The Chronicles of Remember and Nienna

Chapter 6:

The Raw Truth

A/N: You all are hereby warned! The rating to this story has now been upped to 'M+'. There is implication of rape in this chapter and some sexual content. If you are offended by either or both, DO NOT READ! Please PM us and we will be happy to give you a summary. Also, as a side note….in future chapters there will be explicit sexual content, language, and violence and dodgy situations so basically, this story is rated 'R' and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 17. PLEASE do not read this if you are easily offended, have a weak stomach…etc. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT! DO NOT blame us…we warned you.

In this chapter, Dracula and Remember are written by Remember...and Justine and Van Helsing are written by Nienna.


Dracula: -smiles gently then situates themselves on the bed so she's leaning against him, his body behind hers with his arms wrapped tightly around her- Justine... what would you have me do? Apparently there's something wrong between you and your father... whatever it is, put it aside you please... I... I can't lose you...

Justine: -breathing becomes normal- -after a few minutes of silence, she speaks- When I was...younger, my dad and I...we got along great

Dracula: -rests his chin on her head-

Justine: He always was around...whether it was for a dance recital or a softball game…he was always there supporting me. But then...things...changed -starts trembling-. He started drinking more and more...and gradually, as it got worse. He...he started to...-bites lip- -trying to hold in the damn tears- -hates them- -bites her lip until it bleeds- He started...abusing me -is shaking bad now-

Dracula: -tries to consol her by hushing her gently- -but is having trouble... eyes are turning black-

Justine: It...began when I was 7 or so...the abuse started out as just verbal lashings calling me things like whore or slut...saying I was useless, a disgrace…and no one loved me...that no one would ever love me -a few silent tears slip down her cheeks-

Dracula: -holds her tighter- You know that's not true. -buries his face into her hair-

Justine: -thinks- Do I?

Dracula: Is that all he did? -deeply concerned-

Justine: -fights with herself...its hard for her, after having this mind-set that no one will love her, to suddenly accept love without question- N-no... got worse...he started physically abuse me when I turned 10.

Dracula: -eyes go even darker at the though of a man laying one foul finger on her- How?

Justine: -whispers- …sexually –cringes and shuts eyes, afraid of what Dracula thinks of her now-

Dracula: -is in shock- -holds her even tighter- I'm so sorry Justine...No one should have to experience that...

Justine: No...I'm sorry...I can't imagine what you must think of me now -nervous chuckle-

Dracula: You're a lot stronger than I thought you were... -shudder runs down spine at the thought of Justine getting raped-

Justine: -furrows brow confused- what? You're not...disgusted with me?

Dracula: No... I'm not. It wasn't your fault. It was your bastard of a father's fault -bitterly-

Justine: But...but I...I'm tainted...defiled...I lied to you

Dracula: -holds her a bit more firmly as if she'd slip through his fingers- You are not tainted or defiled... don't you ever, EVER say such a thing again. -eases up considerably when he hears her gasp, but continues to hold her-

Justine: ...but...but I...I...are you sure you want me still??

Dracula: -grabs her chin with the greatest amount of gentleness he can possibly muster and turns her head, looking into her eyes- Would I still be in this hospital bed with you if I didn't? I love you Justine. You. I hate what your father did to you and if you asked me to I'd kill him with my bare hands. -touches her cheek- You have endured more than any woman should... and you've handled it all with grace. I admire you for that... for your strength. I don't know if I could be that strong...

Justine: -looks at Dracula- That means so much to me, you know…for you say that

Dracula: -smiles, but says nothing-

Justine: I was so...scared you wouldn't want me.

Dracula: -just holds her- I want you Justine...believe me. I do.

Justine: After all those years of pain and brainwash...really believing that no one would love me

Dracula: I love you so much...I could never not want you…

Justine: -stops short-

Dracula: What is it?


Dracula: What?

Justine: -reaches up and traces his face- amaze me

Dracula: -closes eyes and soaks in her touch- -breathes it in- -lets it sink into his skin-

Justine: Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful? Inside and out? ...flaws and all?

