Title: Proof is in Actions (4/4)
Author: WolfMasterLoki
Pairings: JD/Janitor, Turk/Carla
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual Situations, Smut, Slight non/con, masochism, swearing
Disclaimer: I don't own Scrubs
Summary: The Janitor wants a certain doctor and is more than willing to prove it.
A/N: Finally finished it. I just want it to not read as awkward as it felt when I wrote it. I hate writing endings. They never feel quite right. But it's probably just in my head. I'm going to play with this couple some more in the future and maybe I'll try my hand at something darker.
Quote: "...Newbie is my drunk baby." -Dr. Cox (4x12 My Best Moment)

Thanks to all who read and reviewed.

Chapter 4

Turk and Carla found their way home. As they walked through the door they were having an argument about none other than J.D.

"I'm telling you Turk. This isn't going to end well." Carla sighed. "The Janitor is known for messing with him. It's practically a sport."

Turk shrugged. "I know you're worried about J.D. baby. But he's a grown man and he can take care of himself."

"I guess." She was relenting now but Turk knew better. This argument wasn't over yet.

Moving around the couch, Turk noticed the last few beers sitting out on the table. Now completely warm. "Who left out all the beers?" Carla muttered something noncommittal from the bedroom. "J.D. you in here?"

He moved over to J.D.'s bedroom and lightly rapped on the door. Opening it for a moment he called his friend's name tentatively. Catching sight of what was on the bed he slammed the door shut and gave a high pitched shriek.

"My eyes! Oh I'll never see again!" Turk rubbed the palms of his hands against his eyes hard.

"Turk? What happened?"

"Carla is that you? I've been blinded." Turk whimpered, "I'll never recover."

Carla simply rested her hands on her hips. "Now you're just over-reacting." She knocked on J.D.'s door. "Bambi. You in there?"

J.D. mumbled into the Janitor's neck. He rolled over out of the hold he was in. "You hear something?"

"Nope. Get back over here."

"I could have sworn I heard a cry of pain and terror like a minute ago."

Will sighed. "That was you're surgeon buddy."

J.D. put his hands over his face. He whined, "Please say it isn't so."

"It isn't so."


"Well yeah."

J.D. took a moment to glare at him. He heard a soft knocking suddenly and realized that someone was knocking on his door and calling his name. "What?," he yelled.

"Bambi." It was Carla and she sounded pissed. "Get out here now."

He tried too. Unfortunately, standing made all his previous activities scream in protest. All the pain in his backside, hips, and all through his shoulders and arms. He had managed to throw his legs over the edge of the bed. Before promptly falling back again. Now he was lying still with his legs over the side of the bed and his head on Will's stomach.

"Little help?"

Will looked over at him and smiled. "No, but I'll get it for you." He stood up and quickly picked over the clothing on the floor to get dressed. He just put on his uniform pants and shirt, not bothering to button it, before heading to the door. J.D. barely had time to pull his protesting body back under the covers before Will got out the door.

Carla reared back in surprise. She hadn't quite realized who had been in there. Expecting J.D. and not the sloppily dressed Janitor. "What're you doing?"

"Walking," he said.

"Cute," she said sarcastically. "Now where's J.D."

Will jabbed a thumb at the closed door. "In there. He'll be out in a minute...Probably."

Carla bypassed him and knocked on the door again. Harder this time. "J.D. you have five minutes to get out here before I come in there and get you."

J.D.'s muffled voice said, "Can I have ten minutes?"

"No. Now you only have three minutes." Will snickered a little. She wasn't mad at him at least. But he doomed himself to having her bring her attention to him. He sobered up quickly. "And you. Don't think I've forgotten about you." She pointed to the chair in a clear sign to sit down. Will obeyed immediately. She scared him.

Turk was sitting on the couch shaking his head in denial. He glanced at the Janitor and winced. Carla sat down next to him and waited. J.D. finally opened the door a crack before slowly slipping through. He could just imagine how bad this looked. All he had to wear was his scrubs bottoms and Will's white t-shirt. Which probably went well with the limp he had combined with the bruises and red marks he couldn't cover up.

Carla took one look at him as he sat down, wincing as he did so, and gasped. "What did you do to him?" She pointed at the Janitor.

"I had sex with him."

J.D. groaned under his breath. "Not helping."

Turk chimed in. "Seriously, not helping."

"He looks like you beat the crap out of him." Carla pointed at his marked up wrists and neck.

"It's fine Carla," J.D. tried to reassure her.

"It's not fine. I told you this was a bad idea. Look at yourself."

J.D. blushed a little. He really didn't want to have this conversation. "I sort of asked for it. You know?" He tried to lean in close like no one else would hear him. Even though Turk and Will were just a couple feet away.

