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"I don't trust that Fett one bit, why would he ask for my help, I mean he's the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. He's probably after the bounty on my head that the Alliance had made." Mara Jade thought to herself in the hotel room on Alderaan she had rented for the night.

Mara was currently putting the finishing touches on an android that she planned to send in her place to go with Boba. This android was no ordinary one, because this one looked exatly like Mara. It even had Mara's personality down.

Mara flipped a hidden switch on the back of the android's neck. "Who are you?" Mara asked the android.

"I am Mara Jade, second best bounty hunter in the galaxy." the android replied to her.

Mara turned the android back off.

"Perfect." She muttered to herself and went to her bed to sleep for the rest of the night.

"I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!" Han Solo shouted at Luke Skywalker as they dueled.

Han slashed at Luke's chest with his saber, but he dodged, flipped over him and tried to behead his enemy, but Han moved out of the way just in time and kicked Luke in the chest, he cut off Luke's lightsaber hand just as Luke used the Force to call the second lightsaber on his belt to his other hand while cutting off Han's own saber hand.

Luke screamed in agony, fell to the ground, and dropped his other lightsaber. Han ignored the pain and used the Force to get Luke's fallen weapon to his remaining hand. He raised the glowing blade, shouted: "THIS IS FOR DUO!!!!!" and made the move to separate Luke's head from his shoulders...

"HAN, WAKE UP!!!!!!!" Duo shouted to the fellow Imperial pilot.

Han woke up immediatly.

"We just exited out of Hyperspace. We're now approaching the Murrerva." Duo said to him.

Han looked out the window of the shuttle he was on and saw that they were indeed coming towards the Super Star Destroyer class ship, the Murrerva.

"What did that dream mean? Was it a dream? It is a vision of the future? I sure hope not..." Han thought as the shuttle landed in the hanger bay.

Alderaan, Mara Jade's hotel room, the next day

Mara was getting ready to activate the android so she could send it to meet Boba when her comlink started ringing.

She answered it to see Boba Fett. Blaster fire was striking across him. Fett fired back at whoever was shooting at him.

"Mara, I need back up. I repeat, I need back— AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Fett screamed as frag grenade sharpnel tore through his armor and pierced his skin. Fett's screaming was cut off as a lightsaber blade was stabbed into his chest while another one beheaded him.

A few minutes later, a man wearing a mask that covered the upper part of his face picked Boba's comlink up from his corpse.

"Hello there. You must be the infamous Mara Jade. I am Adimral Neo La Flaga. The Alliance had caught wind of your plan to assasinate Chairman Organa, so Organa decided to have me kill the both of you." Neo said to her.

"At this very moment over a hundred elite rebel troopers are going to your location. Don't even bother trying to leave the hotel before they arrive. I have alerted the Alderaan sercuity force of your presense. The entire planet would be looking for you." Neo informed her.

"Have a nice last few minutes of your life." He said. A few seconds later his image disappeard.

"I have to do something fast or else I'm a goner." Mara muttered to herself. Suddenly, she came up with an idea.

She ran up to the android and turned it on.

"It'll take awhile to discover this is an android, and by the time that happens I'll be long gone." Mara thought as she opened the window that was in her room and jumped out of it.

She used the Force to soften her landing. Once she landed, she ran to the nearest alley so she could think of a plan, and so she could hide.

While she was thinking of a plan to get off Alderaan, she didn't notice that someone was behind her and walking towards her.

"Hello there." the person said.

Mara whipped around, ignited her lightsaber, and pointed it at the man's neck.

"I'd turn off that lightsaber if I were you." the man said to her, not surprised that the blade was at his neck.

"And why should I?" Mara asked him. She was answered by a violet saber being ignited and pointed at her neck.

Mara's eyes widened and she shouted: "YOU'RE A JEDI!!!!!"

"Yes, I am. And currently I'm the one who can get you off the planet." the Jedi said to her.

"You want to help me?" she asked in confusion.

"I do." the Jedi answered.

Mara turned off her lightsaber. The Jedi's followed shortly. "Very well, but I've got my eye on you Jedi scum. If you even show a hint of betraying me, your dead." she replied.

The Jedi nodded. "Put this on," the Jedi said and handed Mara a cloak, "Make sure you cover your face with the hood." the Jedi said.

As Mara put the cloak on, she noticed that the Jedi was a man, and had a beard. Mara guessed he was a Korun from the color of his skin.

Once she had put the cloak on, the Jedi said: "Follow me," and left.

Mara followed him. A little way into their walk, she whispered, "What is your name?"

"My name is Mace Windu." he said.

Mara was too shocked to say anything else.

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