Dracula: -sighs, eyes still closed... soaking in the feel of her fingertips- Very few instances have those words been uttered and only once has it had any meaning. -looks into her eyes- I could easily say the same about you though. -touches her lips-

Justine: -smiles as her hand moves to the back of his neck- Don't say me -pulls him towards her-

Dracula: -his lips meet hers-

Narrator: He pressed his lips gently against hers, but when she continued to pull him closer, he pressed firmly against her mouth. He itched to kiss her fully... but hesitated, not knowing if this was too fast for her... after all she had experienced, he figured anything that intimate would be traumatizing. so he refrained and continued to kiss her as gently as he possibly and humanly could, despite the fact that he longed to plunge his tongue into her mouth and swallow her whole. She was still much too weak and getting her over excited may worsen her condition. With that thought in mind, he gently kissed her one last time before pulling away with hesitation.

Dracula: -pulls away from kiss- Wait, wait... Where can I find your father?

Justine: -furrows brow-...why? what are you going to do?

Dracula: Nothing much...He's technically the only one who can save you.

Justine: -raises eyebrow-...not much? ...why do I get the feeling you aren't telling the WHOLE truth?

Dracula: -harsher tone- And I think he ought to know what it feels like to be abused... although the sexual thing, I won't touch that...-thinks- I think I'll beat some sense into him. -satisfactory grin- I like that idea...

Justine: -bites lip- I...Vlad, please don't beat him up...he is still my father. I may not like him too much, but he IS my father...-looks away-

Dracula: Justine... he raped you. He RAPED you! He deserves the consequences!

Justine: -stumbles over words, is getting slightly uncomfortable- I...I know I just, I can't do that to him...I have to believe there's still good in him...I...

Dracula: -grabs her arms- -looks straight into her eyes- Justine, why are you still defending him?

Justine: -averts her eyes for a moment, his gaze too intense-

Dracula: He may be the reason why you live and breathe, but he is NOT your father... no father would do that to his daughter. If you won't let ME punish him then at least file some sort of report!

Justine: I...I don't think it was HIM that...that did that. I think it was the alcohol. Vlad, I want to save him! I...have to believe there is hope...that there is some way...

Dracula: -is getting slightly frustrated- Justine... -sighs in defeat- All right. I won't hurt him. I'll... -hates the words coming out of his mouth-... I'll TALK to him. Will that suffice?

Justine: ...-whispers- yes...thank you…but…

Dracula: -gently touches her cheek- But what, my dear?

Justine: If…if I live...I'm going to to him…eventually.

Dracula: -flinches to protest, but keeps quiet- -deep breath- Would you like me present?

Justine: ...would you feel better if you were?

Dracula: Yes. -Squeezes her hand- Yes I would. I don't ever want you out of my sight again. -smiles- Not if I can help it.

Justine: -chuckles- okay, then yes, you can come

Dracula: Good.

-they have 'a moment'-

Justine: But if you do...try to a little more, er, human?

Dracula: -clears throat- Of course. Now then... where can I find him?

Justine: He lives in a sort of run down apartment on the outskirts of the city.

Dracula: Do you have the address?

Justine: Yes, do you want to write it down? Or will you remember it?

Dracula: I'm sure I can remember it.

Justine: Its 1320 Chryst Avenue, Apartment 32A. He has to buzz you up…you can't just...go up there.

Dracula: Actually, I could. But we'll do this your way.

Justine: -smiles-

Dracula: But let me just warn you. If he decides to be difficult...I'm not promising that I'll be nice.

Justine: -chuckles, then moves forward and hugs him in a warm embrace- I don't expect you to be...just...keep him alive?

Dracula: I'll try

Justine: -raises eyebrow-...Vlad...-warningly-

Dracula: Alright, alright...I'll keep him alive. Now you, miss Justine... need to rest.

Justine: Yes, I know -smiles, but then winces and starts to cough violently- -clenches eyes shut trying to control it-

Dracula: -gently lays her down and sits on the edge of the bed- -still holding her hand, gently squeezes it-

Justine: -Is okay after a moment- So...sorry

Dracula: No... don't be. It's not your fault.

Justine: Actually it is...

Dracula: -moves stray lock of hair from her face- It doesn't matter now. -whispers- I love you.

Justine: -gently caresses face- I know...I know -can't say it yet- And…I'm sorry for...for denying that, and you, for so long. I just, I didn't want to hurt anyone, namely Remember. -nervous smile-

Dracula: -soft smile- It's alright...Things will be right again, I promise you. But right now... you need to get some sleep. -caresses her face-

Justine: Okay, Dr. Drake

Dracula: -smirks-

Justine: -smiles softly- will you stay until I fall asleep?

