Yo! This is just a random poem that I made up. It's also my first IY poem and poem with any meaning. Poetry is not my thing, but hey, I was bored. It was made during music class and some guys were playing the drums at 1000 decibels, so yeah… Let's get on with the show!

I don't own anything.

As the crescent moon floats

Across a starless sky,

The Lord of the Westlands

Watches those who die.

The vassals of another Lord

Demanded his fang,

Glittering with heavenly light

At his waist.

The vassals attacked the Lord,

Eyes glowing red with evil.

Poison flew across the sky,

Shattering the vassals.

Why did my father always waste his time?

The young Lord thought,

As he walked into darkness.

It's really short and like I said before, I don't like poetry, but I was bored. If you know what scene this describes, tell me in a review! If you have a better name for it, tell me!

Like it? Hate it? Should I write another one? Please review!