"I knew it. You did hurt him." Carla was officially irate. Obviously she'd taken his words the wrong way. Looking back on it he could see where that last sentence sounded like something an abused wife in the ER would say.

"That's not what I meant." J.D. stood up to stand between Carla and Will. He winced at the sudden movement but stood his ground. Will stood up behind him and slipped his arm around J.D.'s waist to help hold him up.

J.D. was attempting to relay the conversation with his eyes alone.

Turk looked at him intently and nodded in understanding. "I get it. It's fine baby. Let him be."

Carla whirled around. "And why should I do that?"

Turk stood up and got close to her ear to whisper what J.D. had said. Or signaled. Whatever. Carla's eyes widened in understanding. She understood it seemed. And J.D. never felt more embarrassed in his entire life. His face burned red and of course Will chose to pull him into his lap as he sat back down.

J.D. stuck his face in his hands again and sighed. "This is more embarrassing than that time Dan pulled my shorts down by the public pool." He glanced at the three people now staring at him. "They called me Teenie Wienie at school for the rest of the year." They continued to stare. "You see it was cold in the water and I had just got out. And you know what...Forget it."

He gave up and simply snuggled into the large frame of his lover. It was comforting at least. It wasn't like the moment could get any worse.

Will figured that meant the conversation was over so he stood up to leave. He managed to get J.D. over his shoulder while heading to the bedroom. "We'll see you later. Things to do."

J.D. grabbed at the door frame. "Put me down. We're not done talking."

"Yes we are. Come on." Will easily pulled him free from the door frame and kicked the door shut behind him.

Carla and Turk stared at the now closed door.

"You think we should help him?," Turk asked.

"No. I think he's got it." They both spent another awkward few minutes listening to the banging and loud moaning coming from inside the room.

Inside the bedroom, J.D. was lying on the bed. He let out another loud moan. He whispered, "You think they're buying it?"

Will looked up from the base of the bed. He was shaking the frame around. They both heard the front door slam. "Oh yeah. They bought it."

"You were right that was hilarious."

"Told you so."

J.D. was leaning against the nurse's station. He didn't have anywhere pressing to be at the moment. Not until the lab results came back for his patient. He was absently staring down the hall. More accurately, he was staring at Will down the hall who happened to be mopping. So J.D. was getting a great view of his boyfriend's backside.

"Bambi don't you have work to do. You know instead of ogling your boyfriend's goodies."

"No. I'm waiting for some labs. I can ogle to my heart's content for another..." J.D. checked his watch, "...ten minutes."

Carla rolled her eyes but she was smiling. J.D. was just glad that Will and her were getting along now. He did have a healthy fear of her. And anyone who was scared of Carla usually got along with her.

As he had been talking to Carla, Dr. Cox was walking down the hall where Will was mopping. J.D. turned back towards them just in time to watch his mentor slip on the too wet floor and land flat on his back. The Janitor leaned over the fallen doctor for a moment. "Wet floor."

"Carla, please tell me that I hallucinated Dr. Cox falling on his ass by slipping on a puddle my boyfriend made."

"Sorry, Bambi but I saw it too. He's going to be so mad at you."

J.D. dropped his head. This was becoming a common occurrence in the halls of Sacred Heart. For a reason beyond J.D.'s comprehension, Will was dead set on making Dr. Cox miserable. And it was doing a good job of making Dr. Cox dead set on making him miserable.

Dr. Cox pulled himself up with as much dignity as possible considering he had a huge wet mark on his back. He stalked right up into J.D.'s face and begin yelling at him. "You know what you can do for me Priscilla. If you're able to tear yourself away from eye humping Scrub-brush over there for a few minutes that is. You can go ahead and put him on a leash and muzzle and chain him up in the backyard. Because he went and piddled all over the carpet. And you know what happened? I stepped right in it. So maybe you can go ahead and potty-train that little puppy of yours before I'm forced to send him right back to the pound. And you know what they do to unwanted pups over there. They go ahead and give them a huge shot of liquid death. Are we understanding each other Newbie?"

The Janitor was on his hands and knees barking at a disinterested Dr. Cox. J.D was attempting to hold him back with a large chain attached to a spiked collar around the Janitor's neck. J.D. pulled out a rolled up newspaper and smacked him on the nose. The Janitor turned around, snarled and tackled J.D. to the ground trying to rip his throat out.

J.D. shivered violently. "I don't know if I can do that Dr. Cox." 'Though Will does look sexy in a collar.'

Dr. Cox gave an impressive growl before stalking off. He made sure to shoulder bump J.D. on the way. 'Ow. That hurts so bad.' Will had seen the rant and didn't look pleased. He threw down a wet floor sign and starting walking away. He considered what else he could do to annoy the older doctor.

Turk chose that moment to show up. "What's up people. Who's the best surgeon around here?"

"I think it's the Todd," Carla said with a smirk.

