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Chapter 1: Dreams of Twilight

Link stood alone over the endless plain of Hyrule field. His enemies had been left for dead, slain by the blade of Evil's bane. The grassy, barren fields of Hyrule were safe to cross once again, thanks to his heroic deeds. A cool wind blew against his back, a chilling reminder that it meant nothing to him. His deeds which were worthy of the hero before him, deeds that would make him known as the one of the greatest heroes to ever live, brought happiness to him, only to be cut down by the overwhelming wave of sorrow shortly after. For on Link's journey he lost something… something very precious and dear to his heart. He stood and sighed as he looked down at the cold, grassy plains before him. He could feel tears starting to well in his eyes.

Suddenly he heard a sound. It sounded like someone was laughing. Link listened to the sound as he heard it again. It sounded familiar, almost like an old friend. The memory of this sound brought a quick, wry smile upon his face, realizing where he heard it before. Link turned around as he heard the same laugh again. He could vaguely distinguish a small outline on the horizon. The shape of the outline was slender and small. But the outline had a unique characteristic. Even from his faraway spot below the hill, he could make out what looked like a helmet that covered up most of the outlines head. Link dashed into a full sprint up towards the hill. Link could see the outline clearly now, and as he did, doubled his speed. His thoughts immediately changed from sorrow and despair to pure happiness. Link could not believe his eyes, but there was what he was searching for, right in front of him. Then, without warning, what he saw and thought to have found quickly turned against him. The outline of what he believed to be everything Link wanted vanished. In its place stood a gargantuan beast with glowing red eyes, filled with hate and malice. Link tried to draw his sword against the illusion, but was a step too slow. The beast had Link in his grasp. Link tried to fight through the ensnaring hand of the beast, but he could not break its hold. With that, everything went black…

Link awoke in his bed, dazed and breathing heavily, a cold sweat over him. He stared down at the back of his hand, the one normally emblazed with his triforce of courage, and noticed the same thing as he did every night that he had this strange dream. The triforce was fading in and out, as if struggling to stay alive. Link finally started to calm down. He silently cursed to himself, as he thought back on that fateful day two years ago.

Link had started out a ranch hand in the small village of Ordon, south of Hyrule, and ended as a hero and savior of all of the Golden Land. He fought back the twilight, ended the crazed rule of the King of Twilight, saved the Princess Zelda, and stopped a craze madman from using the triforce to establish domination over Hyrule.

"Why then," Link said to himself angrily, "didn't I do anything to save myself?"

For on his journey, he was inadvertently teamed up with a girl called Midna. She was a strange little creature. She had an oversized helmet that covered up one of her eyes, had long pointy ears, and looked imp like. She was part of the Twili tribe, natives who resided in the Twilight Realm, who had taken over Hyrule and mixed shadow and light. Zelda had told Link of how the King of Twilight had taken over Hyrule's once great Kingdom. She asked for him to go with Midna and do whatever it took to return Hyrule to normal.

His feelings for this imp were of much resentment towards the start of their adventure together, as she continually had a hidden agenda and always teased Link with jokes and ridiculed him. After exploring lakebed temple however, he and Midna encountered the King of Twilight, Zant. Zant put a curse on Link, forcing him into his wolf form even in the world of light. But that was nothing compared to what Zant did to Midna.

He exposed her to the light of Lanayru, the light spirit, and mortally wounded her by doing so. After being teleported by the light spirit, Link hurried to Princess Zelda to find a way to remove the curse upon him and to possibly find a way to save Midna. Zelda told Link to find the sacred blade of Evil's bane, the Master Sword, as it would lift the evil curse put on Link. Midna was ready to accept death, but Zelda saw a way to heal her.

"Midna, I believe I understand now just who and what you are," she said with care and kindness in her voice.

"Despite your mortal injuries, you act in our stead. These dark times are the results of our deeds, yet it is you who have to reap the penalty. Accept this now, Midna. I pass it to you."

Then Zelda sent a glowing light into Midna, and Midna was revitalized, but at a price. Zelda vanished into thin air, her precious gift gone, and things would never be the same. Soon after Zelda's sacrifice, Link started to warm up to Midna, as she did to him. There bond quickly grew into a close and personal friendship, one of trust and sacrifice. It soon became more than that though. Midna and Link stared to love each other. A secret love, which neither could admit to the other out of fear. Even so, with each passing day, they started to care more and more for each other, until it was shown in the final battle against the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf, that both of them were willing to sacrifice everything they had to save the other from harm.

Midna had transported Link and a revived Zelda from the battle inside Hyrule Castle out onto the open field of Hyrule. The castle then went up in an explosion as Ganon came into view. He held Midna's helmet in his hand, and snapped it in half. Anger surged through Link, and from that point on, he could not let Ganon win. He had taken his love away from him, and he would pay for it! In an intense one on one sword fight, Ganon and Link fought to the death. Blow for blow, they stood and continued to fight. Through the anger and sadness, Link was able to open up the dark lord's defenses. Ganon fell to the ground, and as he did, Link drove the Master Sword through his stomach. After the battle and Link stood victorious he silently wept for the loss of Midna. Suddenly, a light appeared on the hillside. Link could barely make out the shape, but he knew who it was. He raced up the hill, knowing it just had to be her. When he got there, he was surprised at what he saw.

A beautiful dark skinned woman with amber eyes and red, autumn colored hair stood where the light spirits were. When Link gazed into the woman's eyes, he knew it was her. Midna's curse was lifted, and her true form was revealed. She was already proven to be the true Princess of Twilight, but she looked the part more-so in her new form. When Link first saw her this way, he did not know what to say. He didn't know how to react, the change was so different. Only Midna's words could break Link's silent awe.

"Well, say something," she teased, amused with his silence. "Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?"

Her comment shed Links doubt and he realized no matter how different she looked from her old imp like form, that this was the woman that he had fallen in love with. A few days passed, and Link and Zelda eventually escorted Midna back to the Mirror chamber which contained the device that connected shadow and light, the Mirror of Twilight. It was there that Link's heart was broken in an instant. As Midna said goodbye to Link, she started to say something.

"Link… I…" but suddenly stopped, only to say, "See you later".

A single tear went down Midna's cheek as she said these words. She propelled it forward unwillingly into the mirror of Twilight. As Link watched the single tear touch the mirror, it cracked. Link's sudden curiosity turned to anguish as his heart felt like it was about shatter just as the mirror was. Link looked up at Midna, shocked and hurt. But she just smiled at him, as their eyes met for one last time.

Midna then was sent back into the Twilight realm, and as soon as she was gone the mirror was shattered. As soon as the mirror shattered, so did Link's heart. He felt lost, confused, but most of all, he felt sad. The one link to the Twilight realm was utterly destroyed, and so was his love life.

He spent the next few months, quietly living in Ordon by himself. The townspeople of Ordon noticed a change in Link's demeanor. The once outgoing, strong, and friendly hero was now shy, reserved, and often stared out into space. He was never outside anymore, and simply kept to himself. It had been two years since then, and everyday of his life he always thought to himself…

"Why didn't I do something? Why didn't I tell her before it was too late?"

These questions always lead to him silently weeping to himself, about his lost love. But now he worried about the dreams. Originally, he thought them to be nothing, just another nightmare over the love he lost. But this particular dream had become more frequent over the last few weeks, almost to the point where they would occur every time Link went to sleep. Not to mention that the dream had an effect on his Triforce of Courage. That itself made him worry. Never had he heard of in any ancient lore of the triforce acting in such a manner. Link returned to reality, only to feel tears running down his face. He looked outside his window at the bright, shining moon, and went back to sleep.

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