Dracula: I'd stay forever if you asked me to, but yes, -nods-, I'll stay until you fall asleep

Justine: ...thank you.

Narrator: Narrator: Dracula stayed with Justine, his hand in hers as he sat on the edge of her bed, watching as her eyes fluttered shut and she easily slipped into a deep, healing sleep. He watched as her chest rose and fell with each life giving breath, her breathing shallow every now and again, but every time she began to slip towards danger, her body seemed to fight. She was always a fighter, he thought to himself as he gently leaned over, kissing her forehead as she slept before standing up and moving towards the window. It was still raining horribly outside, thunder and lightning dancing in the sky, the wind whipping anything that got in its path without mercy. Remember is out in that storm, he thought. And it was all because of him. Although being with Justine and the fact that she could indeed live gave him a ray of hope... a dangerous anxiety twisted in his gut as he stared out at the black, stormy night... it had been nearly two hours since Van Helsing had left in search for her... and still he had received no call. He began to worry. He was on the brink of losing the women he loved most... one to an illness he couldn't heal... and the other to the harsh words that he had spat so venomously at her. He sat down in one of the chairs beside the window, staring at the rain, watching nature's light show as the bolts of lightning danced in the sky. He hoped Van Helsing would find her soon...He couldn't stand the suspense for much longer.


Narrator: The sheets of rain and the slight fog from the coast made it near impossible for the hunter to see as he drove through the winding mountain roads. The GPS told him that Remember had picked up her phone somewhere on the other side of the pass. He had learned to know this area like the back of his hand, and as soon as the signal disappeared, he pulled over onto the side of the road, conveniently out of gas. Quickly jumping out of the car, he pulled his trench coat tightly around his body, threw his hat on and ran head on into the storm. He noticed a familiar set of tire tracks that curved off the edge of the road onto a dirt path. Switching on a small flashlight, he followed the tire tracks, having a hunch that they'd lead to her car. He ran for what felt like a mile or two when he noticed Remember's Toyota pulled over beside a large oak tree. Just a few yards or so ahead was an enormous cliff that over looked the sea, and sitting on a fallen tree, soaking wet, sat Remember, watching the waves tumble against the shore as lightning cracked on the sea. He stopped in his tracks as he allowed himself to catch his breath, relieved that she was alright and didn't do anything irrational, like driving off the cliff. Placing the flashlight into his coat, he pulled out his cell phone, quickly texting the Count's number the message: "I found her. I'll call back with a location later." After texting the Count, he put his phone on silent, shoved it into his pocket, and made his way over to the woman, sitting on the edge of the cliff. She was soaked to the bone from what he could tell. Her hair, which had been down and straightened, was now flat and sopping wet, her hair holding that slight curl it took on when it wasn't straightened.

Remember: I knew you'd come. -softly- You always come.

Van Helsing: -takes off trench coat and places it on Remember, along with his hat then sits down next to her and stares out at the sea-

Van Helsing: I always loved the sea. It's such a calming creation by God. It reminds me of you, in a way.

Remember: -continues to hug her knees- -won't look at him- Why? I'm mentally vast? Hard to understand? Or maybe I just have a stormy personality. The Count sure seems to feel that way. -grudgingly-

Van Helsing: -gives a sort of half smile- No...Beneath its seemingly calm exterior lies a wondrous world of mystery, excitement...and emotion

Remember: -sarcastically- Aw. So I'm an 'ocean soul.'

Van Helsing: No, you are a beautiful soul -looks at Remember with genuine care-

Remember: -softly- I don't feel very beautiful. I feel like a chore, a burden...-starts choking on tears-

Van Helsing: -caresses cheek- Remember, you don't have to feel beautiful for others to know that you are...inside and out...

Remember: -shrugs his touch away harshly- -is still bitterly angry-

Van Helsing: -sighs as he withdraws- Why don't you tell me what's on your mind...all of it? -is insisting-

Remember: -silence, then- Why are you here?

Van Helsing: You could always talk to me in the past...I was always there to listen...that's why I am here now. I know a friend in need when I see one, and in this case...I don't need to see it to know it. Remember, talk to me? -pleadingly- Please?