"Woman, you're messing up my flow." Turk glanced J.D.'s way. He noticed the worried expression on his friend's face. "What's the matter with you buddy?"

J.D. sighed. "Dr. Cox is all mad at me because the Janitor won't stop messing with him. Somehow he thinks it's my fault."

"You know it cracks me up every time you call him 'Janitor.' You don't call him that in bed do you?"

"Well there was a couple times. But there were costumes involved and a little roleplaying..."

Turk threw up his hands. "Stop right there. What's the rule?"

"No personal sexy information about me and my man."

"That's right. I don't need all the dirty details." J.D. grinned at the slightly sick look on Turk's face. He knew that his Brown Bear didn't mean anything bad when he said that kind of stuff. And it was way too fun to mess with him by talking about it anyway.

Carla edged into the conversation. "Be nice to Bambi. Now why don't you just make him stop?" She said it as if it was just that easy.

J.D. shrugged. "How am I supposed to do that? It's not like I'm the boss of him."

"As the woman of the relationship, you are the boss of him."

J.D. frowned at the comment. Turk starting laughing loudly. "I am not the woman." 'I have man parts!'

"Oh really. Than tell me this. Do you make the meals?"

"Yeah." 'Will can't make an unboxed meal to save his life.'

"Do the laundry?"

"Usually." 'Lazy jerk.'

"Yell at him for stupid little things that make no sense?"

J.D. sputtered, "No...Maybe a couple times." 'He keeps attaching the utensils to his work tools so there's nothing to eat with.'

Carla smiled lightly. She had clearly won this round. Turk pushed his shoulder lightly. "Dude. You really are the woman."

"I am not the woman!" J.D. was starting to get really red. 'Man parts!'

Carla turned her head to face him. "Now J.D. you just have to do some manipulating."

"But I don't have a woman's natural ability to manipulate guys," J.D. muttered.

"What was that?" Carla put her hands on her hips and gave him a dirty look.


Turk threw his arms around his friend's shoulders and pointed at the nurse. "Now none of your talk about manipulating. Me and J.D. are manly men. Right?" He looked at J.D. who nodded. "And we don't need any women telling us what to do."

Carla smirked at them. "Turk go out and get me a coffee," she told him in her best don't mess with me voice.

"Oh come on," Turk hung his head at her harsh look and gave in. "Fine," he muttered and scuffed the ground with his shoe before walking away.

J.D. waited until Turk was out the door before turning back to Carla. "Now what's this about manipulating?" 'I can totally do this. Even if I have man parts.'

J.D. was eating lunch with Elliot. Hoping to get some advise. He should have known better. She wasn't helping much. Considering she had more dysfunctional relationships than him J.D. shouldn't have been surprised. She was currently rambling about some kind of messed up frat guy she used to date. He used the term 'date' lightly since it sounded dirty from her description. But he'd also spaced out about half way through as a self-preservation move to save his limited sanity.

He thought over a few things Carla had suggested earlier, but they wouldn't really work for him. Mostly because he was a guy too. 'Go man parts!' Withholding sex was not an option as J.D. was physically incapable of going without for an extended period of time. Not to mention attempting the opposite route of seduction since he wasn't that good at it and he was the bottom. Subtlety was a no as well since he knew that he was as subtle as a hurricane.

J.D. realized suddenly that there was nothing high pitched or crazy in the air. He looked up from his plate to Elliot. She had stopped talking and was staring at him with an annoyed expression. He'd been caught not listening. J.D. gave her a grin that he'd been told was charming hoping it would get him out of trouble. No such luck. So he tried the next best tactic. Running away. He picked up his tray, muttered something too low to hear and quickly walked away.

As he was throwing his un-eaten food out he scanned the cafeteria for someone that might actually be helpful. J.D. focused on Dr. Cox who had an odd look on his face. His mentor's face was scrunched up in an unusual grimace and his eyes were watery. The doctor spit out the sandwich that was in his mouth and made a hasty retreat out of the cafeteria. J.D. had a bad feeling he knew what was wrong. He sidled up against the metal rail to stand near the Sloppy Joe Guy. He now knew his name was Troy. Will had introduced him to all of the maintenance staff and they had gotten along pretty good. Even though he was a doctor.

"Hey Troy. What's up?" He tried to sound casual. It probably didn't matter because Troy wasn't the smartest person ever.

"Hi there J.D. Nothing is up." Troy darted his eyes around looking anywhere but at J.D.

'Score. I got you now.' "Don't tell me that Will wasn't telling me the truth when he said what a great prank you guys were pulling." 'Come on Troy. Fall into my trap. You know you want to.'

Troy looked a little unsure. "He told you about that?"

J.D. grinned widely. "Of course he did. I thought it was awesome." He tried looking confused for a moment. It wasn't that hard. "But I just can't remember the whole thing. Refresh my memory."

