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Sara stood alone in the locker room. She was nervous as hell. Why shouldn't she be? It was time to practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Tell Grissom at the lab…medical help will be there for him much faster than it would if she says anything at home.

She looked at herself in the mirror. "Grissom, I'm pregnant." Simple, but no. "Griss, know how you wanted to be married before we had kids?" No, that was just stupid. "Honey, you're going to be a dad!" Ha! Yeah, and then a corpse.

"No way!"

Sara spun around at the sound of the voice. Why the hell was anyone even in the locker room? It was half an hour before shift started.

"You're pregnant?!"


"Yes you are!"


"Sara Sidle, don't you even dare lie to me!"


"Oh man! You haven't told Grissom yet?"

"No. I was kind of trying to practice what to say to him when you scared the hell out of me."

"Sorry. How are you going to tell him? That man is going to flip!"

"That's what the practice was for. I don't know how to tell him."

"He doesn't want kids?"

"Nick, the man told me he wanted five kids."

"Ow." Nick winced.

"Yeah…his only thing was that we got married first and did everything together."

"Everything…so you didn't do…that?" Nick asked.

"Nicholas Stokes! How dare you think I would do something like that!" she punched him hard.

Just then, Warrick and Catherine made their way into the locker room.

Everyone around the lab still thought it was funny that the two of them showed up every day at the exact same time and left at the exact same time. Sometimes they even smelled like the same shampoo. Sara and Grissom knew that mistake very well. When one would forget to buy shampoo and needed to use the others. Unmistakable sign of a couple- Warrick and Catherine still denied it though…someone's divorce wasn't quite final.

"Hey Nick, hey Sara." Came from the both of them.

The two of them greeted back and tried to quiet down their conversation so that more people –namely Catherine- wouldn't get involved.

"To me, its still gross that you and Grissom shack up."

"Shack up? That's so sweet Nick." She said sarcastically "Is that how you get all the ladies?"

"Hey Mandy and I are still doing just fine!" he said too loudly. So loudly, that it was Catherine's unofficial invitation to join them.

"I heard that Nick almost set his kitchen on fire when he made her fondue."

"That's how I get all the ladies." Nick smirked at Sara.

"By torching your own house?" she asked.

"By putting the flames out." Catherine said "Mandy has a thing for firemen."

"I could have gotten through the rest of my day without knowing that." Sara said.

"Hey baby, did I leave my shirt- what?" Warrick stopped at the death stare he was getting from Catherine.

"Baby?" Nick asked.

"So busted you two!" Sara laughed, "Why do you hide it? Its way too obvious!"

"She-Devil will take him for everything he's got if she finds out he is sleeping with someone else." Catherine sighed.

Sara mumbled something about a throat.


"I said 'If I was you, Cath, I would just punch her in the throat, tell her to stick it in her stupid ass and walk it into divorce court'."

Catherine and Warrick physically took a step back at Sara's voiced opinion.

"Don't mind her. Its just the hormones talking." Nick said…and instantly regretted it.

"NICK!" Sara screeched.

"You're pregnant!?" came from Catherine and Warrick.

"NICK!" she yelled again as she began to rain down pregnant fists of fury on him.

"Holy crap!" Warrick yelled as he stepped in to grab Sara off of his friend.

"Sara, calm down! I didn't mean to!" Nick begged.

"Asshat!" she yelled at him.

"Asshat?" was questioned from all three of the others.

"I don't know what the hell it means! You just are one because it sounds like its something you don't want to be!" she waited for Warrick to loosen his grip. When he did, she went for Nick again. "Asshat!"

-------Six band-aids and an ice pack later-------

"Lucky you're pregnant and not a guy." Nick mumbled.

Sara responded by sticking her tongue out at him. She probably would have gone for him again…had Warrick not cuffed her to the damn bench and asked Catherine to sit between the two of them.

"Will you please take the cuffs off Warrick? Unlike Catherine, I don't like it."

Catherine blushed and nodded for Warrick to go ahead and take them off.

"Sara…before I take these off, I just want you to know that I'll hang you up by your underwear if you go for Nicky again."

"Eat me." She said.

Nick smirked "Well maybe if you and Griss had thought of that before, you wouldn't be pregnant."

Catherine immediately stopped Warrick from removing the cuffs from Sara.

She was about to ask Sara something when Greg stepped into the room. "Oooh." He purred. "Well, well, well."

"Oh God." Sara groaned.

"God, Baby, Sex Pistol, you can call me whatever you'd like." He waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Asshat sounds good." Nick laughed.

Greg ignored him. "Whom do I have to thank for this lovely gift?" he asked, pointing at Sara.

"And people wonder why Judy broke up with you."

"She wasn't as…explorative…as I like my women." He winked at Sara and she faked a gag "You know…nativity scenes and whatnot."

"Like I could ever forget, Greg."

"She isn't cuffed up as a gift for you Greg." Warrick told him.

"Well I have a serious problem with that."

"Shut up."

"Why is she cuffed, then?"

