Tohru and Shigure

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Tohru came to the Sohma house after a long day of school. Yuki and the others had after school tutoring to attend so Shigure was probably the only one home. Maybe Tohru-kun would get some peace and quiet, or so she thought.

She laid her books down on the table in the living room and reclined on the couch. She turned on the T.V. After flicking through all the channels finding nothing, she decided to turn on the DVD player, to see if anything was in it.

To her surprise the DVD player had a porn movie in it. At first Tohru was going to turn it off but then she got interested. She wondered what that little pervert Shigure would watch…

The movie was about a French maid's journey to find the perfect master. There were a lot of sex scenes and it made Tohru hot and bothered. She couldn't help it when her hand strayed underneath her skirt. She started to please herself, rubbing, and she gasped at the feeling.

It was then that she turned around and saw Shigure. He had been watching her this whole time!

My my, Tohru-kun, what have we here?

Tohru blushed.

That's okay Tohru, you got me all worked up from just watching you.

Shigure went over to Tohru and sat by her on the couch. He slid his hand up underneath her skirt, which caused Tohru to moan.

How about you be like that maid in the movie and go put on that costume Ayame got you for a gift?

Tohru rushed upstairs and put it on, making sure to leave off her underwear. Tohru came back downstairs to find Shigure had taken off his kimono and only had on his boxers.

You look amazing Tohru, now come to sensei.

Yes master.

Tohru strutted over to Shigure. He pulled in Tohru for a deep, passionate kiss.

Okay Tohru, take off your top for daddy.

Tohru lowered the straps on her outfit and it made a pool on the floor at her feet. Shigure walked over to Tohru and unhooked her bra. He cupped his hands on her breast and rubbed them. A small sound escaped from Tohru's mouth. Shigure sucked on one of her nipples and bit down. This was a new sensation to Tohru. Shigure pulled off Tohru's thigh high stockings. His hand went under her skirt.

Ooo…no panties. You know how sensei likes it. Bonus points for Tohru.

Shigure's finger played with Tohru's clit. Tohru moaned.

Oh Sensei!

Tohru, go over to the table and bend over.

Tohru leaned over the table with her nice round butt sticking up in the air. Shigure placed his hand and brubbed Tohru's pussy form behind.

Ohh Shigure!!!

Shigure took off his boxers and ordered Tohru to take off her skirt. All that was left was their two naked bodies in the room. Shigure's length was stiff and he put it at Tohru's entrance.

You ready for this Tohru?


Shigure thrusted his member into Tohru.

Oh Shigure!

Shigure's length went in and out of Tohru.

Shigure grunted, How do you like that?

Faster! Harder!

Shigure slid out of Tohru, turned her around and entered her hard.

Tohru practically screamed! Shigure could feel Tohru's walls closing on his member. It felt so good. He pumped in and out of her. Every time he moved in and out a sound escaped from her lips.

Shigure knew how to please Tohru in whatever he did. Tohru could feel she was about to reach her climax. Shigure was about to cum.


Shigure's seed spilled into her body. They passed out on the couch, exhausted.