What a Drag


Gabriella's POV

Words are words that put together sentences. Now we don't usually listen unless they call us bitches, whores, slut's, it's not you it's me or…will you marry me? Or one of our favorite, our children's first word. I personally don't listen to words expect the ones my friends say. I've been called a bitch before, I've been asked to marry someone before, but somehow the third time with the same person is much more special.

I'm a doctor or to be more specific a surgeon. My six friends and I are doctors. We have been best friends since high school through college, roommates, lovers, drinking buddies and now here we are making sure we had everything with us and leaving this one place. This one house we lived together in for nearly two to three years. My friends are the best they are my family because I don't think I could live without them. We could walk into the bathroom while the other was in the shower and wouldn't think twice about it. It felt like we were on Grey's Anatomy. Let me tell you something every night or so we all sit down and watch our shows with junk food. We could talk about sex with each other. I can't tell you how many times we cried together, killed each other, or got in fights together or even put bets on each other. Let me start from the beginning.

Troy Bolton our boss…kind of and Chad's best friend. He's three years older then us, but he and Chad were neighbor's back in tenth grade until he moved away because he finally graduated. Sure we all met him because he always hung with us, but I never really noticed him at all. That was until I found out he was the head of neurology. He had grown up so much. Amway's we started dating and I found him cheating on me with some bitch from the ER. Callie BITCH-WHORE! I found out I was pregnant and I wasn't going to tell Troy until…

Chad's POV

Well I think I saw a rat on the side of the street on the way to work this morning, it wasn't fun. Gabi wouldn't get out of bed that was funny. This case is so boring. This kid just has a broken arm. I want to scrub in a surgery. Like last week, that was a good one.

Do-da, do-da and we go round and round and round and I have to shut up.

"Chad, I was looking everywhere for you!" I looked ap and saw my boss/best friend/ex-best friend.

"What do you want?" I asked, trying to sound like I didn't care, but I did…I think, wait no I'm on Gabriella's side.

"Do you know what's wrong with Gabriella?" he asked me.

"Why do you want to know, you broke up with her. Plus you lost me forty bucks yesterday."

"How did I loose you forty bucks? So I can still care about her."

"You made me bet. And none of your business."

"How did I make you bet?"

"You did."


"Yesterday at lunch after Gabi threw up on you."

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did. I have the group as proof."

"But I didn't make you bet!"

"Leave me alone, you owe me forty bucks." I said to him.

"But I didn't make you bet!"

"Dude, just admit it!"

"Ok, fine I made you bet."

"Good now give me the forty buck you owe." I said holding out my hand. Troy rolled his eyes and went into his pocket and got forty bucks. He handed it to me and I put it in the picket of my scrubs.

"Now tell me."



"What? What did I do this time? I was just doing my work!" I said to him.



"Tell me or I'm firing you!"

"You wouldn't do that…would you?"

"Tell me what's wrong with Gabriella."

"She's sick…with the flu!" I said starting to get nervous.


"And nothing, oh but she did sleep with that guy Steve from the bar two nights after you two broke up…maybe he baby is his." I said looking down at the ground thinking.

"Baby? What baby?"

"Baby…hello where have you been g-…wait I mean what baby? Where there's a baby here?" I asked.

"You said there was a baby."

"No, I don't know any baby, but I did once, but it peed in my face, I was five and it was my little brother…what an evil baby! Dude I swear it was planning on killing me!"

"Chad, who's pregnant?"

"Jeez, what's with all these questions? I'm hungry…"

"Chad, if you don't tell me then I'll starve you!"

"You can't starve me."

"I'll fi-."

"NO! Don't say that evil word! That's a VERY, VERY BAD WORD!"

"Well tell me who's pregnant."

"Ok, fine I'll tell you. Man I tried to stop her, but it's your mother."

"My mother is seventy."

"She is? Man that means we're getting old too!"


"GABRIELLA!" I yelled scared.

"Gabriella is pregnant?"

"Well yeah, but it's yours, but then again it could be Steve's." is aid.

"Thanks for telling me."

"Wait! CRAP! Dude no! You can't know! Wait I'll do a spell on you! Uh…I uh…oh I'm in trouble! You have to hide me from Gabi! She's going to kill me!" I yelled.

Man why is it me? I always let things slip without noticing it! I'm going to be dead in ten minutes.

I looked as Troy ran to find Gabriella.