Remember: -silence- -is trying to fight back tears-

-tension mounts-

Remember: -and she shatters-

Van Helsing: -notices her tears- Its okay to cry, Remember. It is a strength, not a weakness to show you care through tears. That is what they are...they are a powerful emotion

Remember: -sobs- It's all my fault. He's's all my fault.

Van Helsing: What is?

Remember: -covers her face-

Van Helsing: -takes her hands forcefully away, making her look at him-

Remember: Justine... her illness... she's going to die, isn't she? -struggles-

Van Helsing: I...I honestly don't know.

Remember: He said it was my fault -resentfully- Said I was the reason she kept denying him. Well she can have him. -moment of strength falls to pieces- -continues to cry-

Van Helsing: Remember, the man was stressed out...he was in a right state and I think you know that. If your places had been switched, what would you have done?

Remember: I don't want to lose Justine, Gabriel! It hurt that she lied to me, but she's... she's my friend! And the Count...-sobs harder-

Van Helsing: -pulls Remember into his arms, allowing her to cry into his chest- -rubs her back soothingly, hoping to calm her slightly-

Remember: -pitifully through tears- I... I don't know what to do...I don't know what to do.

Van Helsing: -chuckles- Join the club, love.

Remember: Hold me tighter...-softly-

Van Helsing: -complies, squeezing her to him as he lifts her onto his lap- Shh, Remember, I'm here for you. I'm ALWAYS here for you.

Remember: -looks up into his eyes for a moment- -touches his face- I know you are...-calms down slightly-

Van Helsing: -smiles gently-

-comfortable silence-

Van Helsing: Remember?

Remember: Yes Gabriel?

Van Helsing: -looks into her eyes so she knows how serious he is- Do you love him? Do you love Vladislaus? Answer me honestly, Remember. I want to know the truth.

Remember: -buries herself into his embrace- -stares out at the raging sea- I... I don't know anymore. -very hushed- I know I did once...but now...-stops-

Van Helsing: -listens/waits patiently-

Remember: -hand rests on his chest as she snuggles slightly into the comfort of his hold- I'm torn Gabriel...

Van Helsing: Torn about what? Tell me, Remember. I want to know.

Remember: -looks up into his eyes, sitting up slightly-

Van Helsing: …because -looks at her seriously- Because to me...I see a man who is in love with two women. I man who loves and cherishes both equally. When one hurts, so does he, only his pain is doubled...he loves them that much...Remember, I see a man who looks at you...YOU, Remember, with a love more powerful and more overwhelming then the sun is to a vampire. Can you not see? He is so in love with you...that when he was hurting as badly as he was this evening, he wanted comfort, from you because he knew that you could give it to him...because you loved him. The count...-sighs- Well, we both know that he isn't exactly...normal when it comes to expressing feelings...his version of expression is somewhat...skewed. He was in pain...more pain then you could ever imagine. And I will tell you right now, if yours and Justine's places had been switched, he would have done the SAME thing with her if not more so. You are his first love. If he lost…no…if he LOSES you…it will kill him. Remember, he cannot live without you...he can't live without either of you don't leave him now. God, he needs you now more then ever and need him just as much.

Remember: -thinks about it- Is... -pause-... is it possible for a woman to feel the same way about two men as he does about Justine and me?

Van Helsing: -thinks for a moment, it possible for the day to go on, even if the sun does not rise? -smiles-

Remember: Gabriel...I...-struggles- God, I can't do this... -gets off of his lap-

Van Helsing: -grabs wrist, stands and swings her back to him, trapping her hands between his and her chest and looks deeply into her eyes, almost like he is reading her soul- I love you too, Remember -crushes his lips to hers- -hoping to God that he is doing the right thing-

Remember: -wraps her arms tightly around his neck and kisses him harder-

Narrator: Remember felt like her heart was ready to burst when she felt his lips pressed firmly against hers. She felt so light... so free...Like she was flying towards the heavens and nothing could bring her down. Part of her knew what she was doing wouldn't fly with the Count, but in this moment and time, she didn't care. Yes, she still loved Dracula... she was utterly devoted to him... but the hunter made her feel strange... made her feel important, and not just every now and again, but all the time. And she loved him all the more for it, and kissed him harder.