They pointed to Nick and Greg understood. Greg had felt that pain before, when, two days after Judy broke up with him, he suggested that he and Sara 'get freaky sneaky deaky' behind the lab while on break.

Nick took advantage of Sara's current state of arrest and informed Greg that his goddess was pregnant.

"Shut up!" Greg exclaimed.

"I am pregnant Greg." He started to talk but she put her hand up to stop him. "Before you ask me, yes, its Grissom's."

"So…why the hell has Nick been assaulted, Catherine been put on guard duty and Sara cuffed to the bench?"

"No one was supposed to find out." Warrick told him.

"Why not?" Greg asked.

Sara was about to share that information when Grissom walked into the locker room. He was smiling and happy, like he was so much more often these days since he was engaged to Sara. Then he saw the scene his workers portrayed before him.

What the hell had been going on in there?

"What the hell has been going on in here?" he asked as he took the keys from Warrick and un-cuffed his fiancé.

Sara looked at Nick in a desperate attempt to make him talk before someone else did. He was the only person that knew about Grissom being left out of the 'Sara's-gonna-have-a-little-geek-baby' loop.

Nick caught the look and spoke up. "Just…something."

Sara shot him her best 'are you that God damned retarded?' look.

"Something?" Grissom asked.

Nick tried again "For a case."

Everyone realized that Nick was covering for Sara for some reason or another and decided it was best to keep quiet.

"Is that true?' Grissom asked.

Well…there goes the plan about keeping quiet.

"Yup, sure is." Warrick lied.

"True, true!" Greg said cheerily.

"Uh huh." Catherine nodded.

Grissom was rather suspicious, but decided to let it go. Sometimes with this group, it was really just better to be left in the dark…that way you weren't perjuring yourself in court.

"Yeah, alright then. Assignments are ready to be handed out if you don't mind heading to the break room." Grissom motioned for the door.

"Sure Griss." Came from everyone at the same time- not suspicious at all.

He gave them all one last look over and left the room.

"Sara, what is the big damn deal about us knowing that you're pregnant?" Catherine squawked.

"Assignments!" Sara yelled on her way out of the locker room.


The rest of shift was weird as hell for Grissom. Sara was avoiding him, but everyone was, actually. Why the hell wouldn't anyone talk to him?

As he looked around the lab at his team, he began to think of all the things that he might have done to piss them off.

Warrick probably was because of the casino case he didn't get put on –cry me a freaking river.

Catherine probably was because of the memo he lost –what's new?

Nick probably was because Grissom made fun of a bird comment he made –again, cry me a river.

Greg probably was because of his being sent to a sexual harassment seminar for three days -why the hell won't Greg stop staring at Sara's ass?!

Sara most likely was because two nights ago he had burned the holy hell out of her casserole –the house still smelled like burnt cheese.

Everyone had a reason to be ticked with the man, but ignoring him completely was a bit much, right?

He went to find Sara in hopes of getting her to talk to him.

He found her in the AV lab. "Sara, can we talk?"

"Sure." 'No' was what she really meant.

"Why is everyone avoiding me? Especially you?"

"Avoiding you?" she laughed nervously "Oh honey, you're just being paranoid."

"No I'm not. Watch this." Grissom stepped to the doorway. He saw Nick in the hall and yelled 'hey Nick' to him. Nick went ghost white and darted off. "See? People are avoiding me."

"Maybe he doesn't feel well." She got up and headed to the door "We're going to lunch."



"And who else?" he asked.


"You said 'we're going'. Who is we?"

Oh fudge knuckles…Sara had just messed up. She wasn't going with anyone. She had planned to go alone. Apparently 'Mother Sara' took over right then and she referred to herself and the baby as 'we'. Fix this now Sara!

"Um…all of us. Nick, Greg, Catherine, Warrick and myself."

"I'm not invited?"

"No. We're avoiding you. Remember?" she gave him a quick kiss and quickly walked away before her nerves made her stomach fall to her toes.


Sara quickly found everyone else and told them that they had to go to lunch with her or they were going to die. They all doubted actual death, but didn't put some sort of physical harm past her, so they went along.

Catherine, quite naturally, was the first to speak. "Sara, what was the big deal in the locker room?"


"With Grissom. Why did we all end up lying to the man?"

"Grissom…doesn't know."

"About the baby?!" Greg squealed.

"Yes, about the baby."

"Why haven't you told him yet?" Warrick asked.

"He wants to be married before we have kids and blah, blah, yadda, yadda. Its not like the baby is an accident or anything like that, it's just that…well, he's a bit sooner that planned." She shrugged.

"He? How far along are you?"

"About three months. I don't actually know that it's a boy, but I'll say it is until I'm proven different. I want a boy and so does Gil."

"Three months? You guys work fast." Greg sighed.

"We've been together for, like, two years Greg."

"Just tell him tonight."

"I am. I'm going to make him dinner and tell him."

"No you're not." Catherine said with a devious grin.

"Excuse me?" Sara asked

"No…we all suffered through Thanksgiving. We get revenge."

"That was all Grissom's idea you know." Sara lied "That entire thing. He put me up to it."

"Relax Momma. This is what we're going to do…"

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