A/N: So it's getting closer and closer to Valentine's Day, and i figured that I could give you guys a present in the form of three Sakura/Sasuke oneshots.

This is the first of the three. :) hope you enjoy.

Sasuke Uchiha was only mildly repulsed when he opened the front door to an avalanche of pink.

What the…?

There was white too, which wasn't nearly as offensive. And shiny paper and pounds of glitter that was getting stuck in between the cracks of his newly polished wooden floor and… lace… and…

A muscle in his jaw ticked with tightly sealed annoyance. His eyebrow joined in with a decisive 'I'm an Uchiha and I'm annoyed'-twitch.


It was disgusting.

Not so gingerly, the dark haired nineteen-year-old pushed away the heart shaped objects and overturned the occasional box of chocolates – which only served to perplex him more - with the toe of his wooden slipper, digging around until he finally found what he had been looking for in the first place: Naruto's progress report. He picked it up and nearly barfed when he saw a thick white tendril of girly lace clinging to it greedily, like the evil fan-girl it was. The Uchiha shot the piece of lace a nasty look, but it didn't shrivel up and fall to the floor as intended. Finally, he resorted to shaking scroll hard about fifty seven times, and banging it against the wall twice before the lace finally let go and fluttered back down, injured and dejected.

Served it right.

He rolled his shoulder with irritation, twisting his neck as an early morning stretch. His rotator cuff may have just been slightly dislocated from frantic… err… no, "violent" – yes, that was a much better word - his violent efforts. Sasuke made sure to pop it back into place as he walked back into the main hall, shutting the sliding door firmly on the offensive ocean of pink and red that had been planted in his home.

His Fanclub, which – regretfully, and somehow inexplicably– he had returned from his five year absence to find perfectly intact and as flesh-hungry as ever, really didn't know when to quit.

He set the scroll down on the kitchen counter and pulled up a stool. He began to read. The window was open, allowing the morning-blue light of dawn stream onto the black lacquered counter. He enjoyed the smell of it, and the feel of morning. Suddenly, his mind jumped back to the mysterious ocean of cards. What the hell were they doing there anyway? He let his darkly beautiful features grow darker as he started to brood. Had his "Fanclub" become organized? Dread. Had they finally stopped trying to tear each other's eyes out and joined forces to annoy him for the rest of his life? More Dread. Had, they, God forbid, grown actual, functioning brains?

No. He decided almost immediately after that thought was formed. Definitely not.

Then what the fuck?


Sasuke nearly hit the ceiling when his dark thoughts were interrupted by a high-pitched, sugar coated voice that came ringing through his kitchen. But he did, however, fall off the stool. He scrambled up from the floor and made sure that no one had seen that – of course they hadn't, or else he would have had to have incinerated them.


Where was that coming from? His dark and slightly reddening eyes found the open window, the source of offense. When he walked over to it, he saw several Konoha girls riding past on a bike, blowing kisses and making their eyes as big and shiny as newly washed dinner plates. He never really did figure out how they learned to do that…


He glared at them and closed the window shut, locking it, in case they got any ideas in their heads.


Unfortunately, he could still hear them.



Oh, for –


Sasuke growled and looked down. His black sweat pants, bare chest, and white socks greeted him. Well, he had just gotten out of bed for crying out loud. And it was Sunday anyway, so he wouldn't start training until seven. He shook his head and sat down in front of Naruto's report again. He was just having a weird morning.

He started to read:


His hand tightened a little around the upper bar of the scroll.

Progress is coming along well, everything is going as planned. Hope to be back in another four weeks. Tell Tsunade.


P.S. Do something nice for Sakura-chan today. And lock your doors, because the Fangirls will probably be leaving you a lot of junk in the entrance hall. Later.

Sasuke stumbled over that last part. What? He slammed his fist down. Naruto knew? Ok, if someone didn't start explaining what the hell was going on with this morning he was going to….

His mind suddenly shot back to the ocean of pink cards in his entrance hall, the pink-clad girls who had just rode past his home. That damn piece of lace…


Pushing himself off the counter, the Uchiha walked into one of the living rooms and pulled open the calendar to look at the date. FEBRUARY 14th it read in big, bold letters, and then beneath that: Valentine's Day.

Oh. Well. That explained… a lot.

A knock on his door drew his attention away from the calendar. It was sharp and persistent, and Sasuke was starting to get a headache. When he reached the front door he threw it open and glared. He didn't care who was on the other side, he just want to go away… - Shit.

"G-i-i-i-i-ve me an, "S" "A" "S"! "U" "K" "E"!" His visitor shouted, waving pink colored pompoms in his face. "What's that spell?" She squealed.

"I'm surprised you even can spell." He shot darkly to the perky blonde who was dancing on his front step.

"Sasuke!" She finished lamely, falling into a split and opening her hands wide. "Happy Valenti-!"

"Leave." He finished dryly and slid the door closed on her face.

Once he was safe and on the other side of the door, he began to knead his temples slowly, dark hair falling into his face as he tried to draw out the oncoming migraine.

"Who even invented this stupid holiday?" He wondered aloud, fantasizing about tracking the probably long-dead bastard down and killing him in the most inhumane way.

It was only then that a pair of familiar, slender arms slid around his bare waist and linked her fingers in a human clasp around him. Her fingers tickled at the waistline of his pants.

Despite himself, Sasuke felt the corners of his lips form the beginning of a smile at the feeling of her skin on his. She planted a kiss into his shoulder blades; her lips were soft and wet. "I could take her." Sakura teased, and he suppressed a laugh.

"I know you could."

The pink-haired kuniochi smiled against his back and rested her forehead on the slope of his shoulder. Her nose and breath fell on his neck. "Happy Valentine's Day." She yawned. "And good morning… I'm so tired."

Sasuke turned around, taking her by surprise, and swept her up in a long, slow kiss, reveling in the feeling of her melting into him. "Then let's go back to bed." He said when they had finished, breath mingling together.

Sakura blinked and then smiled at him. "Are you trying to be romantic?" She half teased, green eyes glittering.

He pulled her a little bit closer to him, dark eyes luring. "Yes." He answered. "…It's Valentine's Day."

Sakura gave him a sexy smile that made his stomach twist, and led him back into the bedroom from which she had just emerged. "I'm not complaining." She said.

Happy Valentines' Day.