'd been at sea for around a day now, Neil had become used to the rocking sensation. As he tried to make the tea, he couldn't really go below deck for too long though, as it was only two of them and he needed to keep and eye on where they were going.

"So Africa eh?" Neil asked from his place by the stove. Ben had told him what had happened before the outbreak and how he'd been forced to come home leaving his fiancé behind him and that small village.

Ben grunted an acknowledgment of what Neil had just said.

"Well I would never have thought you had some girl waiting for you somewhere." Neil said, not really believing that it could be possible that this girl had survived.

Ben smiled at that, he'd never really shown any interest in the women at Serenity so he would have thought that it was obvious that he had some one somewhere. Unless they thought he wasn't into women?

Neil grabbed the boiled kettle and poured the warm water into a washing up bowl that had a cloth in it.

He picked up the bowl and moved towards his friend taking account of the rocking motion of their vessel.

He laid the bowl down next to the bed then helped Ben lean forward and take of his jacket and bandoleers. He then helped him lift of his shirt really slowly.

The bandages were wrapped around Ben quite tightly.

"You think we can lose this one now?" Neil asked pointing at the bandage wrapped around his torso because of the stomach wound he received around a week ago.

"Might as well." Ben replied.

Neil unwound the bandages to reveal the wound that had now healed over with quite a nasty scar showing itself. One that was probably still very tender to touch.

"Looks like it's healed nicely." Neil said.

Ben groaned and agreement.

"I'm going to take off the bandages I put on last night, it might hurt a bit okay?" Neil asked sympathetically

Ben looked down at him and then nodded.

Neil unwrapped the bandages that were round the fresh wound. Ben flinched from the pain as his was done. When Neil eventually got them off it revealed a wound that looked quite bad, then again it needed cleaning and that was what he was about to do.

Neil dipped his hands into the warm water and pulled out a cloth that was damp with the sterilised water.

He began to clean the wound.

"I never got chance to say before…but I'm sorry Ben I didn't believe about Sam straight away." Neil apologised

"Ah…it's-okay-didn't believe it-myself at-…first" Ben grunted from the pain

Neil laughed, "Well that little rat got his just deserve."

The two then didn't talk and Neil cleaned the wound extremely well considering their present conditions.

He began to re-bandage it as the boat continued to rock back and forth.

"So Africa then?" Neil asked.

"Yes……I have to know" Ben replied, gasping from the pain.

"I understand, to Africa then…that'll take a while" Neil replied.

"Thank You…Neil" Ben then fell asleep.


Warlord crashed through the trees flying into the air over the hill. It crashed down with a terrific roar. The tank was going all out still from the night before.

They'd lost the undead hours ago.

Warren pulled the helmet of his head, letting his neck length hair fall out. He was dirty and grimy and obviously very tired.

Tractor was keeping look out of the top of the tank, encase they saw any more undead coming at them. Or even the military.

"Where are we going?" Tractor shouted over the roar of the engine.

"Somewhere semi safe" Warren replied. "Any undead around?" he asked

"Nope we're long shot of them" Tractor replied.

Warren then pulled the large tank to a stop and switched of the engine for a while.

Tractor climbed out onto the exterior of Warlord and sat down for a while, Warren also climbed out but jumped down into the field they were residing in. He needed to stretch his legs for a while.

"What are we going to do?" Tractor asked, knowing what he wanted to do but unsure of Warren's feelings they hadn't spoken much since they'd escaped the massacre.

"I should've thought that was obvious." Warren glanced up a frown on his face.

Tractor looked at his long time friend and grinned manically. "Revenge?" he asked.

"Nothing less" Warren smiled back. "Our friends need saving, plus as well we need to save the others from being tested on. I'm not sitting idly by while everyone we knew becomes test subjects for those sadistic bastards."

"I like your thinking Warren" Tractor replied.

Warren leapt up onto the tank.

"I think we should find the military strong hold and find a place to store Warlord then we can come up with a plan." Warren then suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Tractor agreed.

"Well I need the toilet so I'm going to go in those bushes over there then I think we should carry on." Warren said hoping back off the tank.