Troy matched his grin and immediately leaned in. "Well you know that doctor with the curly hair. Will told me to put this real strong hot sauce into his food." He laughed loudly. J.D. tried hard to keep the sour look of his own face and laugh with him.

J.D. quickly made some excuse to leave. He was officially angry. It was easier to excuse his boyfriend when it was just a few annoying things. Annoying people is what Will did best. But J.D. was now certain that it was more than the usual need to get back at anyone who walked the halls. Aside from the floor that morning, the food just now, he'd also heard that the back tires on Dr. Cox's Porsche had disappeared. It was practically a sin and a death sentence to touch the man's precious car. So it was serious.

The doctor stormed through the halls looking for his shifty boyfriend. He eventually found him standing around the halls not really doing anything. 'How does he keep this job if he spends half his time standing around and the other half messing with people.'

J.D. took up a stance in front of Will. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was doing his best angry face. Will raised an a eyebrow and smiled a little. "How may I help you?"

"You know." J.D. was determined to win this fight. He'd make Will admit he was specifically targeting Dr. Cox for no good reason.

"Who me?"

"Yes. I'm talking about you."

"Couldn't be." Will smirk widened.

J.D. just got angrier. "Enough. Come on." He grabbed Will's arm in a grip he didn't know he could actually muster and dragged the reluctant man behind him. J.D. managed to spy an empty exam room and pulled Will into it.

"Are we going to do naughty things now?" Will looked excited.

"No!" J.D. sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. 'Looking angry hurts my face. How does Dr. Cox do this all day? Focus. You're arguing right now.' "You've been messing with Dr. Cox for like a week now. Why?"

Will gestured to himself and said, "Hello. Big scary janitor guy. We've met before I'm sure of it."

"You're messing with him more than usual."

Will shook his head. "I am not."

"You are too."






"Not." J.D. stopped a moment and realized what he'd said. 'Damn it. Touche sir.' "Enough of this. Admit it. You're messing with Dr. Cox for some reason that makes no sense to normal humans on the plant Earth. Or even less sense than the usual reasons you have."

Will shifted on the spot. J.D. was giving him the accusing look that made him want to admit things. It was the same look he got when he'd catch Will thinking about trading in the stuffed dog, Rowdy, for a stuffed puma. His name was Sebastian.

"Yeah. I've been doing stuff to him. So what?" Will tried to act nonchalant.

"So what? It's effecting my job. You see, you don't have to work with the guy face to face. I'm getting prank backlash." J.D. rubbed his neck distractedly. "I just want to know why."

Will shifted again. "You keep following him around and stuff."

"He's my mentor."

"He's a jerk doctor." Will said it with more venom than was really necessary.

J.D. looked hard at Will's face. And it suddenly came to him. "You're jealous."

"I am not!"

"You are." J.D. got even closer to him. "It's all over your face. You're jealous of Dr. Cox."

"It's all your fault." Will was getting angry now too.

"How's it my fault?"

"You're always hanging around him and doing what he says. And you just shouldn't." Will nodded his head. He was satisfied that he'd made his point.

"That's stupid. I do those things because he's a great doctor that has more experience than I do." J.D. threw his hands in the air. "What do you think I'm sleeping with him."

"You better not be."

J.D. blinked. He barely believed what he was hearing. "That's it. I'm done." He turned around and walked stiffly to the door.

Will looked stricken and he danced on the spot with indecision for a second before lunging forward. He grabbed J.D. by the arm and pulled the shorter man into a bearhug. "Don't leave me."

J.D. squirmed a bit. "You're holding me too tight." Will relaxed his grip. "Don't get so worked up. I was leaving the room."

"You said you were done."

"With the argument." J.D. glanced upwards. "Sometimes you're dense." Will looked affronted and J.D. just grinned widely. "You see I storm out of here, finish my shift, and meet you at your place later. We'd probably argue some more and than have angry makeup sex if all goes according to plan."

"You planned that?"

"No but I did fantasize it. Which is just as good."

Will cocked his head to the side. "Would there be spanking?"

J.D. grinned. "It's angry sex...of course there'd be spanking. Will you apologize?"

Will laid his head on top of J.D.'s and sighed deeply. "I'm sorry. Okay."

"Are you still jealous of Dr. Cox?"


"Are you still going to pull pranks on him?"


"Will you moderate it a little bit." Will shrugged as an answer. "For me?"

He gave in and nodded slightly. "Fine."

J.D. was happy that the argument was over. Even if it was temporary. He hated to be angry. Suddenly, J.D. thought of something. "Can we get a spiked collar and would you wear it?"

Will looked like he was considering it. He smiled a little. "We can get a spiked collar but you'd be the one wearing it."

J.D. thought it over for a moment before nodding vigorously. "Okay!"