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"Okay, so here we are broadcasting to you live from the Avatar Character Containment Center, or ACCC. We have locked you're favorite TV Show characters in small rooms to see what they will watch on TV." said the Mysterious Voice Person. "First, Iroh."

Then, the Mysterious Voice Person opened the door and saw Iroh sitting in front of the screen, cross legged watching channel zero, which does not exist. Thus, the screen is blue and a loud BEEP can be heard. The Mysterious Voice Person steped up and looks at Iroh's face, and he saw that Iroh's pupils are really wide and drool is hanging from his mouth.

"Okay, we're just gonna step out and leave the old geezer to his uhh, television." The Mysterious Voice Person said as he and his companion left. Suddenly, Iroh snapped out of his trance and yelled:

"OLD GEEZER?!?!?!?!?"

"After the experience with Iroh, I'm afraid of what will happen next, but , eh, the show must go on. On to…Katara. God, I'm so afraid." The Mysterious Voice Person said. You know what, I'm getting tired of typing that, so, for all intensive purposes, we'll call the Mysterious Voice Person 'MVP'. On with the story!

Nonetheless, MVP opened the door and saw Katara watching one of those cruddy and predictable soap operas where every character, girl and boy, gets pregnant every other episode. She was bawling her eyes out.

"Rodric, No!!! She doesn't love you like I do! Come out of that box and stay with me! I will give you the love you deserve and bear your children with honor!" Katara shouted. Then, she started licking the Rodric on the screen and rolling her breasts around on the screen wile hugging it.

MVP just slammed the door. "No amount of therapy will ever make this moment okay."

Next up was Toph. When MVP opened the door, he screamed and startled backwards. Toph was standing in the doorway, eyes wide and positively fuming.

"IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?" she screamed.

"All I wanted you to do is watch…oh yeah, sorry."


"NO! PLEASE! MERCY!" MVP shouted as he ran away. After several minutes, he could no longer hear Toph's screams of fury and he was no longer being pelted by rocks, so he figured he was okay

"Okay, next up is Zuko. God help me." MVP said just before he opened the door and saw Zuko watching … Baywatch. What's worse, he kept watching and rewatching David Hasselhoff running up the beash in that classic slo-mo. MVP had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing. "Queer!" he yelled before he slammed the door and started running away.

Zuko came out a few minutes later, his whole face redder than his scar.

"Hey, hothead." Toph called. "I think we both share some common enemies." She smiled evilly

"Next up, Azula. This should be good." MVP said.

He opened the door slowly. To his horror, he saw Azula watching a certain, well, channel that I can't describe vividly because I would have to make this an M fic. Her clothes were off and she was laying on the bed, umm, "pleasing" herself, moaning loudly. MVP watched dumbfounded, but reaching down his own pants nonetheless. The camera guy was snapping away with his digital camera and recording at the same time.

"You're gonna share those pictures, right?" MVP asked.

"Dude, anytime."

After about 30 minutes, they moved on to Sokka's room. They neglected to realize, however, that Azula had seen their reflections in a mirror as they left.

"Sokka, what're watching?" MVP asked to no one in particular as he opened the door.

Sokka was watching Harry Potter, nothing to unusual, right? Not yet, at least.

"Who goes there?" Sokka boomed, spinning around suddenly.

"Just us." MVP said.

"YOU! You are the one who tapped us here and told Aang about the spider-web," Sokka said a mock ghost voice. "Feel my WRATH! Aveda Kedavra!" Sokka said, making fake zapping sounds.

"Pff, this guys a joke. He couldn't hurt a fly. Hey watch this. Nerd boy! You're, uhh, in my room, yeah, that's right! My room. Ooh! And last night, I banged your sister." MVP lied, smiling smugly.

"What did you say?" Sokka asked, suddenly freezing.

"What didn't ya understand, the part about you being in my room or the part about me plowin' your dad's daughter?" MVP chuckled.

Then, in all his anger, Sokka suddenly grew to be twelve feet and have eighteen tentacles.

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" MVP screamed. As he began to run awy, out popped Toph. "NOOOOO!" He screamed. He ran a different way, only to run into Azula. "EEEEEEEEEEH!" he screeched. He went yet another way and saw Zuko blocking his path. "ONLY TWO MORE WAYS!!! UHHH HUH HUH!!!" he cried. He went one way and ran into Katara. "MOMMY! Wait, why are you here?" he asked.

"You're camera man was taking pictures! I saw the flashes!" Katara shouted loudly.

"How do you know what pictures are?" MVP stuttered.

"I have no idea!" She shouted just as loudly as before. Then she jumped, but narrowly missed

Having only one more escape route, he ran that direction, only to get blocked by Iroh. "MERCY!!!"

As for what happened with im next, use your imaginations

Still, what ever happened to Aang?

"Sooooooo… you have to master firebending, defeat a crazed monarch, end a hundred year war, and win over a girl who's two years older than you who wants to sleep with a cheesey soap opera character in twenty episodes?" the camera man asked Aang.

"Pretty much," Aang responded monotonously.

"Ohh, LONG PAUSE want some booze?"


Ah, well. I guess we may never know.

Next episode, Aang gets drunk and has a little… sexual episode. Up soon…I hope!

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