I'm going to go hide…

Chad said that's exactly how it happened. I even remember searching for him that day. I even remember saying my kids first words were going to be bitch or something, but thankfully that never happened. My daughter Catherine. She is a sweet heart and will be breaking some hearts. When she was born she had trouble breathing. When my friends got the news Sharpay went crazy

Sharpay looked up at the group. Her mind began to run and only one person in her mind stood out. "Damn it!" she yelled handing Taylor her balloons and walking as fast as she could.

"What's her problem?" Zeke asked looking at her. He was still pissed at her. But as much as he didn't want to admit too, he liked her.

Sharpay slammed the door open to the men's bathroom. She went through a set of doors which had 'employees only' on it in black. She walked into the men's locker room and heard one shower running. She stormed over to the curtain and sure enough there was Troy Bolton.

"What the hell-." He said as he turned around completely naked as Sharpay threw a punch at him, square in the jaw. He slid down against the wall holding his jaw in pain. She bent down, "come near her and I swear I will hit you harder and make your life living hell." She said standing back up and turning the shower onto cold and turning off the hot water.

I have a wide range of family and I'm grateful for them. I'm grateful that they are here all the drama and the break-ups. We would eat pounds of food and we didn't care if we gained the weight if we lost it, it would save us time from buying more clothes.

Catherine Marie Bolton just turned three with her parents still not married and I wanted to change that. Well we did a year ago, but the planning of the wedding took longer than expected. Troy wanted a traditional wedding and I let him have his fun. I just pointed my finger at the dress I wanted tried it on and brought it. It's tomorrow.

My wedding is tomorrow. I sat up in my bed which was empty and I frowned. Troy was always next to me when I woke up where was he? I pushed the white quilt off of me and walked out of my room and down stairs. I giggled to myself as I thought of a memory. There were boxes everywhere. Taylor and Chad had moved in next door to the house and were expecting again and Sharpay and Zeke were moving out next week. They would be gone by the time Troy and I returned from our honey moon. The lucky part is the house across the street suddenly became vacant and they took it. Ryan and Kelsi well they are in New York and would be returning next week they said they were sorry for missing the wedding, but I was ok with it.

"Ok, so I want some pancakes." I said walking into the kitchen. There was usually food on the table. There wasn't. In fact it was empty. "Hello?" I yelled into the house. Nickel's came running in through the back door's flap and came to a halt in front of me. I looked at him.

"Do you know where everyone else is?" he turned his head to the side. "Of course you don't." the front door opened and I turned to look at it. There was Sharpay and Taylor standing there with bags.

"Hey we dropped the kids off at Bailey's she said she would more then happy to take care of them." Sharpay said.

"Did you shower yet we only have three hours to get you ready." Taylor said dropping the things on the floor.

"Shower for what?"

"Your wedding oh come Gabi I know we were drinking last night, but you had like what two glasses of wine. You're not hung over…" Sharpay said.

"HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT!! My wedding!" I bolted up the stairs and ran into the shower. I turned it on and I could hear Sharpay going to Taylor.

"You owe me twenty."

In about two and half hours my hair was curled put in a bun and my veil on my head and my white strapless gown was on. It was a full ball. A big fluff ball…, but it was prefect I felt like Cinderella marrying her prince.

We were at the church and I was walking around. Trying to figure out I was going to eat. I was starving I did skip breakfast and lunch I just wanted to eat.

"Hey Gabi?" I looked at Sharpay she looked amazing in her blue dress. It was flowing over her six month bump.


"You know when you get back I'll be bigger…and I was thinking if well instead of Taylor taking care of Catherine could Zeke and I take care of her? I mean we'll need practice." She said to me

Sharpay you're going to be a great mother don't worry, but yes go ahead I think Taylor will be more then happy to hand her over.

"We're ready!" Taylor said handing me my pink roses. I was walking down the aisle by myself. I waited for Taylor and Sharpay to walk down together so I could too.

I pulled the veil over my face and looked at myself. The brown eye shadow matched my skin, but it was more darker and it sort bought my eye color out. I had three strands of curls coming out of the bun and my chap stick was slapped on. I was after all going to kill Troy and I did not want him to have lipstick on him.

I took a deep breath as they opened the doors. The crowd stood up and started walking up to see my husband. I heard Catherine yell mommy! Somewhere and that made me laugh harder.

Every girl wants their happy ending of some sort and I finally found mine…

A/N I know very bad way to end it, but I just got too bored of trying to figure out a cute ending. I have been pondering on how to end since I posted the AN chapter, but I got nothing. So I hope you guys liked even it was a little better. Happy Holidays