MS: Welcome to another one of my stories. DeadlyFlower has come to hang out!

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MS: This story is the Tethe'alla side carrying out the Chosen's journey! So we have Sheena as the main character, Zelos is obviously the Chosen, Presea and Regal, and Kratos joins aswell.

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MS: Why thank you! Anyway, time to begin! Chapter 1: Sheena's dreaded nightmare has come true: traveling with Zelos!

I can't believe Meltokio called Mizuho for it's emergancy! Couldn't they have asked someone else? Use Papal Knights at least?! I really hope I don't run into Zelos...

"Sheenaaaaaa!" Speak of the devil... And I literally mean the devil.


"What brings you here?"

"I was called up for something."

"Like what?"

"I don't know!"

"We could go some place else to-OW!" Idiot...

Meltokio castle

"Sheena, glad you could make it. And Zelos is with you." The King thinks it's a good thing?

"Zelos, I trust you know what today is?"

"How can I forget?" I don't know what today is...

"Good. Sheena, today is the day of Prophercy. Zelos is to recieve an oracle from heaven, and we would like you to escort him." Hell. No!!!! Why is this life so cruel to me?!

"Does it have to be me?"

"You're the only person who we could find. The Papal Knights are for the Pope's protection, and I couldn't spare any of my bodyguards." What kind of King doesn't spare his bodyguards for the Chosen? Tethe'alla's King. That's happened for every Chosen until now. And everytime, someone from Mizuho is called to protect the Chosen. It's really annoying and there isn't much anyone can do.

"Argh... Alright."

"Excellent. Now go to the Martel Cathedral. The Pope will give you and Zelos a briefing."

"Yes, your majesty." His Majesty has become ill over these past months. It's strange, because he's usally very healthy. And Zelos and the Pope seem hostile toward each other.

Martel Cathedral

"Chosen One, Sheena, welcome. Ah, Presea, wait 2 minutes." Presea? Oh, a young girl has walked in. She must be the one from Ozette who delivers Sacred Wood.

"Yes." There are several Papal Knights here too. No priests though.

"We can't have you beginning your journey. We want Seles instead. I am hereby ordering your immediate execution. All witnessess shall also be eliminated." WHAT?! That means me! And that Presea girl! Even though I dislike Zelos, I can't let him die either! So we'll have to fight back!

"Fight back!" I tell Zelos. He's nodded and drawn his sword. Presea's also fighting back. But we can't possibly handle this on our own. I mean, we're doing okay, but just one more guy would be helpful. Some of these guys shouldn't even be knights! They're rubbish! Even Presea's taking them out! She who laughs last... There are some stronger ones... Such as the ones in gold armour, not standard green... Hm? A man just walked in... Auburn headed, dressed in purple. He's fighting the knights too. Who is he? Now isn't the time to think about that. I have to fight!

Phew... That was close... Now, the auburn guy.

"What happened here?" Why is he asking questions? That's our job!

"The Pope ordered Zelos' execution for no reason! Who are you?"

"Are you the Chosen?" So he's ignored me and talking to Zelos. What a gentleman.


"I see. Are they your protection?" By 'they' he means Presea and me.

"Um, the black-headed hottie is, but the youngster was caught up in our little battle." I hate it when he compliments me. The lines are always so cheesy and perverted.

"Do you really intend to just take the older girl with you?" What's he trying to say?

"Well... Actually, I could ask Presea to come with me. How about it, little one?" Presea's a good fighter. I wouldn't mind her coming.

"Very well."

"That's it?"

"You didn't answer my question! Who are you?" Let's hope he answers me this time.

"I am Kratos. A mercenary. If you, Zelos, can pay me, I'll take on the job of protecting you."

"Erm... No offense, but I don't like talking to guys."

"You don't have to talk to me." His face says 'I don't want you to talk to me'.

"Hmm... Well... Sure, what the hell."


"Zelos, where are we going?"

"Oh! Well, I have to get my Cruxis Crystal from Seles, then we have to come back here to meet the oracle."

"Transportation required." Presea's right. She's not very talkative. She's more... robotic.

"That's true. We'll have to get an EC." Is he mad?!

"We're not packages!"

"Come on, hunny. Do you know how much it costs to use the boats! It's so much easier to use the EC!"

"We need power from the Summon Spirit Undine to power it so we don't run out of fuel!"

"Then form the pact with her!"

"Undine is in Sylvarant!" And there's the fact that I don't want to try forming pacts again... Not after what happened when I was 9.

"Hmmm... Then let's walk and talk."

"Seles is in the SE Abbey! That'll take days!"

"72 hours walk. Time left today: 15 hours. Day of Prophecy will end." Spoken like a robot...

"She's right. Just pay for the boat." I like Kratos' thinkning.

"Ah geez... Fine, fine! Don't blame me if I can't afford to pay you!" He's from a wealthy family and if he needs money, the King will be more than willing to just give him the money. I suppose all wealthy people are afraid of losing their wealth. We have to go to the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge to board a boat. And thus begins the life of torture I'm about to lead. My worst nightmare has come true: Travelling with Zelos 24 hours a day. WHYYYYY?!

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MS: NEWS: ToS anime comes out in Japan on June 8th 2007. IT'S ONLY 4 EPISODES!!! IT SHOULD BE LONGER!!!

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